youcantfindmeno-w  asked:

Hey!! So I am a future pet owner and I really want a German Sheppard, a calico cat, a pastel ball python and possibly a king mantis. Is there any advice you have for me? I already know that you should keep cats from reptiles, and that dogs and cats don't always get along but I don't have much other knowledge than that -.- help a future pet owner out?

I’m not the best at mammals as pets, but one thing I’ve learned is that dogs need things to do, and most “bad” dogs are just dogs that haven’t had a lot of work put into them. I’d follow some dogblr blogs with german shepherds- @pawsitivelypowerful, @floofboof, and I know there’s others- to see how they train their dogs to get ideas. A trained dog is a dog with healthy outlets for energy!

The snake, however- that I can definitely give you advice on. Calico is a beautiful morph without any neurological issues or physical deformities that come with it- just make sure you avoid the calico combo “calibee,” which has spider in it. Spider’s got a neuro defect called wobble, and it can drastically reduce the snake’s ability to feed.

As far as animal management, just be sure to get a cage with locking doors or a lid with latches! It might be good to have a separate reptile room where the mammals aren’t allowed, but it can also be hard to keep a cat or dog out of a room, so training them to ignore the reptile cage might be best for everyone’s stress levels.

Also, be aware that you might have to have two vets! Not all exotic vets treat cats and dogs; not all cat/dog vets treat reptiles. If you can find a practice that has vets that take both mammal and reptile patients (even if it’s with different doctors), that might be ideal. 

Good luck!