We went up to him and asked him if we could touch his butt, and he said yes, so he turned around, and I just kind of put my hand on his butt, and he turned back around and gave me a stern look and said, “No. Honey, how do you grab someone’s ass?” Then he fucking GRABBED MY HAND AND PUT IT ON HIS ASS. RIGHT IN THERE. I GOT LIKE A WHOLE ASS CHEEK.


The Torchwood trio at their respective autograph tables.

Pic 1 is actually the latest one I took, on Sunday, after all the others…. But Gareth in a cowboy hat is just so freaking adorable it needs to be first.

The rest of the pics I took on Saturday morning (the night after the Hub party haha) as we got our autographs done! Seriously love these three so freaking much it hurts.


We LOVE Zero Escape series! Do we say it too often? Well it is well worth it and everybody should play those games. Everybody!

Anyway here is a fantastic photo shot we have down with a 999 group. The weather was not on our side that day, but we love the way the photos have turned out.  The photos have a slight feel of the sinking ship and perfectly convey the atmosphere of the game.

Credit for the cosplays goes to  Clover, June and Junpei


Congratulations to neoncrook, our contest winner! We were very thrilled when we pulled her name out of the hat! Did you know that Neon crook was one of our first fans? How exiting to be able to work with her again!

Now check out those cosplays, are they not fantastic? Those are an original design for Fauns, all made by hand from scratch and they light up! Amazing!


Building the sense of company and the Brothers Ri. Video is processing, but should be ready soon!