so i really wanna start getting a little more serious with my art and open up commissions. i recently quit my job so i can rush schoolwork over the summer and i’m just left with whatever is left in my bank account atm. i dont need any urgent help (im still dependent on my parents) but i still pay for my phone and various online doo dats monthly and the occasional cute thing i cant help myself buy ;-; hopefully if things go smoothly ill start working again in august but that really depends on what this turns into exactly? im not sure the statistics on how often people get commissions so ill start with something cheap to test the waters.

◦ headshot / lineart (one character) - $3 - (mult. characters*) - $5-$6
◦ headshot / colored (one character) - $4 - (mult. characters*) - $6-$7
headshot / colored + background (one character) - $5 - (mult. characters*) $8-$10

◦ waist up / lineart (one character) - $5 - (mult. characters*) - $8-$10
◦ waist up / colored (one character) - $10 - (mult. characters*) $13-$18
◦ waist up / colored + background (one character) - $15 - (mult. characters*) $18-$20

◦ full body / lineart (one character) - $8 - (mult. characters*) $11-$15
◦ full body / colored (one character) - $15 - (mult. characters*) $18-$25
◦ full body / colored + background (one character) - $18 - (mult. characters*) $22-$30

these are what im planning to draw so please know this is roughly what it will look like! i will only draw HUMANS or at least humanoid things, those are what i feel most comfortable drawing and you’ll get the most out of your money. go ahead and send me an ask if you are interested and we can discuss details. ill be using paypal as the preferred payment method since its the only one i can trust! thank you so much and i appreciate anyone willing to help me out a little ❤ ❤ ❤  


art is the only way i can make cash at the moment so i appreciate anyone willing to help me out!


◦ headshot / lineart - $3 
◦ headshot / colored - $4
◦ headshot / colored + background - $5

◦ waist up / lineart - $5
◦ waist up / colored - $10
◦ waist up / colored + background - $15

◦ full body / lineart - $8
◦ full body / colored - $15
◦ full body / colored + background - $18


50x50 icons are $3 each
◦ i’ll try chibis if you want, they are $4 a character. (i do still need practice with them but i’ll try my best!)
add $5 if you want your purchase to be a GIF image! (we’ll discuss further details of course) 
add $6 for additional characters!


backgrounds: i will only do simple backgrounds like shading and textures, but if you’re willing pay more i can try a realistic background if requested.
◦ mult. characters*: ill go ahead and set my limit to 5 characters per drawing
◦ i’ll leave it your choice if you want the picture to be transparent or not
◦ please NOTE me on my deviantart account (potate-butt) OR send me a non-anon ask/message if you are interested so we can discuss details and so i can give you the email to my paypal account. DO NOT PAY UNTIL I GIVE THE OKAY PLEASE.
◦ my preferred payment method is through paypal (i just find it safer)
◦ i am most comfortable drawing human/humoid things but go ahead and ask if you want me to try something different, it just might not turn out as good.