OKAY WELL because I can, here’s a list of people you should follow:

IRL friends

Ryan, who introduced me to this. He’s my friend and literally everyone thinks we’re dating he likes homestuck, spn, and dw and 90s movies and video games (never posts selfies because he’s a dork)

Leah, who is in Guard with me. She likes sherlock, dw,  and a lot of other things i dont remember rn (ive never seen her selfies idek)


Emma, who was the first blog I ever followed. She likes spn, marvel, sherlock, dw who, theater, john green, puns, and stuff like that (she’s also super pretty go like her selfies)

Saz, who was the second blog I followed, actually. She’s into Nightvale, pre-moffat dw, john green, lok, atla, and other things (she’s really cute too fyi) she’s also very feminist but in a good way and thats where most of my opinionated posts come from just so you know 


Dajo, who is a princess, likes harry potter, spn, sherlock, dw, and others and i freaking love her she doesnt know i exist but ive sent her a bunch of anons because im kind of afraid to talk to her i guess. (She’s absolutely GORGEOUS by the way so yeah)

Anyway i did this off the top of my head so yeah and theres a lot of other people i love and ill probably do another one of these