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“Nothing bold or magnificent is built from fear.” –Amazon’s The Collection

Gone was the hard, boxy and masculine look (including liberating trousers) that came with wartime fabric rationing. “Hideous and repellent” is how Dior described that look. Instead he made sculpted dresses of as much as 25 yards of the finest luxury fabrics: ultrafeminine, but a burden to wear. Corsets shrank waists by up to two inches; crinolines and padding made full, calf-length skirts even more voluminous. Busts were lifted and breasts made into pointed cones. High heels and wide-brimmed or tilted tri-cornered hats completed the look. Comfort was not the point: not then, and not now, on the small screen. [x]

Baby, Come Home (2/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing

A/N: You were apart of The Avengers, in love with Captain America and suddenly everything is different. Two years later, you’re engaged to a man named Ryan and telling yourself you’re over Steve Rogers and The Avengers, but that might not be the truth. When your secrets start coming to the surface, you have to face the reality that you’ve been trying to bury for two years. Will you say I Do picturing Steve’s face or will you come to your senses and face what’s staring back at you?

(Steve POV in some places, italics are flashbacks)

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Your light blue, three quarter length sleeve button down was tucked into your calf length, black pencil skirt, your black heels crunched dirt under your shifting feet. Your hair in waves falling over your shoulders blows in the light summer breeze, you had on black sunglasses, your painted light pink lips pressed together. You watched as he came into your line of sight, you stood at one of the many entrances to Central Park knowing he didn’t know you where there. His grey sweatpants fit perfectly on his hips, the red under armor shirt clinging to his arms and chest in that way that made your mouth water, even after all this time.

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"The pages don't break up well" = OMG CLIFFHANGER. *shakes a fist in melodramatic outrage* (PS: I am so amused by the REALLY LONG nether-fur on the water-women. It reminds me of a dream where somehow mine was a calf-length dreadlock skirt.)

Nether-fur is a wonderful turn of words.


Rear Window, the 1954 classic film, starred the beguiling Grace Kelly as a fashion consultant who learns that her photographer boyfriend may have witnessed a murder. This stunning Grace Kelly portrait doll wears a beautiful black and white dress inspired by the one she wore in the film. The classic design is re-created with elegant chiffon, a V-neck bodice and full calf-length skirt embellished with a delicate branch pattern. Includes a “pearl” necklace and earrings, a white chiffon shawl, white “satin” gloves and black heels.

Expedition to the Kingdom of Feral Petticoats, Report the 2nd
  • TWO storage bins full of knee-length skirts. (They’re in bins because I’m currently in a calf-to-ankle length skirt phase. I’m sure that will change again.)
  • All the other skirts hung up, OMG.
  • Feral petticoats sorted by everyday and fancy event giant floof genus.
  • Giant box of fabric scraps lurking, waiting to be taken upstairs.
  • Sewing project skirts set aside, not sure yet where their new colony should be established.
15 things the x-files has made me find ridiculously attractive

1. Mid-calf length skirts with terrifyingly high heels

2. Stubble

3. Bloodstains on clothes or faces

4. Really beautifully manicured nails without polish

5. The rumpled shirt-and-tie look

6. Reading glasses

7. The rare and sudden appearance of casual wear

8. Hospital gowns

9. Bras worn to bed

10. Umbrellas

11. Tiny women with huge guns

12. Calling one’s law enforcement partner by their last name

13. Long sleeves rolled up on nicely muscled forearms

14. Sno-cats

15. Kevlar vests