These are just some of the photos I’ve took yesterday at Caleruega Church at Nasugbu, Batangas. Coming from Dasmarinas, Cavite, it took us 2 hours before we even get there. It’s such a beautiful and peaceful place, even the structure, design and every details of it is bound to perfection. I wish I could visit there again with my family.


Weekend well spent at a beautiful house up in the mountains. The night was spent in the open air, but despite the cold winds, I felt warm and safe, there, surrounded by old friends.

In the morning we hit the road, and at the end of it we found a quaint church sitting peacefully on top of a hill, looking over a gorgeous view of pine trees and vast greenery. And we watched as a man proposed to a girl in the middle of all that beauty.

The past several weeks, I haven’t been sleeping. My mind is clouded with smoggy thoughts. I have lost my eternal summer. But last night, as I crawled into bed after two days of retreat, I realized the familiar noise in my head I’ve been nursing at nights wasn’t there.

For the first time in a while, I felt at peace.

My tumblr is dormant :D

not anymore…

It’s retreat week
It’s also sharkweek
It’s really really painful
Today’s schedule is really messed up, but today was fun
Finished two short stories while I was gone
I realized that I would post more things here on tumblr if I had my laptop
But it’s with mom in Taiwan
Again, I’m in so much pain


Caleruega Church | Nasugbu Batangas

– i really love this place , it’s really peaceful and the breeze really smells fresh for you need to get off the road for a couple of miles just to reach the place  ;) you can stay at their small cabin for only a couple of bucks  ;) ahh btw there’s an entrance fee of 35 php , it serves as donation and maintenance of the church ;)


I have a number of reasons why - even no matter how much I will try - fashion blogging will never be for me. Aside from not having someone to take nice photos of me, I also don’t know how to pose. I tend to wear comfortable clothes over and over. Plus, my style consists of wearing a cardigan over everything. I believe I was born in the wrong country, it being a tropical country. I just feel much more comfortable and somehow safer in a jumper.

Exhibit A (a cardigan over everything and the inability to pose)

Exhibit B (the inability to pose, while trying to imitate the flying skirt/twirling photos I often see in fashion blogs)

  1. Thrifted Cardigan
  2. Printed Dress from Singapore
  3. My sister’s floral sling bag
  4. Gray Flats from Divisoria

Now that my wannabe attempt (wherein I look so much like an idiot) is out of the way, let me take you to Caleruega in photos. I have to note though, that most of the photos include yours truly. The serenity of the place is so enchanting, I want photos of me in every inch of it. Yeah, I’m that vain.

Caleruega is located in Nasugbu, Batangas. I guess it would be easier to get here if you have a private vehicle but it’s also accessible via public transportation.

  • From Manila, you can ride a bus to either Balayan, Batangas or Nasugbu, Batangas. The only bus companies with a route that I am sure will pass there is BSC (Pasay Terminal is located in MRT Edsa-Taft Ave Station, just behind Giselle Plaza, the establishment with a branch of McDonald’s at the foot of the stairs of the MRT station) and San Agustin (Cubao Terminal). It moves along the entire Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-Way (for Cavite-bound or Cavite-based). You can also get off at Tagaytay (Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Magallanes Park, etc) before or after your trip to Caleruega.
  • Tell the konduktor to drop you off at Evercrest Golf Club.
  • Ride a tricycle to Caleruega. Remember to ask for the tricycle driver’s contact number as you will need it if ever there is a scarcity of tricycles in Caleruega. Of course you can walk back to the highway if you decide to, but it’s not going to be an easy task.

The Park Regulations is printed on a tarpaulin positioned at the entrance for tourists (I heard that there’s a different entrance that goes directly to the chapel but I wasn’t able to see it). The entrance fee costs Php 30.

There was an ongoing wedding when we arrived. The vintage car driver was kind enough to let me take a photo with it.. and in it! Yes, he also allowed us to ride it!

This may look like a church/chapel, but no, it’s not the famous Caleruega church for weddings.

The reason why my sister is the only one who graduated elementary as Valedictorian is the fact that she really works beyond everyone else. She missed this day tour to accomplish some of her school works and it’s only the first week of classes.

The dining area reserved for those who conduct their retreat/recollection in Caleruega.

Girls, wear comfortable footwear if you plan on going here.

My brother now stands at 5'8" and he’s still growing.

Since my sister is missing, I had to take a photo with her signature pose (left). Hahaha!

I now understand the rustic charm of this place. It can easily persuade any couple to get married here. However, my heart had always been set on a beach wedding. If I ever change my mind, it would be to emulate Coco Rocha’s wedding in France. I still have more than five years before I’m ready to walk down the aisle. :p

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get inside the church itself. I want to go back with C and finally get a glimpse inside, but we almost always chance upon weddings whenever we go to church.

I want to be as photogenic as this place. No wonder a lot also prefers to conduct their pre-nup photoshoots here. With the wind to softly blow on your hair while you look into the eyes of the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, it’s pretty easy to naturally be lovey dovey.

We walked back to the entrance with the intention of leaving when we saw the road leading to more postcard worthy spots. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery was already running low and only got a few photos.

Remember what I said about the need for comfortable shoes? It is essential you take note of that before going here.

Close to nature, Closer to God

Not having a private vehicle of our own never posed as a hindrance for us to get anywhere. Sometimes I wonder how many miles we would have already covered if we did. :p



Let my dream wedding church be our FUTURE wedding church. It’s a couple of hours away from the busy and stressful city of Manila (just in Caleruega, Batangas) but I can tell you that it is a romantic and serene place to have our vows be said with the guidance of the Almighty. It can only accommodate not more than a hundred and fifty guests, so I believe that we will just invite the ones who are very close to our heart. Though my sister had once shared a creepy story of a couple having their matrimony in that place, I still want to have our sweet, fairy tale-like wedding ceremony there. There is a dining hall down that church that we can reserve with food catering service for our wedding reception. 

I truly hope that you will grant this simple wish of mine, my dear future husband. I know you will. :)

I love you dearly,

You future wife. 


I forgot to brag about our 2nd anniv. Hehe. JK

Nov 7, 2011 

It was a long preparation, was thinking about the budget and leave credits, a big thanks to group buying sites we made reservations a month before at Chateau Royale Sports and Country club, Nasugbu Batangas.

External image

The place was excellent! But before heading there we made a few trips to Tagaytay with my hubby,niece and sister. 

We left Fairview at about 3:30 AM, less traffic since it was going to be a long weekend for some we decided to leave early.

External image

I enjoyed the long drive and the music while the kids are sleeping at the back. 

First Stop McDonalds.

External image

External image

Husband kept teasing the kids that Mcdonalds in Tagaytay is different, tastes better, we went back 8 months ago when we skip work, reported absent and went driving to Tagaytay just to have Mcdonalds, Oh I love my husband so much. We stayed there until 5:30AM, and drive again to Caleruega.

I’ve been dying to see the place, they say its the best church to get married and the scenery is breath taking.

Second Stop Caleruega Church, Nasugbu Batangas.

It’s a 20 minute drive from Tagaytay, and we got lost, we saw Chateau and after asking the locals we finally saw the place its just infront of Chateau Royale.

External image

I fell in love with the place. Good place to relax, unwind and pray. 

And take pictures.

External image


External image

and more…

External image

We have a lot of Photo’s but the blog only limits a few so I’ll stop, check my facebook. =)

We made a wish, guess what that is?

Second Stop Chapel on the hill.

External image

The kids are tired so hubby and I explored the place. The Caleruega Church is good for weddings but this is good for worshiping. More Tranquil and more peaceful, so we only took a few pictures, we also dipped our rosaries in the church. Chapel on the hill is really small and it is know for the Labyrinth, if you will look closely you will see the drawing which is more spiritual as to what they say.

Third Stop, Mushroom Burger.

We drive back to Tagaytay since its too early, we made a short stop at Mushroom Burger, no pictures, we were too tired. the kids did not like it. 

Forth Stop Picnic Grove.

External image

External image

External image

Fifth Stop Chateau Royale.

Finally, too tired and exhausted, we felt like we conquered Tagaytay for a day but it was only 10:30AM, so we headed to the Hotel and rest. Then the kids took a dip and we explored the place.

External image

The place is huge, the room is more than enough the trip was worth it.

External image

External image

Sixth Stop Celina’s Restaurant

So We spent the night at the country club, good thing we bought a KFC bucket meal which was good for lunch and dinner. Breakfast at Chateau was free, we had it the Ballroom, left before lunch and saw this cozy place. A plus for the fog.

External image

250 eat all you can lunch. The place is actually fancy for an eat all you can buffet, spanish theme and all.

External image

Seventh Stop MOA

No pictures the kids just went for an ice skating after that we had dinner with the family at Chic Boy, Fairview. Nice day to end. =)