calhoun and felix

Wreck-It Ralph’s 3rd Anniversary + my current Alice mood + some Photoshop practice = this piece of jolly fun. (I learned how to use the Warp tool, yaaay)

(Also, someone else had first come up with the idea of King Candy as the Hatter and Turbo as the Queen/King of Hearts, but I don’t remember who it was, so kudos to whoever it was.)

Cute 100% canon things from the wreck-it ralph wii game

-Ralph, Calhoun, and Felix watch the Sugar Rush roster race regularly!

-Felix sings when he’s sad!

-Felix had a Nana that would give him advice!

-Felix literally thinks about Calhoun 24/7!

-Calhoun tips Felix’s hat over his eyes as a greeting!  



Okay so, in D23 Expo, they released a small teaser from the actual movie for WIR 2. And this particular scene, it looks like the main gang we all know and love are going to the World Wide Web and are shown to be traveling on some sort of orbs (However the scene only had Ralph and Vanellope) . Now, on the first pic, you can tell that there are 4 different colors for the orbs.

Light blue ish green ish


Dark Blue

And Yellow

Now since the first color is obviously represented by Van due to her color sweater and Ralph being red cause of his clothes,

I safely assume that Dark Blue could represent Felix cause of the blue in his outfit and Yellow is Calhoun due to her blonde hair and that they will travel in those orbs when they visit the World Wide Web too

(Ofc I could be wrong by all this but meh we’ll just have to wait and see)


disneyismyescape’s mini disney movie challenge
→ day one: pick a movie - wreck-it ralph

‘Hanging Around’

Hiro (19) is just sitting there holding Vanellope (18) while she rants about things (mostly about Taffyta or her overprotective uncle Ralph). He didn’t mind, he got used to it as they grow up, he just like being close to her. 😄


today’s shipping spree is called: girls who are taller than the boys but neither side seems to have a problem with it, let’s begin!!

  • Greg Universe and Rose Quartz: the newest couple on this list. It is fairly safe to asume that Greg has a thing for really big women, and he found himself the biggest one and married her. Rose herself finds humanity fascinating, but it takes a special person to turn fascination into romantic love. Bit of a bittersweet couple but the two were so happy together that it warms your heart just to think about them.
  • Ash and Misty: not the oldest couple on the list but the one I have shipped for the longest time (I was like 5 and did not know what I was getting into), but damn are they funny and damn are they good for each other. Screw you Pokemon anime why do I still have hope…
  • Krillin and 18: out of every couple here this is the one that most likely came out of nowhere, no a one time kiss on the cheek is not the greatest built up ever but they are from Dargon Ball so wathever. But I still find adorable how little they changed because of their relationship, their personalities that is, their full on lives only got better over time.
  • Tea and Yugi: yes regular Yugi and not Atem (if you don’t know that name then… spoiler?), I just like Tea and the regular Yugi better than Tea and Atem since they just feel more natural to me and more in the same page; it isn’t just the right people but also the right time that makes a relationship work.
  • Hiei and Mukuro: I know that a certain other Hiei pairing is more popular but I love how these two are when around each other. They don’t hold back when fighting, they know each other’s pasts and neither one is scared of just how damaged (internaly and externaly) the other is, they just accept it and let it be.
  • Felix and Calhoun: no a female character does not stop being a badass cause she marries a dude and a dude does not have to be a regular badass to be one. sometimes you just need to see someone else’s perspective to really understand them and that is pretty much the hidden message of the movie, everyone is complex in different ways.
  • Buzz and Jessie: someone desided that shipping cowboy and cowgirl was too old school and went for the cowgirl and the space man, and it works!! they are from such different times, concepts and even companies; but they both know what it is like for life to no longer have meaning, or at least not the one it had before, and while very much aware of life being hard, they are unwilling to make it through it without each other.
  • Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4: hilarious, brilliant and oh so innocent yet so surprisingly mature. Wally and Kuki have such different interest that the other can barely stand what the other likes and the fact they willingly put each other above all of those (while both are very pationed people) is admirable, and always a joy to watch.
  • Mario and Peach: most iconic video game couple of all time wherever we like it or not, and I do like it. while both suffer from Nintendo not wanting to change their formula (or changing it very little) they are still really adorable and it does say something about Peach’s character how little she minds the fact Mario is no Prince nor regular Knight in Shinning Armor, he is just a dude (with awesome atletics) and she finds him charming all the same.
  • Roger and Jessica Rabbit: I ALMOST FORGOT THESE TWO AND THAT BRINGS ME SHAME!! but they sure manage to pull off one of the strangest looking couples ever while being so devoted to each other that doubting them becomes sacrilegious.

so there you have it, I know that people love big heigh differences in couples and I think that this should aply to couples outside of the norm. Also notice that I stuck to A- pairing I ship and B- that are animated (video games are a form of animation).

thanks for reading and have a good day/night/evening!

oh hey, it’s-a one more commission!
This is a sketchpage commission I did for @kittysfigurines24 on the usual theme she chooses - lil old Fix it Felix being down with a cold, and Sergeant Calhoun helping to take care of him! this time around she wanted a bedtime theme.

drawing this made me realize how difficult it must be for Cal to sleep over in Niceland. xDthanks for commissioning me, Kitty!

(psssst commissions post here)