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the last squared sprites ; Solroxysprite, Soldavesprite, Damabornsprite, Neproxysprite, Vrisroxysprite, Teradiasprite and Fefrezisprite :0

[part one]


The Peregrine Mendicant appeared outside the window of Jade’s room and fell right into the ocean, at the mercy of a local sea monster. Before she was eaten alive, she was rescued by a dog trained for just such a purpose, and welcomed into the private island of the Harley family.

Hass “the Flame” Harley, also known as Jacob English, is Native Hawaiian and an American citizen, adopted and raised by a wealthy colonial army man named Colonel Algernon “Sassacre” Harley. Hass developed a strong taste for adventure and a love of the hunt at a young age, and fled his home at the age of 18 to serve in the military and see the world. He is alive in 2016, and is 92 years old (but still a spritely ol’ chap!) born on June 4th, 1923. 

Becquerel is a descendant of Hass’ dog old Halley, and he is just a regular big friendly guard dog. He’s fiercely protective of Jade and a great asset when Hass is out hunting or exploring his private island. He was trained by Hass to be a lifeguard dog, and Bec is quite possibly the best there is when it comes to saving people from being eaten by the sea monster that lives around the island.

At the turn of the millennium, Hass discovered and attempted to tame a mysterious two headed sea monster. He named the green, nicer head Calliope and the red, meaner head Caliborn. In the year 2008, Caliborn went on a rampage on a small miscellaneous pacific island family. In the aftermath, only a little baby girl was left behind. Hass took took it upon himself to take care of her as recompense for letting his sea monster kill her family.

Jade Harley has little to no connection to the outside world without the use of the internet. She grew up on her Granddad’s stories of his travels across the globe and streaming cartoons and television shows with Netflix and Hulu and shit. She is 8 years old and was born on November 17th, 2007.

When Jade met her first real friends online on an ATLA roleplay forum she was inspired to see them physically somehow, or find a way to send them gifts at least. A physical science prodigy, Jade immediately set to work creating a robot that could travel such distances as the ones between her and her friends while she was dreaming. After many failed prototypes, the final form of Dream Bot is nothing short of a technological marvel. She uses it for mail more than anything.

All of this is incredibly overwhelming for PM and she has come to call the island Hellmurder Island in her frustrations.

theyre watching some shit anime. dave isnt really watching

caliborn does that tasting the air thing reptiles do but who knows if he’s actually tasting the air or if it’s a tic

anyway this is post-“lord english bursts like a pinata and we get all the components back (the autoresponder, equius, lil cal, caliborn, half of gamzee and… that magic cue ball thing? who cares) and caliborn gets a redemption arc” because i love that shit. dont ruin my dreams

im in a genuine daveborn mood