cali tour

I have like 300 ideas for how the clizzy reunion should happen so here’s a few:

  • after the entire fight with Valentine and all of the downworlders losses, clary feels like it’s all her fault. She feels like she played right into Valentine’s game and she has every downworlder’s blood on her hands. She breaks up with Simon because she feels like she’s dragging him down with her by associating with him and causing uproar within the vampires, and then kind of cut communications with everyone except Luke- because he knows exactly what it feels like, plus he’s the last remaining link she has to her mother. Jace is living with his guilt and Alec is busy as the head of the Institute, so, when Luke is busy, Clary spends her time down in the dungeon, painting and drawing in complete silence. One day, about two months later, she’s there drawing when she sees her. Izzy, training by herself n one of the dungeon cells. Clary means to leave immediately, but she notes something and says “you have to fix your posture, you’re leaving your shoulders uncovered.” Izzy is stunned for a second, and then she gives her like a small smile. “Where did you learn that?” “I had a good trainer.”

  • After the battle, Alec takes Izzy down to the infirmary, trying to find something that might help her recover faster. Simon and Clary ran into Raphael, and when Simon tells him that he somehow can walk in the sunlight now, Raphael gets very angry and annoyed- bear in mind he lost a huge part of his team, his interim chapter advisor, the girl he thought was the love of his life (YIKES), and the girl whom he blames just got her boyfriend almost back human- so he snaps, and reveals about him and Izzy and the reason why Izzy was with him or whatever. Clary is super shocked cause she can’t believe she was so far into her own angst she hadn’t noticed and immediately runs to look for Izzy. When she gets to the infirmary, Alec is not there cause he’s looking for Magnus, but Clary sees her laying on the bed, without her make up and heels, and she looks so small and defenceless to her that she starts crying, and keeps saying how sorry she is that everything had to go that way and how much she wishes she could fix everything between them. And Izzy, who was awake the entire time, SIKE!, opens her eyes and tells her how much she had missed her and they hug and promise to never leave each other again.

  • Clary, after the battle, goes to stay with Magnus and Madzie for a bit, because the downworlders and shadowhunters are both looking for her. So while she’s there, she finds out about the Rizzy bullshit from Raphael, except that she doesn’t know it was all the blood and drug talking. So Clary, even though she knows she’s in no place to judge, decides to leave the entire shadowworld- Izzy was the only thing holding her back, and she knew Simon and Luke had each other- and goes back to her apartment to see if there is anything worth taking. On her way she sees Maureen, the beautiful lesbian that sang with her and Simon every now and then, and she finds out Maureen had continued the music career thing and she has a gig in Cali, and she’s touring southeast for the summer. Clary follows her without saying anything more and no one can find her- except Magnus, but he promised his silence. When she comes back, everything has calmed down, and she’s dating Maureen and she’s king of happier?, so of course the first person she meets, while on a stroll with her gf is Izzy. And Izzy is mad, not for her being happy and having a gf, but because she disappeared with no trace, and left her confused and alone in a time of need, and Clary doesn’t get it and throws the rizzy back in her face without knowing rizzy was the worse thing of izzy’s life up until then and i didn’t think i’d get this far.

Hey y'all my Cali🌞 tour starts tomorrow :) above are the cities ill be visiting some are one day and some are two days!! Cant wait to meet yall kisses yours trully Ts Loren :)