cali loves photoshop


as much as i ADORE these new character posters, that magenta tint was giving me a headache. so… here. in the meantime, i’ll go make myself a new desktop wallpaper, probably. so much pretty! *3*


Ikari Shinji & Sohryu Asuka Langley: In Another Life
|— (Finale: Neon Genesis Evangelion manga by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki)


Dragons: Defenders of Berk - Episode 20: “Cast Out, Part II”

└ Astrid and Hiccup tag-team the chiefing


How To Train Your Dragon 2 - First 5 Minutes

└ Snotlout x Ruffnut [2/2]


How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Black Sheep ClipFirst 5 Minutes / 5 Years Later Featurette / Stormfly Fetch Clip

└ Astrid being an epic viking queen absolutely fucking badass [½]

(Plus bonus Stoick bc I’m still not over “future daughter-in-law”)


Matt Barr looking good enough to eat as Nick Hawley in Sleepy Hollow 2x03, “The Root of All Evil.” [2/4]