Feds: No Water For Drought-Hit California Farmers - NBC News

A federal agency said California farmers hit hard by a withering drought will receive no irrigation water this year from a sprawling system of rivers, canals…

If you eat fruits or vegetables and live in the US or parts of Canada, this should be of interest to you. One-third of the produce provided to grocery stores in the US and Canada come from the Central Valley of California. No water means no crops. This impacts canned fruits and vegetables, and the almond and walnut crops, as well. Most of us have spent the winter bitching about cold weather and more snow than usual, but California has had more days of record-breaking heat and less than a handful of rain days. Thousands of jobs will be lost. The Central Valley has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country as it is, and now this drought will devastate an already stressed economy. Maybe this situation will show the truth of how mismanaged the resources of the Golden State really are. It is unfortunate that it takes a crisis to bring light to a situation that is obvious to anyone who looks.

Today was alright and then I forced myself to run this evening and my day vastly improved. I felt more clarity and my friend came over and we talked and she gave me even more insight. I feel alright. Not fantastic but not awful. I’m meditating in the middle. And it’s fine. I deleted the asshole from
Facebook which is a huge step and I’m finally moving on with my life. And I’ve got that summertime sadness that Lana del Rey sings about but it’s fine. I reconnected with a friend over gelato and I’m going to live up my last three weeks in Italy.

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Tech-Death Tuesday: Dive Into A Five Band Roundup Of Eclectic Earworms

In today’s Tech-Death Tuesday, we are switching the format up a bit. And focusing on more than the usual two bands a week format. Instead, this weeks edition highlights several fantastic upcoming releases, and also discusses last year’s phenomenal record by Cali natives Iniquitous Deeds. Ending with a brief mention and spotlight on upstart dissonant tech-fiends Sunless.

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Native Pride stickers looking cool on the computer of @jerrynicarao, who’s band, @waroficaza, is starting a California Tour! Stickers and art make such a good combination! Get some stickers now, link in bio, and shipping is free if you order more than five stickers!
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i love sophia bush in a way that could probably get me arrested in at least forty two states, so i’m cashing out on this idea because i want cage to have a thing.

her job, group, etc. are all open but i obviously want soph and she should be in her very late 20′s/early 30′s. and there’s a plot for a friendship group cage is in that we’d love her to be  part of as well? right heeere.

alright, soo it’s no surprise that he’s not terribly fond of rejection? i mean, who would be? but growing up he wasn’t the popular dude, he was the clown in the back of class cracking jokes and never taking anything seriously (he’s still very immature), so it’s not exactly a new thing for him. and he wasn’t really the mean type, if anything he was bullied. when he moved to cali (chicago native), sophia was the first friend he really made. and he kinda just latched on because once you befriend him he never really goes away no matter how much you want him to lol. and yes i know he’s c.evans but if he’s any kind of attractive, it’s her doing jsyk. and they’ve been really close ever since, practically inseparable. like they even still share a good amount of the same friends. and he’s had it pretty bad for her since the day they met if we’re being honest. the thing is, she is so far out of his league it would take a syfy trilogy just to reach her. and it’s not some secret, okay, it’s common knowledge. he knows, she knows, the whole world knows and no one’s confused. basically, he doesn’t want to jeopardize their relationship. and in trying not to do that he often ends up fucking himself over. e.g. helping her make a spark account to find a guy. that isn’t him. oh yeah, he’s kicking himself. now, i figure she just doesn’t know how he feels? or she does know but doesn’t know how to approach it for whatever reason  - including she doesn’t feel the same. regardless, he cares about her beyond anything romantic and is obviously very willing to do what he has to to stay in her life. i kind of love these pining plots, ngl. so if anyone wants, lemme know?