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  • lets get the fluffiest bf ready for his post
  • love him pleas
  • always dtf
  • and by dtf i mean down to fun
  • he would honestly come pick you up at 2 am and go to a movie if you texted him “im bored…”
  • like
  • imagine him pulling a troy bolton and climbing up ya house and getting on your window and singing to you
  • unfortunately those will be the only lines hao will ever get huh @pledis 
  • anyways…
  • loves fun dates
  • or food dates
  • but eating is like really fun so…
  • takes you out to eat a lot
  • snaps pics of you mid-chew
  • “hao I look like a horse” “you look beautiful” *uploads to snapstory with caption ‘#snatched”*
  • he always steals some of your food 
  • but he always makes sure you eat well too
  • eventually you guys would just start ordering for each other and like feeding the other
  • he wouldn’t do it around other people a lot
  • but the members will have to deal
  • *cue the raining gag noises*
  • *and dino just admiring from afar because true love is kool*
  • the cutest bedhead in the universe
  • like the first time you sleep in the same bed he’d be really shy
  • but also he’d fall asleep right away and like slip into a coma until he had to wake up
  • he’d wake up before you and he’d be all groggy but also conscious enough to fangirl over your sleeping face
  • and he’d love it if you wanted to make breakfast with him
  • even though he can probably only cook rice
  • he just loves food
  • and you
  • and he really hopes he didn’t just say that out loud heh
  • nah but like the first time he says “I love you” tho……
  • wowza
  • it’ll just be so sentimental and full of emotion
  • even if he just says it quickly
  • like before you send him off to dance practice one day
  • because he really does love you a lot
  • and he’ll cherish you forever
  • and treat you so well
  • and make me cry every day

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Seventeen Texting

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 “can you do a what kind of texter svt would be? Like wonwoo would use lots of … and who’d be the one using the winky emoji all the time and that kind of stuff? thanks~ I love your blog :)”














This was super fun to do! Thanks for requesting! -Admins Sea & Cali