My New Doctor Who Nails!!!

So I may not be packed for Comic Con yet (costumes are done… we leave in about 2 hours… that’s plenty of time, right?) but I was sure to get my nails ready in time! Doctor Who nails! My nails will be flailing about on Sunday morning in Hall H during the Doctor Who panel.  Now if only I could get into that elusive Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup… 

This might be my favorite nail art set yet - all hand painted by Yoko at Atlas Studio on natural nails with calgel.

So excited for geek week!!!


This is the only Gel I will use on my clients. I got certified to use this when  I went to school. I just contacted the seller I buy it from, and it seriously just got more expensive! It’s one of those things that REALLY is “you get what you pay for” because honestly Calgel is amazing. I used nobility in school, and that Gel SUCKED! It doesn’t sit well and it bubbles! 10g of Calgel is $65.00 and I’m tempted just to get the 25g but that’s $138.00. Once I get a figure on how much “gel” I will actually use, I’ll have to reconsider the pricing but for now I’m okay with my price list. Golden rule make sure to include cost of supplies.

A Few of My Favorite Blings
When the nail breaks,
When the cuticle stings,
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite blings,
And then I don’t feel so bad…

My latest manicure by Atlas Studio. 
Black tips with silver glitter and super blingy rhinestone bows on the ring fingers.
It’s a fun, elegant look that’s not too crazy.