calgary expo

My first CCEE commission! I really love how it turned out, I can’t remember the last time I drew Zevran :O Of course I’m not home so I can’t scan any commissions, but I have my camera at the very least so it’ll make do. My laptop’s monitor has high contrast so I hope it looks ok on normal monitors haha…

(I’m at table #4125 in the Big Four upper level if you wanted to grab a $25 ink commission!)


Knight Hux is done for the cons!! \o/ slapped it all on fast, pardon looking so tired it’s been a few late nights lol Helmet will come when I get home, I’m getting a friend to help me sculpt, mold and cast it.

There’s one or two other parts I’d like to upgrade and improve (sintra coat bars to get the kylo belt buckle like details I did on it crisper, also sintra is more durable; upgrade the neckseal to leather now that my industrial machine is running, upgrade the saber to a staff saber to match the newer art) but other then that pretty pleased!

Design by @parttimedragon


After much anticipation (not really), here it is, my “Medical Mystery” RED Medic cosplay that I (mostly) finished for Calgary Expo 2016!

I had an absolute blast wearing it, and I was very surprised to see quite a lot of TF2 cosplayers at the event! I made lots of friends and had a ton of people yell out “MEDIC!!” as I was wandering around haha

There are a few details missing that I just didn’t have time to finish, but hey, I can always add more stuff. And I’ll take some nighttime pictures later on so my lights will show more :P

Also, special shoutout to my mum, Listlesswarrior who singlehandedly made my amazing medipack (that is a functioning backpack like holy cow) and helped me with power tools because I suck :’)


Anndddd General Hux is done too! Cut it to the wire with the metal belt buckle from jj armoury arriving today D8 (I leave tomorrow afternoon) but bless him cus he got it to me in a week and it looks so goooddddd 💕 fit the belt I made perfect!

The great coat is probably the nicest thing I’ve made; it took a ton of hand sewing to get the lapels and hem all nice, but worth it! (Also weights honest to god like at least 12 pounds, and took around 16 meters of fabric for all of it; its a beasstttt). Thanks everyone for all the amazing support! You honestly have no idea how much all the kind comments you’ve made mean to me ❤️


Boy was that a long day! But I actually remembered to take some pictures of myself this time around for once.

There’s still quite a few rough edges, and I definitely rushed some pieces of this costume, but overall I’m happy with how he turned out. I was pretty skeptical while working on it haha.

I try so hard to be menacing, but it’s hard ;__;

Special shout-out to my dad for helping me with my “hair” LEDs, because I’m an adult baby who still fears electricity.

And I bought a friggin alpaca because I’ve been coveting one for forever and I have a plushie addiction