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*peeks head out of window* Howdiddly doodly! Can I have some headcanons on Wiper, Calgara, Kizaru and Ace being jealous because their shy s/o is A STUNNING BEAUTY AND NOBODY WANTS TO LEAVE THEM ALONE AND THEY ARE JUST CONSTANTLY BEING PROPOSITIONED TO!? And the shy s/o can't say no because they clam up and become little stress balls when they're in big crowds? You may have noticed I love shy/cute/embarrassed tsundere characters a lot haha. Stay awesome darling and thanks a shitbillion! *hugs*


You sure can!

_ He tends to get pretty aggressive at anyone.
- He gets jealous so easily.
- He needs to be placated by his s/o.
- He gets a bit better after the time skip though.
- He tends to always stand close to his s/o.
- He’s so protective.

- He behaves very similar to Wiper actually.
- He’s a bit less aggressive and just distantly intimidating.
- He’s a bit less jealous too.
- But it’s harder to calm him down if he gets riled up.

- He only needs to like glance at someone and they back down.
- Tends to mock or tease anyone who propositions his s/o.
- He also teases his s/o about how he’s jealous they’re more popular than he is.
- Oh he always has a hand on their shoulder or back should they get uncomfortable.

- Oh he gets so fored up every time.
- Tries to start fights with anyone eho looks at his s/o like that.
- However he stops immediately if his s/o gets flustered.
- He tends to get them to a quieter space if they get too embarrassed.
- Extremely protective ngl.

Thanks for the requests! I love Skypeians so much!

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