Untitled by Lichon
Via Flickr:
Photographed in Canmore Alberta with Nicole from Calgary.


MMC Reformatted Foxwire. 

First time shown in bot mode publicly. They put him on display at CollectorFest Calgary (A show that I help organize with a couple friends of mine!) 

Obviously I couldn’t touch or pose him, so I did my best to grab a few shots and try to get some of the facial details for you guys.

Big thanks to A3U for bringing these samples and letting us have a look!


Solar Eclipse 2017

Played around with viewing the solar eclipse this morning. We reached about 80% coverage here in Calgary, Alberta. It was a bit last minute, so we didn’t have glasses and I don’t have a good solar filter for my camera. Still, with a few pinhole projection boxes (one an old box of Mars chocolate bars), a binocular projector, and a few makeshift viewers, we had some fun.

  1. Binoculars project the sun and moon onto the photographer’s hand.
  2. The crescent of the sun projected through a pinhole in an aspen leaf onto a piece of cardboard.
  3. The crescent of the sun projected through a pinhole in an aspen leaf and onto a second leaf.
  4. Viewing the partial solar eclipse at Bowmont Park, Calgary Alberta, Canada, using a pinhole box projector, while small ghost images of the sun and moon (created by internal reflections in the camera lens) appear to surround the actual sun. My wife enjoying her tea while looking into the coffee cup viewing port of the projector.
  5. Binoculars project the sun and moon onto a piece of cardboard.

After picking up lunch today my wife and I decided to try and find a peaceful place to sit in our car and eat. We drove just two minutes beyond Calgary’s city-limits and ended up here. The sun was shining, there was no sound other than the breeze rustling the grass around us, and the golden foothills were as beautiful as ever. Best lunch I’ve had in a while!

Calgary, Canada, 05/14/16