Say Cheese!

Blackwall appears to be such a serious character, and yet that cheese shield perfectly contrast him! Can you tell we absolutely loved the cheese ring prop, and it looks so realistic! We might have tried to take a bite out of it ;)

In all seriousness look how great this cosplay is! The armour is perfect, the wig and facial hair are incredibly accurate and the way the jacket is sewn together ties the cosplays and makes it so realistic!

Credit for Blackwall goes to listlesswarrior, who did an outstanding job with this cosplay!

Day 4/365: Pruinescence

Calgary was covered in a layer of hoarfrost and fog all day today. I left the house before the sun came up and didn’t think to bring my camera with me to work. Once the sun rose I realized not bringing my camera was a rather unfortunate mistake. I ended up borrowing a car and rushing home to grab my equipment on my lunch break. I hurriedly grabbed some shots in the river valley. The light isn’t quite what I would have liked, nor was the location however when one works all day and there are only 8-9 hours of sunlight to work with it’s hard to be too picky.