cali is where it's at

It’s funny cause in like a week my mom is having me go with her to a baseball game. And she knows I don’t care but it’s at night and I have to help her see out on the road in the dark

I’m just like FUCK YES cause it will be cold and that will give me an excuse to finally wear my fallout bomber jacket 👀

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its p hot where i live in cali but not as hot as where you live,,,, you should try taking a cold shower if you havent already its soo refreshing

If you live near the coast take me with you also i already did and my hair is thick so it’s humid af rip

~Mod Evi

its only when you’re with those that have the power to isolate you that you understand the depth and width of loneliness, because sometimes being by yourself is the best company, and anyone else would just ruin it. and people have a way of stealing you away from yourself, especially when you most need to be alone.

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Why is everyone shitting themselves in England over the weather? It's normal in Cali where I'm from... 🐸

bc we don’t have the means to deal w it like our average july temperature is 21*C according to wikipedia so none of us have a/c in our houses and like my family only have one fan and pretty much no homes have pools etc also it’s HELLA HUMID like I can’t breathe

i mean i experienced a turkish heatwave a few years back and the highest temp was 48*C but i found it a lot easier to deal w bc a/c in the villa and i could chill in the pool so yknow i think it’s just the fact we’re so unprepared like this kind of weather only happens a few days a year for us so