calico steelpaw

I made another playlist for Halloween, and I’m quite proud of it! <3 Have a listen on your Spotify if you’re ever in the mood to be ~totally spooky~ Mwahaha!

1. The Lupine Waltz - The Real Tuesday Weld
2. Werewolf Heart - Dead Man’s Bones
3. I Put a Spell on You - The Flies
4. Me and Mr Wolf - The Real Tuesday Weld
5. Demon Kitty Rag - Katzenjammer
6. Batcaves (Radio Edit) - Kap Bambino
7. Attack of the 60 FT Lesbian Octopus - Does it Offend You, Yeah?
8. Many Moons - Janelle Monae
9. Black Cat Bone - Laika
10. The Unthinkable (feat. Buck65) - Boom Bip, Buck65
11. Stage 11: Hang Castle - SEGA SOUND TEAM
12. Ghost Town, 2015 Remaster - The Specials
13. The Tell-Tale Heart, 1987 Remix - The Alan Parsons Project
14. Stranger Things - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
15. Nightcall - Kavinsky
16. Evil Eye - Franz Ferdinand
17. I Can’t Decide [explicit] - Scissor Sisters
18. Love Me Dead - Ludo
19. Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore
20. Dirty Knife - Neko Case
21. Ghost - Sir Sly
22. Ghost Song - Air
23. Lavender Town - Braxton Burks
24. A Dream WIthin a Dream - Nox Arcana
25. Apart of Me - The Real Tuesday Weld


(Part 1 of my massive character list)

Well I’ve never uploaded a photoset like this before, but I figured now would be a great time!

From top to bottom, left to right:

Calico Steelpaw, Ayasha Steelheart, Elysian Gael, Amarok Littlewolf, Khimaira Grimmforge, Mimith the Decrepit, Acheron Proudreign, Scourge Ruinslayer, Moro Grimmscar, and Trinkexx.

Hey, everyone! Calico and friends are back for the Holidays, and they’re opening up this blog to answer questions. ^_^ I have some new characters added to the roster, so be sure to check out their page!

Hope all of you have been having a fun Wintersday so far (I know I have)! If you happen to see a charr named Bravura Stormblade around the Crowned Pavillion, give her a wave! Sometimes she’ll be playing her bells to entertain the masses.

Ayasha: Or horrifying them!!!

I was surprised by this wonderful drawing yesterday. Shu, Skir, Res, and Raven all pitched in and commissioned this beautiful art of Calico wearing a dress from the very talented Ruderubicante. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the colors are so warm! This is the very essence of Calico, and I love it dearly. <3 Thanks so much you guys. *hugs* <3


So I ended up buying one of those Funko POP figurines today… It’s a little Fluttershy (she’s my favorite). ^^ And goshhh I find them all to be so cute… I really want the Game of Thrones series figurines. <.< >.>

… So as tired as I am today, I just wanted to sit around and doodle cute things. Some POP style charrs seemed like a dandy idea to me. p:

Well, one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2014 is to really get back into drawing. I’ve been looking up artists, and trying to get some inspiration from them and their unique+fantastic style. I’m also looking up digital art tutorials and anatomy tutorials, but at a slow pace so I don’t burn myself out (which happens easily with me ugh).

Here’s an AU Calico. p:  I just love drawing dem alternate reality Calicos. Also I’m sure some of you can guess where I got the inspiration from. :)