calender club

Lolita's gettin real sick of your damn weeaboo shit.

I am a lolita, no not the sexually promiscuous young girl kind, the Frilly girly dress kind. I became president of my school’s anime club my freshman year I am a jr right now, and as the president and a Lolita, you can imagine the comments I get from weeaboo’s. (Plus some more weeaboo bullshit.)

Me- Loli

Annoying Weeb girl- Luna (Because god knows thats what she wants to be called.)

Creepy fucking pervert- Creep

My friend the Vice president- Ju

My transgirl friend- Missy

Girlfriend- Cutie

Weeb who ruins every anime she gets into- Sara (Her shitty fancharacter’s name for every damned fandom.)( She does not make comments about my lolita.)

Brotherly figure-Bro

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I’m so happy!!! I just started a bullet journal today and I totally understand why all the studyblrs were raving about these little babies. I adore mine and customize it to my choosing. I highly recommend using this system. :) (p.s. Sorry for the terrible hand writing. I wrote this right after I had coffee so my hands shook a bit.)