calgary police

I remember hearing about a cop falling in the water
While they took a boat down Main Street
Looking for survivors
Leaking battery acid hidden under the water burnt his body
I never followed up to see if he lived
Before the next tragedy rose out of the water
Under the rain.
—  c.d. - The Flood

Received a package from @darnelg today containing some high quality puppers.

I’m now in possession of a Collie Christmas ornament, soft doggie plush, Calgary police dog calendar and a Canadian dog magazine.

Thank you Scroll I very much appreciate it.


“Frankie”: Heck, im pretty sure [Gamergate] funded a female game developer (or female with a game idea) so that her vision for a game could be made.

Didn’t we also fund some other charities for women?

But gosh, we sure do hate em’!


  • Helped to get Jennifer Dawe’s game greenlit on steam even as aggros tried to get it shut down
  • Raised $70,000 for TFYC after LW tried to get it shut down
  • Raised $30,000 for the Honey Badgers’ legal fund after they got kicked out of Calgary + had the police called on them for no reason
  • Raised $11,000 for a rape victim the MSM didn’t care about because she was a porn star
  • Raised $5,000 to get a Stair Master for a disabled woman

Is this how you hate movement? Are you sure we’re doing this right?

“Alex”:  For my next act of villainy, I will adopt an orphaned puppy. YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME!

Gosh, Gamergate sure is horrible.


[Comics] WTF - Calgary Expo calls police on Honey Badger Brigade’s picnic - MundaneMatt

Wow, those twats are bloody evil. They’ve already thrown them out, wasting thousands of dollars, bragging about it on Twitter, laughing at them as they dejectedly dismantled their booth, replacing it with a “cosplay is not consent” sign which was very much deliberate given that they’re MRAs, blacklisted Alison Tieman, making it difficult for her to publicise her work, all because she politely disagreed with feminists and then when they’re trying to cheer themselves up and meet the fans who spent a bloody fortune getting there only to find they’d been slandered and thrown out, they call the bloody police on them! How much more vindictive could you get?

It’s not like it’s the first time feminists have responded to someone merely disagreeing with them by going out of their way to try and thouroughly destroy someone’s life and livelihood but I can’t help but wonder, when have MRAs ever done anything so cruel? When have MRAs done anything like this? Such a vicious public display of spiteful bullying, gloating and posting mocking articles about it on Twitter. They’re like the nasty, bitchy girls at school who would talk shit about you and spread rumours behind your back and turn everyone against you then laugh at you when you walk across the playground as everyone pelts you with stones and bricks. Looks like those twats never grew up.

I know Alison Tieman doesn’t want people to boycott them but I think after this they really should. Those twats don’t even deserve to stay in business.