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Date Meme #73 with Peter Parker?

 73: ice skating/rollerblading

“You sure you know how to do this?”

The neon lights of the huge rollerblading rink lights up your form in a quite dazzling way. You stood in front of Peter, rolling back and forth on skates you personally owned—they were super nice with pretty colored wheels and laces up to the ankle. You kind of looked like a roller derby girl: calf high socks, jean shorts, and a dubious look on your face as Peter pulled the Velcro straps tight on his inlines.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got great balance. I’m as graceful as a spider,” he retorted, standing perfectly upright. He skated around you for a few seconds, tugging your hands free from your arms.  

“That’s not the first animal I would think of, but,” you muttered, wondering where Peter’s sudden skill came from. The Peter Parker you knew could hardly stand on his own two feet correctly, let alone roller blades.

Nevertheless Peter’s (surprisingly) strong grip led you to the floor of this half roller rink half arcade. You two skated side by side for a few laps, chatting amiably about this and that (“Is that a new shirt? It looks cool.” “Thanks. Did you hear what happened in Mr. Alan’s literature class?” “No, but have you read any of the Canterbury Tales?” “Yeah, you can have my notes.”) Peter suddenly dropped your hand, a smile etching onto his face.

“Wanna do something fun?” he said, the corners of his mouth curling mischievously.

“I thought skating with your girlfriend was fun enough” you mocked, clutching your hand to your heart. “I’m hurt, Peter.”

“Even more fun than that,” he pressed, skating circles around you. “Let’s race. Loser buys pizza.”

“I don’t know why you’re making this bet, Parker. I’m obviously going to win.” It was not a new occurrence for Peter to challenge you. He almost always did it as a way to get you fired up. But it was odd having him propose a physical race.

But he seemed smug enough, replying with a faux innocent tilt of his head. “I guess we’ll just have to see,” he says, drifting next to you. The two of you do on last leisurely round before Peter looks at you. You nod once.

“First one to make two wins. Ready, set,”

“Go!” you lunge forward, inertia propelling you as you coast off the first turn, smiling happily as Peter tries to catch up. He isn’t too much taller or bigger than you, so the match would be equal, but your skill is quite superior to his. You push yourself forward again, dodging between smaller kids before finally settling on the smaller inner ring of the skaters.

You feel pretty good about your lead until it closes, Peter sneaking behind you and barreling into the second lap. You nearly stop to gape at his speed, but as you do so he coasts by again, formally beating you.

He pauses, waiting for you to reach him. He quirks a brow. “You sure you know what you’re doing?” he mocks, eyes alive with mirth and satisfaction. Then, to add insult to injury, he says, “I want pepperoni and sausage.”

“Shut up, Parker!”


I have no excuse except that i wanted to draw male!Lenalee wearing shorts and blushing fem!Allen

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why is it so common in porn for both men and women to be just in their underwear and then shoes. like a dude wearing just his boxers and THEN CALF HIGH SOCKS AND WORK BOOTS??? LOOKS FUCKING STUPID??? OR BEING BUCK ASS NAKED AND STILL WEARING YOUR FUCKING SHOES HOW DID YOU EVEN GET YOUR PANTS OFF OVER THE SHOES THAT TAKES SO MUCH EFFORT WHY DO THEY DO THAT

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Achilles would unironically wear calf-high nike socks with sandals and nothing can convince me other wise

don’t act like he wouldn’t wear those obnoxious neon shirts and snapbacks too. he is truly the epitome of style.


Chapter V // Inevitable Love

“Why do you keep making me go to parties I obviously do not want to go to?” I groaned, throwing my head back against the headrest of the seat.

“Because I know you’ll spend your night eating junk food and watching movies. I’m not gonna let you waste your life away.” Alexis explained, her voice raising slightly as she spoke.

“So you’d rather me get wasted then waste my life away?” I questioned in an “are you stupid” tone. “No, but I want you to have fun!” She swatted my leg, “Besides, Jack will be there.” She singsonged.

I rolled my eyes at her, she’s been teasing me about him since last week when I went out on that date with him. We’ve kept in contact but we haven’t actually seen each other since then. I’ve been busy at home and trying to juggle work so I haven’t had any time to spare besides on the weekend where I slept all day.

“Okay, and? I still don’t wanna go.” I shrugged, leaning my head against the window. Alexis sucked her teeth at me, “Well I’m pretty sure you won’t be saying that once you see Jack. I bet he misses you.” She smirked.

We arrived to the party, tons of cars lined up along the street and music blasting from inside the house. I didn’t understand how the neighbors or how the street even put up with that and accepted it. Unless this street was filled with teenagers. We hoped out the car and made our way by the front of the house. I smoothed out my slightly cropped top with “Parental Advisory Explicit” on it in white bold letters and my ripped light denim jeans. I wiggled my feet in my black vans and ran my hair through my naturally curly hair. 

There were red solo cups all over the front porch and I expected to see a lot more throughout the night. As we made our way inside their were people grinding on each other against the wall, people socializing and laughing, people making out and a fair share of people just observing everyone else. I pursed my lips to the side as I followed behind Alexis who made her way over to the drinks. 

“Do you want anything?” She yelled over the loud music, pointing to the drinks.

I shook my head, “No I’ll be the designated driver for the night.” I dismissed her offer, my eyes looking around the room.

“Looking for Jack?” She asked with a smirk on her face as she sipped her concoction of different drinks, moving closer to me so she didn’t have to yell.

“No, I’m just looking.” I lied.

I would be lying to myself if I said I didn’t wanna see him. We’ve been getting slightly closer and he was just a really nice guy to chill with. In other words, I appreciated his presence around me. Our conversations were forced and our personalities were shown, we could be ourselves around each other and that’s what I appreciated the most. 

“Oh!” Alexis took me out my trance, “There he is!” She pointed over towards the door. 

Sure enough, Jack had just walked in with a few other friends I’m guessing, all guys. He looked good; a black v-neck, khaki shorts, calf high socks and his black and white vans. It’s simple but simple is nice I guess. I didn’t wanna seem like I was looking for him so I turned around, facing the drinks. Alexis chuckled at me before patting my shoulder and muttering something before walking off. Like usual, she leaves me alone. 

“Getting started without me?” Jack breathed down my neck, his hands resting on my hips making me tense up a little and jump in shock.

I spun around to face him, “Jack, hey! I didn’t see you come in.” I lied, “and no, I’m not drinking tonight." 

"Designated driver?” He asked and I nodded, rubbing my palms on my jeans. I felt his eyes examining my body, “You look good.” He complimented me.

I furrowed my eyebrows at him and frowned a little. He rolled his eyes, “Look, you gotta get use to me complimenting you when you look the way you do.” He chuckled, moving to the other side of me and pouring himself a drink.

“And how is that?” I asked, tilting my head to the side.

“Sexy, beautiful, cute. The list goes on, Skylar.” He smirked, sipping his drink. I shook my head laughing, “Smooth.” I joked.

He shrugged, “Yeah, I mean it happens.” He played along. I chuckled and looked out on the dance floor once I heard  Came To Do by Chris Brown come on, automatically making me move my hips a little.

“You wanna dance?” He asked me, moving closer to me, almost closing the gap between us. I looked up at him and shrugged, “Only if you want to." 

He gulped his drink and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the center of the room. He spun me around so my back was against his chest and I began to dance to the beat, my eyes closed as I sang along. I unintentionally began to grind on him a little. I always been one to dance with my hips, body rolling, winding and just moving my ass in general. Jack held onto my hips and moved along, his breath tickling my neck every so often. 

Once the song finished, I turned around to face him with a smile. Jack looked down at me, his hands still on my hips, returning the smile. "I need some air.” I told him, fanning myself with my hand.

He grabbed my hand and nodded his head towards the back door. I nodded and followed behind him, pushing past some fairly drunk people before getting to the back door and opening it. We both stepped out and closed it behind us. I let out a loud sigh once I felt the warm air slam against my skin, cooling me off instantly. 

“You can dance.” Jack said with raised eyebrows and a grin on his face.

I opened my eyes and shrugged, “I’ve always loved to dance and music. Once I hear music I like, I can’t not dance to it." 

"I saw, ” He chuckled, “you were really feeling the music.”  I rolled my eyes and hit him on the arm playfully, “Shut up.” I chortled.

He held up his hands in defense and chuckled, “That’s not a bad thing. It was cute.” He assured me.

I looked down and bit my lip, “So, who’d you come here with?” I asked, changing the subject.

“My best friend Jack, Sam and Mike.” He told me. I nodded, “No girls?” I teased him.

He shook his head, “Nah” He smirked. “Why not?" 

"I’ve kinda got my eye on a girl right now.” He licked his lips, pulling them into his mouth subsequently. I raised my eyebrows, “Oh really?” I said in a different octave. He nodded, “Yep. Who’d you come with?" 

"Alexis of course, always dragging me to parties against my will.” I sighed, shaking my head faintly. “Against your will?” He chuckled, “She’s like so little, I’m pretty sure you could take her.”

I raised my eyebrows and sighed, “She’s stronger than you think, trust me I’ve tried.” I laughed. “Well it can’t be that bad, I mean you did meet me.” He joked, putting his hands on his chest.

I laughed, rolling my eyes playfully, ‘Yeah, okay" I raised my eyebrows.

Jack chortled and placed his hands on my waist, “No but really. Are you happy you met me?” He asked, looking into my eyes, giving me a weird feeling inside. I nodded and licked my lips, “Yeah, I am" 

 "Good, 'cause I’m happy I met you.”