But I got so much love for CALi

No matter what, you’ll always run in to someone different from the other one you’ve met. 

You’ll meet the most creative artistic and the most amazing souls to come across in LA.
Feds: No Water For Drought-Hit California Farmers - NBC News

A federal agency said California farmers hit hard by a withering drought will receive no irrigation water this year from a sprawling system of rivers, canals…

If you eat fruits or vegetables and live in the US or parts of Canada, this should be of interest to you. One-third of the produce provided to grocery stores in the US and Canada come from the Central Valley of California. No water means no crops. This impacts canned fruits and vegetables, and the almond and walnut crops, as well. Most of us have spent the winter bitching about cold weather and more snow than usual, but California has had more days of record-breaking heat and less than a handful of rain days. Thousands of jobs will be lost. The Central Valley has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country as it is, and now this drought will devastate an already stressed economy. Maybe this situation will show the truth of how mismanaged the resources of the Golden State really are. It is unfortunate that it takes a crisis to bring light to a situation that is obvious to anyone who looks.

Today was alright and then I forced myself to run this evening and my day vastly improved. I felt more clarity and my friend came over and we talked and she gave me even more insight. I feel alright. Not fantastic but not awful. I’m meditating in the middle. And it’s fine. I deleted the asshole from
Facebook which is a huge step and I’m finally moving on with my life. And I’ve got that summertime sadness that Lana del Rey sings about but it’s fine. I reconnected with a friend over gelato and I’m going to live up my last three weeks in Italy.

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31 Days of Witchcraft: DAY 31!
  • What are some things you frown upon that you find in the witchcraft community? If you could change anything about the community, what would it be?

1. Cultural appropriation - If a culture is closed, don’t try and play in the sandbox. If you want to play with Orishas and Lwa, convert to Vodou or Santeria, don’t try and play in their sandbox outside of their beliefs. Similarly with Kabbalah and Judaism. Don’t do it. My most personal point with this? So-called “gypsy magic.” A) it’s a slur, don’t use it. B) If it is actually a Romani tradition, there are strict rules of purity you must be within the bounds of to do any kind of Romani magic, and if you aren’t Rom, you’re not going to know them. Get out of the sandbox. 

2. Racism - Along with cultural ppropriation, this can turn into a problem. No race is “better” than another, no race’s magic is better than another. Stop bringing racist shit into magic.

3. Curse-shaming - Don’t want to curse? Don’t do it. Do not, however, feel it is your duty to shame others, guilt them, or impose your morality on someone else. 

4. The idea that Wicca = Witchcraft - Stop it. Wiccan morals are not “witch” morals, not all witches are Wiccan. 

5. The erasure of family traditions - Family traditions exist. Deal with it. Someone being in a family tradition does not make them more knowledgeable, more powerful, or a better witch than someone who isn’t. In many cases, since new witches study from multiple kinds of sources, they can know more than someone who has only been trained in one way. THERE IS NO REASON TO BE JEALOUS. 

6. The idea that to be a witch you MUST be a pagan. There are witches of all faiths and no faith whatsoever. Suck it up and deal.

7. Excluding male witches - Men can be witches too. Safe spaces are great, but men are not “worse” witches, or necessarily only there to hunt on female witches. Stop it.

8. Heteronormitive and cissexist ideas of magic - Magic comes in all forms, don’t pretend to be accepting and inclusive and propogate cissexist and/or heteronormative ideals. Bi, pan, poly, and queer people of all stripes exist, including intersexed people. Stop it.

9. Hating on witches who don’t share your faith - Unless they are trying to convert you, leave them the heck alone.


  • What phase is the Moon currently in?

I dunno. Let me check. Waxing Gibbous.