We’re a country of generosity and we’re a country of opportunity.

The fact that we have not even taken the Syrian refugees that we have committed to take, let alone taking many more people who are fleeing the most desperate situation only looking for opportunity in the world, to me is a disgrace.
—  Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi on Ottawa’s response to Syria Refuges

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Just an fyi/update from Harper's district. There are a few Liberal signs and a few more Conservative signs on the streets, but all signs on private property are unfortunately Conservative. I've yet to see an NDP sign, but I don't think we have a candidate in our riding yet. Based on the signs, it looks like Harper will be elected in his riding once more :/



TBT. But every day is a good day to be indigenous! 

(Just some photos taken throughout my year as the Stampede Indian Princess) 1st Photo taken by Karyn Lee, photos 2-7 taken by Noah Fallis from Calgary’s Avenue Magazine


Of all the kitchens on TV, the one located at 742 Evergreen Terrace, home of the Simpson family - with its blue countertops, neon green stove, and corn cob-covered curtains - is easily among the most recognizable.

Now that iconic animated kitchen is becoming a reality inside the Calgary home of Joe Hamilton and Marcia Andreychuk. The couple is completely remodeling their 1950s kitchen to make it look as much like the Simpsons’ kitchen as they can, and they’re doing an amazing job.

Andreychuk found the perfect fabric for Marge’s corn cob curtains on Spoonflower, which she used to sew the curtains herself:

Joe and Marcia are currently saving up to buy new “’retro-inspired’ granny-apple green appliances​,“ but in the meantime they’ve used contact paper to make their countertops, cabinets, washer/dryer, fridge, and stove match the Simpsons’ versions.

But what are they going to do once they finish this amazing kitchen? We’re so glad you asked. Andreychuk told CBC that they’re thinking about renovating their basement to look like Moe’s Tavern for their next project. We think that sounds awesome!

[via Foodiggity, Neatorama, and Nerdist]

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