My New Doctor Who Nails!!!

So I may not be packed for Comic Con yet (costumes are done… we leave in about 2 hours… that’s plenty of time, right?) but I was sure to get my nails ready in time! Doctor Who nails! My nails will be flailing about on Sunday morning in Hall H during the Doctor Who panel.  Now if only I could get into that elusive Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup… 

This might be my favorite nail art set yet - all hand painted by Yoko at Atlas Studio on natural nails with calgel.

So excited for geek week!!!

Ravishing Red, oldie but goodie back to glam up summer at Hello Beautiful Salon, 218 Bedford Ave between N5th & N4th inside the mini mall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11249. Still accepting appointments for July! Call 718-387-4732 or email me for appointments!


This is the only Gel I will use on my clients. I got certified to use this when  I went to school. I just contacted the seller I buy it from, and it seriously just got more expensive! It’s one of those things that REALLY is “you get what you pay for” because honestly Calgel is amazing. I used nobility in school, and that Gel SUCKED! It doesn’t sit well and it bubbles! 10g of Calgel is $65.00 and I’m tempted just to get the 25g but that’s $138.00. Once I get a figure on how much “gel” I will actually use, I’ll have to reconsider the pricing but for now I’m okay with my price list. Golden rule make sure to include cost of supplies.

Until he drew a swallow on my… fingernail…

I had been listening to a lot of The Smiths and Morrissey… as usual.  Anyway, that song, “Swallow on My Neck” always gets stuck in my head.  Since I’ll never have a swallow drawn on my neck, I wanted one drawn on my fingernail.  

Of course, the swallow I wanted drawn on my nail had to be cute… so here she is, flying through jewel blue skies with white 3D puffy clouds. 

Guest post by Fashioned Out today. Looksie at them nails! Phwoar!

“I got my half moon red nails done with a bit of sparkle to it. They are my real nails and they grew out nice and long since I use calgel instead of acrylic

Moore’s in downtown Burbank was open during memorial day so I grabbed a hefty ½ BBQ BACON BURGER. This was the best bbq bacon I have had. Honestly and the place is great since it is across Cartoon Network Studios and the artists are allowed to draw on the walls. 

Good Nails + Yummy burger = happy”

Thanks so much Fashioned Out! I love it because you’re based in Burbank after one of my favourite TV shows Chuck! Keep up the good work.

- Jackie