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Anakin: [text] morning 😘
Obi-Wan: Good morning, Anakin. Any particular reason you felt the need to text me?
Anakin: welllllll i heard some news u might be interested in 
Obi-Wan: Is that so?
Anakin: yep 
Obi-Wan: Let me guess: all my meetings cancelled for today, because of an unexpected issue with appointment calendars for members of the Jedi Council.
Anakin: YES how did u know??? i heard windu got sent off to tatooine by accident this morning thats too bad
Anakin: the sand is really annoying this time of year too
Obi-Wan: Right. And obviously you would know nothing about who hacked their calendars. Or why mine just has hearts as my “appointment” for the next four hours.
Anakin: nope
Obi-Wan: And you figure that, since I’m sitting in the kitchen right now, I could also be making pancakes while I’m over here. Now that I have nothing to do today.
Anakin: omg that is so sweet of u to offer 💛 💚 💙 💜 thank u 
Obi-Wan: And you couldn’t possibly have walked all the way from the bedroom to the kitchen to talk to me right now.
Obi-Wan: Anakin, I can SEE you peering through the doorway into the hall.
Anakin: im pretty sure im coming down with something [Anakin coughs dramatically and very loudly from the other room] 
Anakin: can u hear that its so bad  
Anakin: i should probably just stay here for my own safety
Obi-Wan: Right. 
Anakin: also can u bring me an extra blanket i wanna build a sweet blanket fort
Anakin: thank goodness u have the day off now because i am going to need a lot of things
Obi-Wan: 🙄 Can I go make the pancakes now?

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10th Anniversary Edition Announced!

For those of you who have been following Patrick Rothfuss for a while, you are aware that he is working diligently on Doors of Stone, but wants the story to be the absolute best it can be. In the meantime, Rothfuss announced on his Twitch stream that The Name of the Wind turns 10 years old this year. In celebration, he has decided to release a 10th Anniversary Edition for his readers! 

He says this edition will feature: 

◙ Minor changes to the text, and improving some unfavorable language used. Basically, he will go through and polish up the writing. 

◙ Appendices about the character pronunciation, the calendar, and the currency systems within the novels. A few of these sections will have an author’s note to accompany them. 

◙ A new and improved map of Temerant (The world in which the events of The Kingkiller Chronicles takes place). 

◙ 20 or more illustrations depicting aspects of the story. Patrick Rothfuss is personally working with the creators. 

◙ and finally, A NEW COVER! 

A release date has not been released at this point. More updates about the new edition will be posted when discovered. 

I for one am super excited about this news. Patrick Rothfuss knows that we are eagerly awaiting Book 3, but I respect him for waiting to publish something he is proud of. In the meantime, we will get a brand new edition of The Name of the Wind with more information to hold us over. 

When I heard the news I screamed so loud! I cannot wait to get my hands on a beautiful copy of my favorite book. Take my money, Pat! 

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat about the series. I’m always up for it. So much to discuss. :) 


-Blair (aka TheWaystoneInn)  

Calendars of Thedas: Systems, Ages,Months,& Holidays

Calendar Systems:

There are three Calendar systems in Thedas; The Chantry Calendar, The Tevinter Calendar, and the Elven Calendar. 

Chantry Calendar: The most commonly used system, the Chantry calendar began with the appointment of the first Divine, Divine Justinia I. Unlike the other two systems, the Chantry calendar marks time with the use of Ages, with each age being 100 years long. After the conclusion of every Age the scholars of the chantry come together to name the next one. Any time prior to 1:1 Divine is known as the Ancient Age, and is marked by negative numbers. 

Tevinter Calendar: In the Tevinter Imperium the authority of the chantry isn’t recognized, and thus the Imperium has it’s own Calendar. A system that predates the Chantry Calendar by well over a thousand years. Their calendar begins on the day the Imperium was founded and is marked by 0 TE. Any time prior to the founding of the empire is marked by negative numbers, much like the Chantry Calendar. 

For a short time, Tevinter abandoned it’s calendar system for the Chantry system. After the Schism the Imperium returned to the use of it’s own Calendar system. 

Elven Calendar: The Elven Calendar was established with the formation of the city of Arlathan. It was used for over six thousand years before it was banned after the Tevinter Imperium sacked Arlathan and enslaved the elves. Only a few significant Elven dates survived the passage of time including the Fist contact with the dwarves in 3000 FA, the arrival of humans in 4500 FA and the founding of the Tevinter Imperium in 6405 FA. The beginning of the Elven Calendar is marked as 1FA and is the oldest recorded date in the history of Thedas. 


The use of Ages began with the formation of the chantry, there has been 9 Ages to date with Thedas currently in it’s 9th Age. 

Divine age (1:1-1:99) Named in celebration of the appointment of the first divine 

Glory Age (2:1-2:99) Named for the prediction of a grand rebirth after the devastation of the 1st Blight. 

Towers Age: (3:1-3:99) Named for the completion of the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux, its towers visible for miles around. 

Black age: (4:1-4:99) Named as the chantry called for retribution against the Tevinter Imperium for its installment of the “Black Divine” to rule the Imperial chantry following the Schism.

Exalted Age: ( 5:1-5:99) Named during a period of near constant war with the Tevinter Imperium that included multiple exalted marches.

Steel Age: (6:1-6:99) Named after the assassination of Queen Madrigal of Antiva. She was found with three steel swords in her chest. 

Storm Age (7:1-7:99) Named during the war with the Qunari and the leaders of Thedas called for a storm of Violence to expel the Invaders. 

Blessed Age: (8:1-8:99) Named by the chantry as the age of bounty and prosperity. 

Dragon Age: (9:1-present) Named after the reappearance of dragons which were long thought to be extinct. 


Twelve thirty day months and four seasons are what currently make up a year in Thedas. The months have roots in the Early days of the Imperium and, with the exception of addition of chantry holidays, the month and primary seasonal holidays have remained unchanged for more than two thousand years. 
Each month has a Low Name, largely used among the common classes, as well as official high names based in the original Tevinter. Only scholars and members of courts use the months’ High Names. The common names will be listed first, with the High names in parenthesis followed by the holiday celebrated in that month. 

1st Month: Wintermarch (Verimensis); Holiday: First Day

2nd Month: Guardian (Pluitanis); Holiday: Wintersend

3rd Month: Drakonis (Nubulis)

4th Month Cloudreach (Eluviesta)

5th Month: Bloomingtide (Molioris); Holiday:Summerday

6th Month: Justinian (Fervenris

7th Month: Solace (Solis

8th Month: August (Matrinalis); Holiday: Funalis

9th Month: Kingsway (Parvulis

10th Month: Harvestmere (Frumentum

11th Month: Firstfall (Umbralis); Holiday: Satinalia

12th Month: Haring ( Cassus  


Throughout Thedas a majority of people celebrate five major holidays, each tied to a season transition or the start of a new year. Each Holiday is celebrated at the beginning of the associated month.  

First Day: The traditional start of the new year, this holiday is celebrated by visiting friends and family (in remote areas this was once an annual check to make sure everyone was still alive), as well town gatherings to commemorate the year past with drink and merriment. 

Wintersend: Once called “Urthalis” and dedicated to Urthemiel, the old god of beauty, this holiday is now a celebration of the Maker. It stands for the end of winter in many lands and coincides with tourneys and contests and the Proving grounds in Minrathous. In the southern lands this holiday has become a time to gather for trade, theater,  and in some areas, arrangements for marriage. 

Summerday:  Once called “Andoralis” and dedicated to Andoral, The Old God of Unity, this holiday is universally celebrated as the beginning of summer,a time for joy and, commonly, marriages. Boys and Girls who are soon to become of age done white tunics and dresses and join grand processions that cross the settlement to the local chantry. There, they learn the responsibilities of adulthood. Summerday is a particularly holy occasion in Orlais. 

Funalis (All Souls Day):Once this holiday was dedicated to the Old God of silence, Dumat. However since the rise of Dumat during the First Blight,Thedosian’s turn a blind eye to any old ties between the day and the dragon. The holiday is now known across Thedas as All Souls Day, and spent in somber remembrance of the dead. In some of the Northern lands people dress as spirits and walk the streets in parade after midnight. The chantry uses this holiday to remember the death of Andraste, with public fires that mark her immolation and plays that depict her death. 

Satinalia: Once dedicated to the Old Goddes of Freedom Zazikel -now attributed more to the second moon, Satina- this holiday is accompanied by wild celebration,the wearing of masks, and naming the town fool ruler for the day. In Antiva, Satinalia lasts for a week or more while a week of fasting follows. In more pious areas large feasts and the giving of gifts mark the holiday.  


The World of Thedas Vol. 1, Pg 19-23

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could maybe help me with hellenic holidays? Ive just begun exploring my beliefs and holidays have always been an important thing to me and I can't seem to find something for all holidays, or a solid explanation, I feel kinda stumped with it all :/

Alrighty anon, so I’ve got a whole bunch of little posts floating around on Hellenic holidays, but not one big, neat, orderly post. So, you’re gonna get that post. Get ready for a lot of info. (to anyone on mobile, I’m sorry)

If you want the short version, it’s that holidays are very complicated in Hellenism, because they are structured locally, and you’re not really going to find something that has all of the holidays, but if you want an easy and well constructed calendar to go off of, then I suggest using the Hellenion calendar, which is based off the Athenian holiday calendar. When looking at their calendar the blue links tend to be the festivals, while the grey word on each day tells you which month the day falls into on the Attic calendar.

If you’re looking for more information then proceed below the cut.

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             # Tips To Overcome Procrastination

1. Set the timer for five minutes at the beginning of your study session.

If you’re like most people, the hardest thing about getting through a study session is simply getting started.

If you tell yourself that you’re going to study for the next 30 minutes or one hour, you might feel unmotivated. 30 minutes or one hour seems so long!

The solution is to set a countdown timer for five minutes—and get to work. You can tell yourself that you’re going to study for just five minutes, and that if you don’t feel like continuing beyond those five minutes, you can choose not to.

In all likelihood, when those five minutes are up, you’ll probably want to carry on, because you would have gotten into the flow of the study session.

2. Make an “event” out of an assignment.

Say that you need to write a six-page history paper. That sounds like a lot of work, right?

Instead of procrastinating and waiting for sudden inspiration (which almost never comes), I suggest that you make an “event” out of that history paper.

For example, you could make a special trip to a coffee joint with the sole purpose of writing the paper. Don’t leave the coffee joint until you’re done writing the draft.

Make sure that you celebrate the completion of the assignment. You could watch an episode of your favorite TV show, or chill out with your friends. Your “event” went well, so reward yourself.

3. Make an appointment with yourself.

When you need to attend an important family event or social gathering, do you make a note of it in your calendar? You probably do.

Are your study sessions important to you? I’m guessing they are. (Or, at least, it’s important to you that you do well in school, even if you don’t particularly enjoy studying.)

When an appointment is “officially” scheduled in your calendar, it’s more likely that you’ll respect the appointment and not let other events take its place.

For example, if you want to work on your math homework for an hour on Wednesday, don’t just tell yourself, “I’m going to finish my math homework on Wednesday.” Instead, make an appointment with yourself (it doesn’t matter whether you use Google calendar or any other kind of calendar system):

Wednesday, 3 to 4pm: Finish math homework

If, all of a sudden, your friends ask you to watch a movie with them at 3:30pm on Wednesday, you’ll be able to say, “I’m sorry, I have an appointment at that time.”

And it’s completely true: You do have an important appointment with yourself from 3 to 4pm.

(Of course, there’s always room to be flexible with your schedule if it’s possible to move your appointments around.)

4. Turn every item on your to-do list into an appointment.

This is an extension of Tip #3. I recommend that you keep a to-do list that encompasses all areas of your life. This includes your group projects, homework assignments, errands you need to run, and other responsibilities.

Write down all of these tasks in a notebook (or in a note-taking app on your phone, if you prefer).

Once a day, turn each of those tasks into an appointment in your calendar. I recommend doing this right when you get home from school.

In summary, you’ll write down every task you need to complete on your to-do list. Once a day, you’ll convert those tasks into appointments in your calendar. You’ll then periodically refer to your calendar to see exactly what you should be working on at each time during the day.

This system will only take you a few minutes a day to use, but it’s guaranteed to make your life much more organized and productive.

5. On a sheet of paper, write down what you’re supposed to be working on at the moment.

Ever had the experience of starting a study session, only to find yourself—just 10 minutes later—derailed by a funny video or a series of text messages? We all have.

One technique you can use is to write down, on a large sheet of paper, the task you’re currently working on. (An A4 or US letter size sheet of paper would work fine; use big, bold handwriting.)

For instance, if you’re about to start work on your physics assignment, write “PHYSICS ASSIGNMENT” on a sheet of paper and put it on your study table in a prominent location. This piece of paper will serve as a constant reminder to you to stay focused on the work at hand.

I’ve tried this out for myself, and it works!

If you’re concerned about being kind to the environment by not wasting paper, you could write in pencil so that you can reuse the same piece of paper multiple times.

This simple tip will help you to fight off distractions and procrastination by reminding you to stay on task.

What you want now vs. what you want most

To be an effective student (and an effective worker too), we need to be clear about what we want now, and what we want most.

Let’s not allow what we want now to prevent us from getting what we want most.


Earth’s Cosmic Address

I love when fantasy month names are really descriptive and seasonally themed when our real life English month names translate to “god, the festival we do this month, god, goddess, goddess, goddess, guy who named it after himself, that guy’s kid, seven, eight, nine, ten”

Ford and Lee

Summary:  Ford’s seen a lot of himself over his years in the portal.  This one’s a bit different, however.  This one’s wearing a black t-shirt.


Notes:  I’ve had this as a WIP for a very long time, here it is completed with an open ending (I do have loads of ideas…)  Half self-indulgent portal!Ford fic, half angst.  Featuring pre-NWHS/ATOTS fanon Mystery Trio era Author!Stanley. Thanks to @marypsue who gave me insight into characterization and general fandom theorizing of the time.

Written before Journal 3 and doesn’t take into account the whole ‘if two versions of the same person touch, the world implodes’ thing.  Or does it?

Stanford Pines wanders through the multiverse for months and years and decades, over an uncertain, not-quite linear progression of time he measures only by the growing number of aches in his tired body. Every new civilization brought with it another calendar system, based on twin suns or moons or the deep geothermal fluctuations of an alien world. Very quickly, he learns that time is just another dimension.

Once in awhile, he wonders exactly how long he has been here, on the other side. How long it had been since he had desperately flung his research at Stanley, momentary panic overriding all logical thought as he screamed and begged for his brother to save him, help him, do something, Stanley, anything -

In the quiet moments, Ford wonders about how long it had been since his brother had given up on him.

There had been anger at the very beginning, a fire that burned hotly in his chest that had smoldered with time down to white-charred coals. That… had been a long, long time ago. Back when he just started adjusting to the fact that yes, he was in an alien world with a single pair of cracked glasses and the worn-in clothes on his back, and no, there was no way back home. Not ever.

Because - Stanley just didn’t listen, and wasn’t that just typical? He had been so ready to burn Ford’s life’s work, he had been the one to push him into range of the portal, he had ruined everything, again, and -

…Ford was never going to see him again, was he.

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  1. New York Central System
  2. The 20th Century Limited speeding through the Heart of Industrial America
    New York Central System Calendar, 1942
    artist: Leslie Ragan  - The train traveled between Grand Central Terminal (GCT) in New York City and LaSalle Street Station in Chicago, Illinois, along the railroad’s “Water Level Route”.
  3. Henry Dreyfuss - lounge car, the 20th century limited, new york, 1938
  4. North by Northwest: Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint on the 20th Century Limited 1959
  5. North by Northwest: Eva Marie Saint on the 20th Century Limited 1959
  6. New York Central 4-6-4 Hudson streamlined steam locomotive # 5449, is seen hauling the 20th Century Limited across a mainline bridge at Peekskill, New York, 1941 (photographer unknown)
  7. Chicago New York Central Lines 

source :  sepiadays

Meanings behind Croatian months

A number of languages base their month names off of the Roman calendar system, including English, Italian and Spanish. Croatian, though, does not fall into this category. The Croatian language draws its inspiration for month names from its ancient Slavic roots that depict the evolution of seasons and harvests over time. Discover the poetic meanings behind Croatian month names with our quick little guide below.

Siječanj (January) (Pron. see-ye-cha-ny) — timber-cutting time

Veljača (February) (Pron. ve-lya-cha) — the days are getting longer, or “velji”; or from “Velja Noć,” an old pagan Slavic festival that occurred during this month

Ožujak (March) (Pron. oh-zhoo-yak) — time of lying

Travanj (April) (Pron. tra-va-ny) — the season of growing grass

Svibanj (May) (Pron. svee-ba-ny) — the time of budding trees and plants

Lipanj (June) (Pron. lee-pa-ny) — linden-blossom time

Srpanj (July) (Pron. sr-pa-ny) – the time of the sickle (harvest time)

Kolovoz (August) (Pron. ko-low-vowz) — the time for driving the wagon for harvest

Rujan (September) (Pron. roo-yan) — season of animal mating

Listopad (October) (Pron. lee-stow-pad) — leaf-fall

Studeni (November) (Pron. stoo-de-nee) — month of cold

Prosinac (December) (Pron. praw-see-nats) — dawning of the sun or the month of begging


How George Washington was born on both February 11th, 1731 and February 22nd, 1732,

One interesting quirk about George Washington is the fact that he had two birthdays. As shown on his family bible, his birthday is noted as being Feb.11th, 31/Feb 22nd 32. Of course Washington wasn’t born on two different days, but the explanation of this quirk is quite interesting. It all starts with how we measure time and organize our calendar.

A tropical year is the time it take for the Earth to rotate around the sun. Since ancient times mankind has developed methods to measure and track the tropical year, dividing the year into 365 days that are 24 hours long. This calendar system is simple, but there is one problem. A tropical year isn’t really 365 days long, it’s 365.25 days long, something the Ancient Greeks began to accurately measure. That extra .25 days may not seem like much, but as the years pass by this lost time can add up (with the calendar falling behind one day every four years), causing dramatic shifts in the calendar compared to the tropical year. Imagine celebrating Christmas sometime in summer because the calendar no longer aligns with the tropical year. The Ancient Romans were having that kind of problem when the Roman general and dictator Julius Caesar decided to do something about it on the year 45 BC. Called the Julian calendar, he reformed the old Roman calendar by adding an extra day to the calendar every four years. The extra day was called a leap day, and years which had a leap day were called leap years. 

The Julian calendar was adopted by the Roman Empire, and as a result was the common calendar used by Europeans long after the fall of Rome. The Julian calendar was a good idea, but there is one big problem. You see a year isn’t actually 365.25 days long, its actually around 365.242 days long. While the difference between the Julian calendar and the tropical isn’t much, over the centuries that extra time can add up, causing the calendar to progress forward when compared to the tropical year. For example, the Orthodox Christian Church still uses the Julian calendar, hence why Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas this year on January 7th.

To solve this problem, in 1552 Pope Gregory XIII commissioned the creation of the Gregorian calendar. The Catholic Church loved to keep precise track of their holy days, and the Julian calendar just wasn’t up to snuff because of the problem of it drifting forward compared to the tropical year. Thus Gregory XIII had some monks create a calendar which made up for the extra time created by the Julian calendar. This was done by eliminating 3 leap years every four centuries. Years that would be divisible by 4 would be leap years, except for years that are divisible by 100. Finally the Gregorian calendar set New Years on January 1st, before the Gregorian calendar most countries celebrated New Years on March 25th as part of the Feast of the Annunciation. 

The Gregorian calendar fixed the Julian calendar, but there was a problem, countries which were predominantly Protestant rejected the Gregorian calendar because it was a Catholic creation. Protestant nations also continued to have New Years on March 25th regardless of the fact that they weren’t celebrating a Catholic Feast Day. While Protestant countries thumbed their noses at the Gregorian calendar because of it’s Catholic origins, it would only be a matter of time before most European countries would be forced to adopt the Gregorian calendar, or face having really screwed up calendars. 

George Washington was born on February 11th, 1731, before the British Empire adopted the Julian Calendar. In 1752, the British Empire officially adopted the Gregorian Calendar. A few adjustments were made. First 11 days were removed from the month of September. People in Britain and her colonies went to bed on the night of Sept. 2nd, and woke up on the morning of Sept. 14th.

Second, New Years was moved from March 25th to January 1st. With the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar, Washington chose to retroactively move his birthday from February 11th, 1731 to February 22nd, 1732. He moved his birthday ahead 11 days to make up for the 11 days lost when the calendar was switched, and moved his birth year to 1732 to make up for switching New Years to January 1st. His birthday according to the tropical year was the same, it still happened on the same day, Washington merely changed his birthday on the calendar to accurately represent his real age according to the tropical year. 

sgtjvorn  asked:

Any of your OCs of choice for the full character profile! I'm afraid I don't know much about any of them so I'd like to change that :)

I’m gonna go with my original ‘child’ Fira

Full Name: Fira

She legally has no last name but she has used Devrys in a pinch (her mentors surname) and then later  goes by Riggs when she gets married
Gender and Sexuality: Female, Straight

Pronouns: She/Her

Ethnicity/Species Human

Birthplace and Birthdate: Uh Somewhere (She grew up on NarShaada but is pretty sure she wasn’t born there  and she doesn’t really know her exact birthdate) (Also Star Wars calendar system is hard)

Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate

Phobias: I’m not quite sure if it counts as a full phobia but she has some issues of the ‘avoiding getting hurt’ type and the

What They Would Be Famous For: Tbh if we go by the canon game she’s pulled off some impressive feats
What They Would Get Arrested For: She’s a smuggler, take your pick
OC You Ship Them With: I’ve never actually used her for rping purposes so idk
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Idk  
Favorite Movie/Book Genre:  She likes cheesy action movies and likes a good underdog story
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: ‘Aww c’mon you can tell that guy has never even so much as looked at a ship’s console in his life’
Talents and/or Powers: She’s a really good pilot/driver, has quite an impressive alcohol tolerance too
Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s very energetic and a champion of the underdog
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s impulsive and stubborn
How They Change: She generally ‘grows up’ as a person, she becomes ok with being in a relationship. She doesn’t totally settle down but realises hey actually being married and having a home isnt that bad
Why You Love Them: I just do? She’s my first swtor OC so she’s been around since 2012, I admit I haven’t written much with her lately but she’s special to me