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Commissions are open! I’m trying to save up for my trip to California&Germany, so any and all help is appreciated ; v ;

Please email me at or leave an ask in my tumblr if interested!

  • Paypal only! All prices in USD
  • Please provide reference of both description and a small bio
  • Solid color bg only
  • Max of 3 charas per picture

Will Do:

  • Furry/Anthro
  • Pokemon/Dragons/Some animals
  • Any sexuality/gender
  • Up to 3 characters per picture
  • OCs/Fanart/Crossover
  • NSFW (sexual content&gore)

Won’t Do:

  • I’m usually willing to take on any requests

I have the right to deny any commissions I deem are too difficult/uncomfortable for me. Luckily there aren’t alot of things I am not willing to try!

Reblogs are appreciated!


2016/17 Tissot UCI Track World Cup - Cali (COL) - YouTube

anonymous asked:

so professor, how're things going with qrow these days?

…..about as one might imagine. >.>