calendula for skin


First batch of skincare salve it setting as we speak!

This amazing concoction is made from olive oil, pure bees wax, organic calendula, lavender, and rose petals! Small amounts of pure rose essential oil were used to give it an extra boost of delicious rose scent!

All three of these herbs are amazing for calming irritated skin, helping to fight acne, softening acne scars, and helping the skin stay smooth, hydrated, and luminous!

Each tin is 2oz and features a small piece of rose petal at the top. These products will be available with th next store update and more skincare products are to come!

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Spotlight on... Bio Oil

With the news that Victoria Beckham is expecting her fourth child, Pretty Easy was inspired to write a little something about Bio Oil - known for its ability to prevent stretch marks from forming as well as treating scarring and even acne. The light weight PurCellin Oil formula makes Bio Oil less greasy, easier to apply and easily absorbed into the skin. The active ingredients of Vitamin A, E, Calendula, Lavender and Rosemary work to hydrate the skin, heal, provide anti-oxidants and improve skin’s tone and texture. 

Bio Oil is available in Boots and most Chemists