calendars is dead

Lost Home

It is a haunted house, hollow

Now that your voice is missing

The corners are filled with sorrow

The air echoes of a sinister hissing

The calendar rejected tomorrow

A dead corpse lying in the center

I could never burry him, for he is dear

For he was my masterful mentor

Whom without I would live in fear

Like a child who lost its shelter

So I decided to keep his heart near

But now the body is starting to rot

The stench is making me surrender

In my heart your death is that knot

That turned me into a burning splendor

I must burry you now in a fertile plot

And transform my soul into cinder.


I officially finished my Advent Calendar Project. 24 oneshots for December. Done. Hah.

Meaning I finally can move on to my own ideas again.

I am really very done taking requests for the year, to be honest. As nice of a change as this prompt-thingy was…. I spent the last month barely writing anything that was fully my idea.

*goes and dives head-first into my Nicercy parent-switch-AU and into that Jalec shifter AU I kinda accidentally started on here and now wanna explore more*

“Kim Jongin, time of death nine twenty-seven, January thirteenth, year two-thousand and fourteen. Monday.” Wrong.

“My name is Jongin. I’m the writer who lives next door. See you tomorrow, hyung. Don’t forget!”


two day span of my mall and walmart

one of my biggest hauls by far!!

walking dead calendar - 15$

ragstock socks x2 - 6

ring - 7$

metal earrings - 7$

necklace - 9$

smashing primer - 16$

skirt - 11$

harry potter sketchbook - 15$

scotch tape - 3$

kat von d alchemist pallette - 32$

glow in the dark cat stickers! - 11$

zirconia earrings x2 - 17$

pineapple clips - prolly like 4$

blue earrings - 9$

sanrio pads and bookmarks x3 - 21$

fenty gloss bomb x2 - 32$

stila liquid eyeshadow - 25$

rick and morty air freshener x2 - 10$

stickers x6 - 19$

nail polish remover pads mini - like 4$

patches x3 - 15$

hand earrings x2 - 6$

glam glow mask - 24$

powerpuff girls puzzle - 10$ <3

cat headphones - 20$

simpsons calendar - 10$

lettee stickers x3 - like 15$

xacto knife - 8$

gems - 3$

dora stickers - 4$

glue - 6$

pliers - like 9$ idk??

ouran high school host club plushie - idk like 8$??

bunny plush x2 - idk??? 20$???

van von d saint and sinnner - like 70$

white mouse - 0$

bag that came with him - priceless