Quick Pics Before I Head Out☹️🤘🏽

Finna hit up this new club I been hearin about in Brooklyn wit a couple friends. Hopefully they ain’t intimated by the way I gig ahaha. No one out here used to Cali natives smh I’d be surprised if anyone knew Mac Dre. Mainey afffff. Anyways, I’m finna cop a bottle of Henny, dip, nd go party my ass off cuz it’s been a min since I stepped out. Lmao feelin like an old man fr fr. Enjoy ya night!✌🏾️


How I feel when the talk of illegal immigration comes up…. Of course deportation of white euros will not happen… I give it a shrug…. Lets come up with better policies. Path way to citizenship for all! Who wants to become an American?? Anyone can be an american its a land where people come to escape persecution from their country because of poverty, war, corruption, religious freedom, etc. We should not physically shut down our boarders. Didnt work for the Chinese empire and look at north korea.


The California Floristic Province

Being a California native myself I have a fascination with California’s native flora.  There are about 6300 native taxa of plants found in California, and a third are found nowhere else but the limited area that comprises the California floristic province. It has the highest diversity of plant species in North America, north of tropical Mexico.

The plants of California are specially adapted for the Mediterranean climate here. Mediterranean climates have long, dry summers and cool, moist winters. In Mediterranean climates the majority of the precipitation occurs during the moist winter months, and summer months receive almost no rainfall, which often means 6-8 months of no rains. For this reason many plants here have switched around the normal seasonal growing patterns.  Spring is triggered by the autumn rains, and during the dry summer months plants enter their dormancy. 

Mediterranean climate zones comprise only 3% of the Earth’s landmass, but account for 10% of the known plant species. In addition to California, Mediterranean climates are found in only four other areas of the world: the Mediterranean Basin, the Cape region of South Africa, central Chile, and southwestern Australia. Many of the plants used in ornamental gardens and propagated by the nursery industry have ancestral orgins in the Mediterranean climes of the world. This climate has truly created an amazing diversity of flora.

(California Floristic Province Map and statistics from California Native Plants for the Garden, Bornstein, Fross, & O'Brien, Cochuma Press, 2005.)

(Mediterranean Climate Map via wikipedia.)

Ab-Soul & King Rich - “House Of Sin (Unreleased)”

An unreleased track, “House Of Sin,” between Ab-Soul and King Rich surfaced on the Internet a couple of days ago. The Top Dawg spitter delivers bars for the first two minutes of the haunting, dusty production before King Rich (a Cali native?) takes on the last half of the song. It may just be me, but doesn’t this dude king Rich sound a little bit like Rich Boy? Maybe I’ve been listening to “Boy Looka Here” too much over the last month. If you’re looking for a stellar effort from Ab-Soul, who we’ve been lacking some stellar efforts from over the last year or so, “House Of Sin” might not be the place to find it.

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