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[reply to this - Lazy Morning]

Anakin: [text] morning 😘
Obi-Wan: Good morning, Anakin. Any particular reason you felt the need to text me?
Anakin: welllllll i heard some news u might be interested in 
Obi-Wan: Is that so?
Anakin: yep 
Obi-Wan: Let me guess: all my meetings cancelled for today, because of an unexpected issue with appointment calendars for members of the Jedi Council.
Anakin: YES how did u know??? i heard windu got sent off to tatooine by accident this morning thats too bad
Anakin: the sand is really annoying this time of year too
Obi-Wan: Right. And obviously you would know nothing about who hacked their calendars. Or why mine just has hearts as my “appointment” for the next four hours.
Anakin: nope
Obi-Wan: And you figure that, since I’m sitting in the kitchen right now, I could also be making pancakes while I’m over here. Now that I have nothing to do today.
Anakin: omg that is so sweet of u to offer 💛 💚 💙 💜 thank u 
Obi-Wan: And you couldn’t possibly have walked all the way from the bedroom to the kitchen to talk to me right now.
Obi-Wan: Anakin, I can SEE you peering through the doorway into the hall.
Anakin: im pretty sure im coming down with something [Anakin coughs dramatically and very loudly from the other room] 
Anakin: can u hear that its so bad  
Anakin: i should probably just stay here for my own safety
Obi-Wan: Right. 
Anakin: also can u bring me an extra blanket i wanna build a sweet blanket fort
Anakin: thank goodness u have the day off now because i am going to need a lot of things
Obi-Wan: 🙄 Can I go make the pancakes now?

staying productive during the summer ☀️

hello! i only recently made this studyblr but today i just decided to go ahead and make a post! i thought this particular post would be relevant now because the summer is about to start or has already started for many of us. so, here are some ideas on staying productive during the summer:

work on all your summer assignments

this one’s kind of obvious. if you don’t want to spend the last week/day of the summer frantically doing ALL your summer work, do a little bit each day. to help get myself organized, i printed out some calendars (see picture) and broke down my summer assignments so that way, i only have a little bit to do each day.

prepare for next year

it would be a good idea to see what you can do to help your future self do less work next year. for example: as an ib student, i am planning on using the summer between my junior and senior year to write notes for ib chem and ib bio for multiple reasons, but also because i won’t have to waste time doing that next year. as you can see, i also used my calendar system for this by assigning a section or two to cover each day!

s l e e p

although you can’t really “catch up” on the hours of sleep you missed during the school year, you can still get enough sleep each day! relax! you can go to bed early or late, but you should be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep! try not to sleep too much, though, because you won’t feel too good when you wake up.


if you’re anything like me, then after finals your room looks like a tornado hit it!!! now, whether this is or isn’t true, i think it would still be a good idea to do some cleaning. clean your room, organize your closet, donate old clothes, reorganize your desk drawers, rearrange your bookshelf…you will definitely feel so much better after you’re done.

do something cool

why don’t you spend some time during the summer volunteering or picking up a new skill or hobby? you can learn a new language, learn some new recipes, learn to code, learn to draw realistically–you can learn anything!

but don’t forget:

actually have fun

while i believe it is very important to be productive during the summer and get  work done, it’s also important for you to spend time doing things you enjoy: read, draw/paint, watch tv shows, movies, documentaries, hang out with your friends, play video games, play with your pets, go to the beach, visit an amusement park! 

take care of yourself

  • work out a couple times a week. make or listen to a playlist while you work out, find an exercise buddy, and just devote some of your time to exercise! exercising has many benefits!!! it will make you feel good and fresh!
  • take care of your body. put on face masks, hair masks, moisturize…
  • honestly, just do what relaxes you! pamper yourself, you deserve it!
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10th Anniversary Edition Announced!

For those of you who have been following Patrick Rothfuss for a while, you are aware that he is working diligently on Doors of Stone, but wants the story to be the absolute best it can be. In the meantime, Rothfuss announced on his Twitch stream that The Name of the Wind turns 10 years old this year. In celebration, he has decided to release a 10th Anniversary Edition for his readers! 

He says this edition will feature: 

◙ Minor changes to the text, and improving some unfavorable language used. Basically, he will go through and polish up the writing. 

◙ Appendices about the character pronunciation, the calendar, and the currency systems within the novels. A few of these sections will have an author’s note to accompany them. 

◙ A new and improved map of Temerant (The world in which the events of The Kingkiller Chronicles takes place). 

◙ 20 or more illustrations depicting aspects of the story. Patrick Rothfuss is personally working with the creators. 

◙ and finally, A NEW COVER! 

A release date has not been released at this point. More updates about the new edition will be posted when discovered. 

I for one am super excited about this news. Patrick Rothfuss knows that we are eagerly awaiting Book 3, but I respect him for waiting to publish something he is proud of. In the meantime, we will get a brand new edition of The Name of the Wind with more information to hold us over. 

When I heard the news I screamed so loud! I cannot wait to get my hands on a beautiful copy of my favorite book. Take my money, Pat! 

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat about the series. I’m always up for it. So much to discuss. :) 


-Blair (aka TheWaystoneInn)  

anonymous asked:

Hello, Emma! I love your desk setup so much and how it's so organized! I'm just looking for any recommendations on good desk accessories (eg. pencil holders, folders, organizers...) Thanks so much. Have a nice day! xxx

Hello! Thank you so much :-) Here are a few things, I’ve * the things that I own:

Hope this helps x


Earth’s Cosmic Address

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I was wondering if you could maybe help me with hellenic holidays? Ive just begun exploring my beliefs and holidays have always been an important thing to me and I can't seem to find something for all holidays, or a solid explanation, I feel kinda stumped with it all :/

Alrighty anon, so I’ve got a whole bunch of little posts floating around on Hellenic holidays, but not one big, neat, orderly post. So, you’re gonna get that post. Get ready for a lot of info. (to anyone on mobile, I’m sorry)

If you want the short version, it’s that holidays are very complicated in Hellenism, because they are structured locally, and you’re not really going to find something that has all of the holidays, but if you want an easy and well constructed calendar to go off of, then I suggest using the Hellenion calendar, which is based off the Athenian holiday calendar. When looking at their calendar the blue links tend to be the festivals, while the grey word on each day tells you which month the day falls into on the Attic calendar.

If you’re looking for more information then proceed below the cut.

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About being norse-heathen... I've used the Wheel of the Year holidays in the past, but i was wondering if there is a similar 'calendar' of holidays that better pertains to norse myths and history?

I am no expert on the old calendars, but there is one that I have been trying to incorporate into my routine as of late, and that would be the Old Icelandic calendar. It is not all about holidays, but I find it to be a good structure for my path. It pertains very well to the history preserved in the sagas, especially those of the Icelandic families of the Viking Age.

I have a bit of a ‘chart’ from the reference section of my Complete Sagas of Icelanders books (as well as some additional info I have stumbled across), so I will go ahead and share that with you. It was what exposed me to such a calendar to begin with, but there are many things left out, I believe. One example would be Sigrblót. Regardless, it will help. I have digitized the chart to make it easier for viewing online (and also to add in Sigrblót).

This site can help you figure out the day and month:

My rendition above isn’t perfect by any means (likely plenty of mistakes to behold), but it should be a helpful start, if you decide to follow it. Like I said before, I am no expert on it, but I find it to be more suitable for the path that I personally would like to follow. I am also still learning about a lot of these things myself, of course. Also of interest may be the hours of the day, so I am including those below as well. These may be helpful for when you are figuring out your own festivities and such.

Anyway, that is the gist of the Old Icelandic calendar system. You can learn a lot more about it by reading sagas, such as Ynglinga sagaÓláfs saga Tryggvasonar en mesta, or the many Icelandic family sagas. Many of those sagas have bits to tell about ritual and the several special days of the year.

Other than that, it’s all about reading and exploring. That’s where I’m at with it all, at least. Regardless, I do hope this gives you something to ponder. If you do decide to take up this calendar, feel free to make it your own in some way. Be inspired by the material of the past, but do not feel bound by it.

Best of luck, my friend.

With Kamen Rider Ex-Aid The Movie: True Ending debuting, the winter movie has been announced, with an interesting title. 

Kamen Rider Build & Ex-Aid: Heisei Generations FINAL. 

This title may come as a surprise, or at least be a little perplexing, since they just stopped calling the winter movies “Movie Taisen” and seem to already be retiring the new Heisei Generations title. But there is some significance to it. And no, it has nothing to do with Kamen Rider’s future as a franchise. 

As you may know from hearing the terms Showa and Heisei, Japan has a calendar system that’s based around who’s currently ruling Japan. Well, the current one, Emperor Akihito, has been working on getting the ability to step down since he feels he’s getting too old for the role, which many think will be the end of the Heisei era and the beginning of whatever era comes next. 

I notice Kamen Rider likes to use next years date in the placeholder titles of any given winter movie (ie: 2009′s Movie Taisen 2010, which is actually the title they went with), and I understand - but may be inaccurate in saying - that Emperor Akihito will be stepping down in late December 2018 on his birthday, so if this new movie title is anything to go by, perhaps Toei will be embracing the next era with next year’s winter movie. Does that make Build the final Heisei era Rider? Many seem to think so, but let’s wait until the switch before we get into those “fun” debates. 

OH AND IT DEBUTS DECEMBER 9TH. I got sidetracked with this culture talk. 

teamcaptains  asked:

16, 17, 21, 22

16: Do you keep a journal?

Yes! I have a personal journal & a journal for every (major) writing project that I work on. I color coordinate the corners of the pages whether it’s based off of personal, ideas, descriptions, or research. My personal notebook becomes rather neglected whenever I’m working on a novel but I do think it’s important to have that free floating little life raft of a journal/diary to release any steam or delve into any personal issues within yourself so you don’t accidentally stow them away for too long. I think it’s better to write with a clear conscious of how you’re feeling, so try to get it all out.

17: What are your key writing tools?

I live by the calendar system. YA novelist V.E. Schwab turned me on to this concept. You buy a cheap calendar and make a key of daily goals: mine are usually something like: 500 words written, 20 pages read, edit, workout, etc. & for each goal I’ll use different coloured star stickers to fill in the amount I accomplished every day. There’s something about the visual representation of seeing your goals for the month that’s really satisfying and validating. You also feel a sense of guilt if you don’t receive your stars for the day. Doing something like this has also allowed me to fix any bad trends in my writing routine and make up for them on other days when I was feeling more productive. Other than that, I use the Scrivener writing program which has an innumerable amount of writing tools & helps me keep all my characters & notes in one place—but save EVERYTHING guys. Have duplicate copies of everything.

21: What are five pieces of writing advice you’d give to a new / insecure writer?

i. You have to be able to be willing to take/ listen criticism (and also praise) without letting it go too much to your head.

ii. Set up a daily word quota to keep you in shape. Explore avenues of yourself, your goals & who you hope to reach with your writing in order to become more familiar with it.

iii. Pick a project and try to stick with it (write down any other ideas that come up, but file them away) if you spread yourself too thin, you may quit all together because it’s frustrating never being able to finish something.

iv. You can’t always write the perfect novel, or the perfect script without some perspective, or advice from somebody who is qualified. Find worthy beta writers or critique partners that are outside of your immediate family/friend circle to give you feedback/ structural criticism. Know that it’s not personal, it’s just about the craft.

v. If writing isn’t something you’re 100% willing to devote yourself to when it comes down to physical act of sitting down & writing, or if there’s something else you would rather be doing—think about it long & hard because making a career out of writing/ becoming successful/ or getting published will not be easy. If you’re aware of the challenges and still feel like writing a life/or death matter—then put everything you have into it & it’ll be worth it to share your magic with the world.

22: What’s your writing process? (Do you brainstorm, outline, etc.)

As of right now I’m fortunate to have a lot of free-time. So I’m usually up early at the writing desk. I get my coffee and read through 1-2 pages of what I wrote the previous day. If it’s a research day, I’ll write down notes first and then start writing. If it’s an editing day, I’ll sit down and edit a chapter or so—but more than anything else, I do whatever I’m in the mood for & if I’m not feeling inspired with where I’ve left off, I’ll write a future scene, or something else that will get me into the creative flow for that day.

can i get a fuckin uuuuhhhhh hyrulean calendar/yearly time keeping system

guess who’s a nerd and brainstormed this out

The Hyrulean Calendar is the common calendar used throughout Hyrule, and is a solar calendar which consists of 9 months of 6 weeks each (thus a total of 54 weeks per calendar year).
The months are loosely divided into three seasons based on which of the Golden Goddess’ aspects is thought to be ‘dominant’ during that time, i.e. influencing the events and natural processes of the season. Nayru’s season is winter, Farore’s season is summer, and Din’s season is autumn. (What we think of as ‘spring’ is divided between Nayru and Farore’s seasons, and Din’s season has a little bit of late summer and early winter on its ends.)

Celebrations for the new year are made in Hylia’s name as she is associated with the cyclical nature of the year and time itself.

month division-y stuff under the cut, bc I haven’t finalized the names of the months lol

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Meanings behind Croatian months

A number of languages base their month names off of the Roman calendar system, including English, Italian and Spanish. Croatian, though, does not fall into this category. The Croatian language draws its inspiration for month names from its ancient Slavic roots that depict the evolution of seasons and harvests over time. Discover the poetic meanings behind Croatian month names with our quick little guide below.

Siječanj (January) (Pron. see-ye-cha-ny) — timber-cutting time

Veljača (February) (Pron. ve-lya-cha) — the days are getting longer, or “velji”; or from “Velja Noć,” an old pagan Slavic festival that occurred during this month

Ožujak (March) (Pron. oh-zhoo-yak) — time of lying

Travanj (April) (Pron. tra-va-ny) — the season of growing grass

Svibanj (May) (Pron. svee-ba-ny) — the time of budding trees and plants

Lipanj (June) (Pron. lee-pa-ny) — linden-blossom time

Srpanj (July) (Pron. sr-pa-ny) – the time of the sickle (harvest time)

Kolovoz (August) (Pron. ko-low-vowz) — the time for driving the wagon for harvest

Rujan (September) (Pron. roo-yan) — season of animal mating

Listopad (October) (Pron. lee-stow-pad) — leaf-fall

Studeni (November) (Pron. stoo-de-nee) — month of cold

Prosinac (December) (Pron. praw-see-nats) — dawning of the sun or the month of begging

FUN NANCY DREW THEMED ASKS -- Answer honestly, everyone!
  • Secrets Can Kill: Have you ever taken steroids?
  • Stay Tuned For Danger: When was the last time you sent someone a death threat?
  • Message in a Haunted Mansion: Have you ever heard someone crying but completely ignored it and gone to remove tiles instead?
  • Treasure in the Royal Tower: Would you rather be crushed by an elevator or sprayed with pepper spray?
  • The Final Scene: Guillotines: Fun or disturbing?
  • Secret of the Scarlet Hand: What's your birthday using the tzolkin calendar system?
  • Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake: Have you ever gotten bubonic plague from a mouse?
  • The Haunted Carousel: Share your favorite repressed memory!
  • Danger on Deception Island: Would you ever resort to complete self-isolation?
  • Secret of Shadow Ranch: When was the last time your antiperspirant got a work out?
  • Curse of Blackmoor Manor: Have you ever slipped prescription medication into someone's food? Why or why not?
  • Secret of the Old Clock: Which had greater immediate effect on the American economy, the First New Deal or the Second New Deal? Which had greater long-term significance after the end of the Great Depression?
  • Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: Lead or lead?
  • Danger by Design: Would you rather vent rage for 10 seconds, sob for 6 seconds, or laugh for 4 seconds?
  • Creature of Kapu Cave: Using at least 3 SAT vocabulary words, define what "Sour Kiss" actually means to you.
  • White Wolf of Icicle Creek: When was the last time you used C4 to dig up uranium?
  • Legend of the Crystal Skull: What's your favorite sludgy green substance to drink?
  • Phantom of Venice: What's a crappy piece of jewelry you own that you wish someone would steal so you could get rid of it?
  • Haunting of Castle Malloy: What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage served at an Irish pub?
  • Ransom of the Seven Ships: Would you rather play games with monkeys or save your kidnapped friend?
  • Warnings at Waverly Academy: If you had to join a cult, which would it be?
  • Trail of the Twister: How much would you illegitimately sell video footage for?
  • Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED!: What's the password to your safe?
  • Shadow at the Waters Edge: Who was the last ESL person you spoke to?
  • The Captive Curse: What's the best use for chicken-scented markers?
  • Alibi in Ashes: If you were to burn down a historical landmark, which would it be?
  • Tomb of the Lost Queen: i literally still have no idea what happened in this game so i'mma skip this one
  • The Deadly Device: Has an employer ever tried to kill you?
  • Ghost of Thornton Hall: How long would you last under constant exposure to carbon monoxide?
  • The Silent Spy: Would you abandon your husband and only child without warning to go off and play spy?
  • The Shattered Medallion: What's the stupidest "mystery" you've ever solved?
  • Labyrinth of Lies: How many times have you been to actual-Hell?
Ford and Lee

Summary:  Ford’s seen a lot of himself over his years in the portal.  This one’s a bit different, however.  This one’s wearing a black t-shirt.


Notes:  I’ve had this as a WIP for a very long time, here it is completed with an open ending (I do have loads of ideas…)  Half self-indulgent portal!Ford fic, half angst.  Featuring pre-NWHS/ATOTS fanon Mystery Trio era Author!Stanley. Thanks to @marypsue who gave me insight into characterization and general fandom theorizing of the time.

Written before Journal 3 and doesn’t take into account the whole ‘if two versions of the same person touch, the world implodes’ thing.  Or does it?

Stanford Pines wanders through the multiverse for months and years and decades, over an uncertain, not-quite linear progression of time he measures only by the growing number of aches in his tired body. Every new civilization brought with it another calendar system, based on twin suns or moons or the deep geothermal fluctuations of an alien world. Very quickly, he learns that time is just another dimension.

Once in awhile, he wonders exactly how long he has been here, on the other side. How long it had been since he had desperately flung his research at Stanley, momentary panic overriding all logical thought as he screamed and begged for his brother to save him, help him, do something, Stanley, anything -

In the quiet moments, Ford wonders about how long it had been since his brother had given up on him.

There had been anger at the very beginning, a fire that burned hotly in his chest that had smoldered with time down to white-charred coals. That… had been a long, long time ago. Back when he just started adjusting to the fact that yes, he was in an alien world with a single pair of cracked glasses and the worn-in clothes on his back, and no, there was no way back home. Not ever.

Because - Stanley just didn’t listen, and wasn’t that just typical? He had been so ready to burn Ford’s life’s work, he had been the one to push him into range of the portal, he had ruined everything, again, and -

…Ford was never going to see him again, was he.

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