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  • A lot of hugs
  • backhugs
  • sidehugs
  • front hugs
  • just a lot of hugs
  • sharing earbuds
  • “Did you know we are 92.96 miles from the sun?”
  • “Do you mean 92.96 million miles?”
  • “Oh yeah you’re right”
  • Him buying you a ton of stuff when he’s on tour
  • because EVERYTHING reminds him of you
  • Slow dancing in the kitchen
  • Being hyper aware and protective of you when you go out together in public
  • Whispering sweet things to you right before you fall asleep
  • You trying to convince him not to overwork himself
  • Falling asleep waiting for him at the dance studio
  • Waking up to Lay curled around you and a blanket thrown on top because he’s too tired to walk back home
  • Buying you a lamb plushie so you can cuddle him when he’s away
  • Lazy morning cuddles
  • Teaching you guitar by placing you in his lap and putting his fingers over your to create chords
  • He forgets your anniversary one year and feels really terrible so he marks it on the calender for the next ten years
  • Always trying to make him laugh/smile just see his dimple
  • Telling you everything about China when he’s homesick
  • Video chats whenever he gets the chance if he’s on tour
  • Comfortable silence
  • Really subtle couple items
  • Like bracelets
  • Writing a really sweet love song about you
  • It’s so sweet and heartfelt you would probably cry
  • Then cry harder when you hear it fully produced on an album
  • Quiet moments when the two of you just enjoy each other’s company
  • Sharing a scarf when it’s cold
  • Sweet innocent cheek kisses
  • Just a really cute relationship full of sugar and spice and everything nice
Special Splatoon Event for October

I’ll be doing a Halloween Splash-a-Palooza in October. Stay tuned for more info and event calender!  Till then, Be Awesome and Rock On!

Birthday Calender

I’ve always wanted to know what all you lovelies birthdays are so i got this idea where you tell me your birthday and i’ll add it on the birthday calender and when it’s your birthday i will send you a birthday message to wish you a very happy birthday! And if you notice it’s someone else’s birthday go and wish them a happy birthday. You have to send your url so i can know it’s your birthday and i can come by to your blog. But if you really don’t want to send your url, you can just give me a nickname for you and i’ll just post a birthday post for you. It just won’t be directly to you since i can’t come to your blog.

All the credit for this idea goes to @megsiplier so thank you for the idea! Love ya <3


Today is Halloween!

In Cornwall it is called Allantide, from Calends, whence comes Calendar, the turning of the year.

Tonight it is said the veil is thin between the worlds, and it is a time to think of one’s ancestors.  I will pray for these, with candles:

John Henry Holliday, practically a comrade

William Davy Thomas, my great grandfather, a warm Cornishman

Karl Asche, my uncle, fluid and well-dressed, killed during WWII

Egon Asche, my great grandfather, a dentist and a mystic

Oskar Clausen, my uncle, a pirate and a naval sailor

Marschen Asche, my grandmother, an artist and scholar

Denzil John Crowle, my uncle, Son of Cornwall and preserver of living history

Daisy Bee, my puppy, so clever and happy, the cutest puppy in the world

Manfred Klemme, my uncle, a yachtsman and inventor

Here in my city it is an exciting night.  It is the only day fireworks are legal, and they are shooting off outside.  The main street here was strung with rainbow lights.  The locals are all lounging about the boulevards in fine costumes, posing and laughing with drinks in their hands.  Uncostumed grumpy parents chaperone sulky fifteen-year-olds in poor costumes from house to house.  Parents in moderate costumes carry or perambulate tots in princess dresses and what are probably the equivalent of power ranger costumes.  All the houses are decorated elaborately.

Tomorrow is the Parade of Lost Souls, which is scaled back from the beautiful event full of participation and thoughtful interactive shrines and installations.  It really does honour the day of the dead and profound concepts of time and season, death and mysticism.

One may walk the labyrinth at the church I no longer attend for unrelated reasons.  One walks it keeping in mind one’s ancestors and beloved dead.

On Sunday we will have the All Saints and All Souls service to remember them.

It is a special point in the year.  'The day of the dead when the year, too, dies.’

Peace be with you all

Peace be with your ancestors and beloved dead.  Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon them.

Re: What Did You Do For Samhain Last Night?

For me “Samhain” is on the full moon in October. For me “Samhain” is when the stars are right.

So this year it was 10/29 and 11/7 - One for inner, one for outer work. But I really did the first one on the 26th, because Things Needed Doing, and I’ll probably do the second one as soon as the earth draws me out of my hidey-hole.

So… not a damn thing. Well, I baked cookies/cakes…


If you’ve decided to drop out let me know please.

Cody, Waxer & Boil, Tup - @kanirou-crosshack, @justabitscrewy

Fives - @elfda

Wolffe - @nautolanshenanigans

Jesse, Kix, Hardcase - @jaegervega (Has already claimed the month of June)

Dogma, Fox - @mybeautifulclonebabies

Rex - @meabhair

Keeli - @justabitscrewy

Rex, Fives - @clone-appreciation

Echo - @fandumbandflummery

Tup - @semper-draca

Cody, Dogma, Tup - @well-i-still-have-my-lightsaber

Rex, Fives, Echo - @izzysuniversestuff

Rex, Fives, Tup, Waxer, Hardcase - @snowhalla

Rex - @akelia101

Echo - @muguathepapaya

And @clonewarswriter wanted to draw six random clones.

The fantastic @kyberpunk and @semper-draca are taking care of the Calender side of things.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Saiko has an interest in Urie? That TG calender image for the 17th kind of looks like she is fawning over him (a comic she made), and the Omake for vol 7 has her smiling uncontrollably when she hears him compliment her.

You know what, I was wondering the same thing seeing her little sparkly eyed face at Urie she drew in her manga too :’D

I wonder if she does or if it’s just fawning over a handsome young man like she was with Ayato in this art [x]

Maybe she has a type- dark hair and dad issues ;D

[about 8/24]

in japanese fandom, engspa is well called by ei-nishi (英西). the name represents ei 英 as uk/england (like in 英語) spelled like the number 8 (えい) and nishi 西 (west) as spain spelled like the number 2 and 4 (にとし) . then looking at the calender 824 is 8/24. that’s why this day called engspa day. (always thanks to this post for the source.)

aside from ‘only a day’ celebration, the previous year, we decided to 'level up’ the event into 'a week celebration’. and this year, we’re coming again!

[is this ship even canon?]

damn it’s daaamn canon when you read the history. some people may think this ship is abusive and/or only a full hatred pairing but it’s not actually like that c’:
there is also 'anglo-spanish alliance’ beside 'anglo-spanish war’. they are not always enemies :))

[what can i do for engspa week 2016?]

ANYTHING! do read the guidelines before.
and check out the tag masterlist to decide what things you will make.

you can submit your fanwork here on our submission page, OR you can post it on your own blog and add the tag #engspaweek2016 and we will reblog it here!


if the last year we had 24 prompts, this years we got 99 prompts for you!
it’s not an obligatory to use prompts, you can do make your works freely. but it’s recommended and very appreciated!

(don’t forget to write down your picked prompt on your post!)

[i don’t have enough time but i really want to participate]

the climax day is 8/24 ;) you don’t have to keep busy in a full of week. you may keep august 24th as your priority!

alternative one is, queuing your works. that means you make them before the event begins and publish them via queue.

[important links]

this can be found on our directory

FAQ | tags | guide | prompt | crew | submission




it’s our time to lavish this armada with our love.

because anglo-spanish is not just a war name when they faced against each other as enemies; anglo-spanish can also be alliance. welcome to this year’s engspa week!

summer study challenge 9/30: make a study space masterpost

where you study should be somewhere that you feel comfortable and can be productive so these are just some ideas about what to consider when creating or rearranging your study space.


  • quiet and away from other people
  • there should be enough space to spread out all of your work
  • make sure that you have everything you’ll need to study so that you won’t have to leave the room to get something


  • it’s important that your chair is comfortable for long periods of time
  • if your chair is hard and that gets uncomfortable try adding a cushion
  • ideally have one with a back!! because otherwise your back will hurt
  • make sure it’s at the right height for your desk so that you can easily work
  • some popular desk chairs: x / x / x


  • have plenty of space for all your things
  • i would recommend having a whiteboard or pinboard where you can write down what you need to get done as well as motivational things
  • a calender is also a good idea to write down upcoming events or tests
  • your desk is also a place to store everything you need so have containers for all your stationery and books
  • remember that everything should be easily accessible!
  • some popular desks: x / x / x


  • natural light is best!
  • a desk lamp is a really good idea for when it’s dark or cloudy and i would recommend one with white light rather than a more yellow toned one
  • some popular desk lamps: x / x / x

other things:

  • make sure you have a clock with you to keep track of time
  • plants are a great addition to a study space. if you don’t want a high maintenance plant you could get a succulent or a cactus or even just a fake plant
  • always always have water with you when you study. keep a big water bottle on your desk so that you stay hydrated. you can also keep snacks with you for the same reason!!
  • also think about electronics. if you know you’ll be using them at your study space make sure you have somewhere to plug them in
  • speakers are great if you like to study with music
  • decorate!! i love having scented candles and photos around me. you could put up motivational quotes or posters or have trinkets or anything that you want to see while studying. remember that this is your space so make it personal and comfortable for you

okay i think that’s it! i hope this is helpful and if you have any questions you can message me c:


There are now three and a half months left until the deadline of October 8.2016.

Finished art should be sent to

It must be sent with dimensions of 12x12.

Please include your information when you submit artwork including your name and username.  If we don’t have that information we can’t properly credit your work.

Thank you and good drawing!