I’m Yuuta (aka Yuu) Morales. I’m a twenty-five year old aspiring filmmaker. Born in Okinawa, Japan. I’m NYU graduate but a Cali native. I’m currently all over New York working on a few indie films so if you in the area don’t be afraid to hmu.

Uhhh I’m shit at introductions and I don’t know what else to put so if you wanna know more about me, message me. Imma try and figure out my way around this site in the meantime lol

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Can i get a reaction of Seventeen to a Strong, Black, Thick-As-Hell women please? I feel like some of them would love that ish 😊😊😆😍😍 THANK YOUU SWEETS!!


He would be into that and you. He would be drawn to your curvaceous body and the way confidence flows in your speech. It’s very different from the Korean girls that he’s around. He would want you around him more often. 😉


Jeonghan would love your style. He loves your confidence and independence. Even if you’re younger than him, he feels like you’re his noona, because you take care of him and play in his hair. Him laying on your butt is a plus 😂


Joshua, like Vernon, would love your accent (if you’re from LA like him, he would love to hear a fellow Cali Native). Joshua would enjoy making you laugh and speaking English with you. Even though Josh is a church boy, his thoughts about you aren’t so holy.


Jun would love you, because you’re both sexy and cute, his ideal type. 😉 When he found out you have similar tastes such as, spicy foods, he thought you guys were perfect for each other. He is very thoughtful and caring and buys you gifts that reminds him of you.


Hoshi would be shy, but be the first to ask you on a date. Quick I know, but he really was captivated by your beauty. Soonyoung would struggle with his English, but would be determined to at least have a basic conversation with you for the date.


Wonwoo would be shy and wouldn’t speak much at first. He would definitely watching from afar though.  I’m pretty sure he would have the biggest crush on you. All the guys would tease him about how much he wants you.


Woozi would be super protective of you. Even though, you told him you’re fine and can protect yourself. He insists and doesn’t plan on stopping.


Seokmin would smile his bright smile of his the minute he lays eyes on you. He’s just amazed by your beauty overall. DK and Joshua competes to make you laugh the most. Majority of the time, Seokmin wins. He loves the positive energy you have and wants to stay around that energy 24/7.

Mingyu would tease you and always have a comeback with just as much of a sting as yours.  He would get annoying, but he’s like a Sour Patch. Sour, sweet, then back again. He’s also the touchiest out of all the guys.


The8 would be a sweetheart……..that you catch staring at your ass or boobs sometimes. He loves having conversation with you, because he practices his English and he teaches you Chinese. He would be very interested in you. 😉


Seungkwan would feel threatened. Someone who throws as much shade as him has arrived. You guys would clash, because you’re so much alike. All this clashing may cause some sexual tension to arise. He hates to see you go, but loves to see you leave.


Vernon, similar to Seungcheol, would like the way you speak and your accent whether or not you hear it or not. He loves your personality, but your body was extra brownie points.


Dino would be SUPER shy. He would confess to you by a dance serenade. He acts the cutest around you. He would perform aeygo around you although, he wouldn’t want to. Dino doesn’t believe he has a chance with you, but he tries his hardest.


How I feel when the talk of illegal immigration comes up…. Of course deportation of white euros will not happen… I give it a shrug…. Lets come up with better policies. Path way to citizenship for all! Who wants to become an American?? Anyone can be an american its a land where people come to escape persecution from their country because of poverty, war, corruption, religious freedom, etc. We should not physically shut down our boarders. Didnt work for the Chinese empire and look at north korea.


Nafla, the Cali native has been touring and performing in Korea for awhile now. “Kickback” is one of his latest singles, check out the live video here!


Flower of the Week #18 - May - Penstemon heterophyllus

Foothill Penstemon (by flora-file)

I’m starting this new weekly feature. I’m going to pick a flower from my garden to be flower of the week. It will be like a running log of the flowers that are blooming in my garden. I have gone back to January and picked some flowers for each week. 

 I will be sharing my choices this coming week.