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Duntulm, Scotland. by ANDREW

All I want for Christmas is you



(y/n) is pregnant and all she wants for Christmas is Harry


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Santa’s grouchy little helper

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(Y/n) is always happy and sometimes Harry can’t handle it.

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Christmas in the city of love


(y/n) and Harry spend Christmas in Paris and have very special gifts for each other.

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i am very proud of this job where i must put my life on the line for the sake of other people. if i do not make it back, please do not be too sad.

                                 (I DON’T WANT TO DIE.)

December birthday


Harry forgets a very important December birthday 

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Secret Santa

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Harry makes sure he has (y/n) for secret Santa

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Christmas markets

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(y/n) and Harry visit the Christmas markets together. This is just disgustingly fluffy.

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Daddy saves the day


When seeing is believing for the Styles kids

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Home for Christmas

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#215: You Do Charity Work For Families Who Can’t Afford Christmas


Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 9th:
You Do Charity Work For Families Who Can’t Afford Christmas 


”Y/N I can’t wear this!” Looking up confused from having your phone up in your face you looked towards the bathroom with a quivered eyebrow. “What do you mean?” The answer was replied by Luke opening the door, the expression on his face being enough to make you laugh. But what was even more hilarious was his attire, yet you tried to remain the calm state and only smile at him. “You look fine!” “Y/N, I’m wearing freaking green tights!” You couldn’t hold in it anymore, hands coming up to cover your face as you laughed into your palms. He did in fact look like a mess, it didn’t help on the situation that he was so tall and wearing a costume most preferred for small people. “Don’t just stand there and laugh.” He commented, closing the door to the bathroom and approaching you. “At least you’re freaking cute in your costume, I’m dressed as a giant elf!” By the mention of your costume you took a look down at your body before your eyes adverted back to his. It was pretty true what he was saying, you really enjoyed your costume but neither would you have minded wearing the elf costume. It was even Luke suggesting that you would join a mall today for some sort of charity work, walking around with candy canes and giving it out to families and kids. But the second he saw his costume he seemed to be the one backing out. “I think you’re cute as well.” You mumbled honestly while filling up your basket with sweets, smiling over at his direction and ignored the fact that he rolled his eyes. “I swear if we meet fans-,” “Then they’re gonna see how much of a wonderful caring person you is to take one of your day offs to spend it on families who can’t afford Christmas.” You smiled up at him and grabbed a candy cane to put it into his mouth to keep his silent. And even if you could tell he wasn’t comfortable in his costume he still smiled all over his face by your sweet gesture. “Let’s go give out some candy canes elfie.” You made sure to hurry towards the door to get out of the hotel room, but not before looking over your shoulder with a teasing smile to see his half angry expression mixed with a small smile.


“I didn’t know you were this creative.” His eyes looked up by your words, tongue resting between his lips in concentration and furrowed his eyebrows. “It’s not-, it’s not that pretty.” He shrugged off while looking down at his work, clearly not being as satisfied with it as you were. You had imagined him to be less interested in the project, but he definitely surprised you. The second you were welcomed into the workroom for families and people wanting to join for Christmas decorations, he had grabbed a paint brush and done some weird red doodles on a white paper. It wasn’t until minutes had passed by filled with concentration that you realized he had been drawing a rather fancy Christmas hard, making sure to signature it by the end of the painting. “You think some families will be happy for this?” He questioned a bit insecure, eyes glancing down at your candle decoration work to admire. “Cal, you gotta remember what we’re doing is for families with huge lack of money. They might have kids, they might be old and alone and I am so sure that no matter what they get, as long as it’s Christmas related they will be so grateful of our works. I mean, look at all these amazing things, just by making them makes us happy. I doubt they would complain because they get all this for free from the people who care.” A smile came slowly to his face while watching you talk, during it as you sprayed spruces with fake snow before placing it into the clay. “You really love doing this, huh?” He lowered his voice, moving his lips against your hairline and down to your ear with a small hum. It made you stop just for a short moment after been working for an hour straight, looking down at him and placed a soft kiss to his red nose. “I feel like it’s the most wonderful feeling helping where it’s needed. Taking your time to do this even if it’s only for two hours feels like the most blessing thing ever. You feel like you’ve saved someone’s life.” You felt how his lips pressed against your ear and a soft chuckle came from his lips before he moved away to focus back on his painting. “I wish I could take that home with me though because I’m better than Picasso.”  


“This is even better than Christmas.” He cheered loudly, eyes looking at the many dishes placed in front of him and stirred the sauce in the pan. Your eyes went towards him by his exclaim, stopping with peeling the potatoes and laughed quietly by his excitement. “Michael, you know it is kind of Christmas.” He rolled his eyes by your words and swung his lips back and forth to the background music, the kitchen you were currently standing in filled with people. Everyone was walking around with pans, bowls, ingredients and whatever possible. What amazed you the most about the whole thing was the cozy tension, even if you were that many people they still seemed to get along and wasn’t disturbed by stress or the lack of space. Everyone was here for the same reason, and that was to make food for the ones who couldn’t afford. You had heard about it, Michael grandparents had been doing the same every single year so for once you wanted to do it as well. Doing something out of the ordinary that actually was so simple, you were bummed that you hadn’t done it before. So much food was made ready to be served for families and you could also tell by the excitement Michael was showing that he was enjoying this too. He wanted to do something personal, not just donate the money it was too simple. He wanted to actually do something instead of sitting on his ass with a credit card, and you had so much respect of that. “You have to taste this sauce okay, they’re gonna love it.” His hand reached out for yours, but you gave him a questioned look before being pulled towards him. “Don’t worry, there will be something for them as well. Just want to show off a bit of my secret talents.” He blew lightly on the sauce to make sure you wouldn’t burn your tongue, making sure to neither spill it on the kitchen counter as he moved the spoon towards your mouth. Just like he had predicted, a smile came to your face by tasting the wonderful flavor, laughing by his reaction and made sure to dry off your mouth from a bit that he had spilled. “And if they don’t like it I assume they might have a demented grandmother with lack of taste when eating the sauce.”


“Are you cold?” He questioned, eyes lowering down to yours and made sure to readjust the scarf around your neck. You shook your head lightly, trying to stay optimistic about the whole thing but he could tell by your shaking form that you were definitely freezing, even if you were wearing three pairs of socks. Not even the grill of Christmas sausages and whatever in front of you seemed to heat you enough and Ashton took the opportunity to wrap an arm around you and pull you closer. “How am I supposed to fill up beers when you’re holding me like this?” You grinned, wanting to lean over and grab a cup as a new costumer was arriving with his family yet you still was stuck within his reach. He grinned lightly by your question but still kept quiet, leaning forward on the counter and greeted the waiting dad standing in front of you. The day had been amazing so far, you had been standing in your own little grill and beer Christmas shop along the Christmas marked in London for quite a few hours now, earning in money to donate and talking with a few fans and costumers. But after standing for so many hours and despite the fact that you had tried to dress for the weather, the cold seemed to consume you completely. And of course with Ashton’s fast eyes it hadn’t taken him long to notice and with his broad form and giant winter jacket he didn’t seem to be suffering like you. “I’m happy we’re doing this.” He smiled politely while returning cash to the dad, looking down at you with a dimple so deep you wanted to poke him. “I’m happy we’re doing this too.” You admitted, letting him wrap his warm hand around your cold one and intertwine your fingers. He was the one suggesting it, he had always thought about his time as a kid when things weren’t going as planned and when friends always managed to get better presents or at least got some. He wanted to do a difference and even if this place wasn’t maybe the best way to earn money, you did it in a way that felt perfect. And to have you being so on about his suggestion made the thing even better, because to do something like this was uplifting in life. It was pure amazing.



It’s the first of December and Harry’s being a bit of a Scrooge because he’s a little bit poorly.

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