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You’ve probably seen one of the many sneak peeks the artists have posted over the last couple of weeks. 

With the incredibly generous help of a variety of beloved fanartists there will be two Merthur art calendars. That’s right, two sizes, and each will contain different art works.

We are tremendously happy to present the covers for both the wall calendar (by @deheerkonijn) and the desk calendar (by @lilybells). Thank you two so much for your generous contributions!

We plan to have the calendars ready for sales by early June. To stay up to date we suggest that you follow our blog @coinelot​, or follow “Merthur art calendars” through tumblr search.

Some of the kind, generous and talented artists that will be featured in the calendars are:

@freezinghell1702, @niklaud, @barbitone, @reineyday, @linakai, @samkatdiz, @coldcigarettes, @16th-of-a-twigg, @sexgenius, @inalandofpendragon, @maryluis, @yeozzz, @eviko, @lilybells, @deheerkonijn@fruttayo0328, @procoffeinating, @whimsycatcher , @inkandowl, @writingupsidedown, @amphigoury-art, @spielzeugkaiser, @achelseabee, @komadoree, @calamity-annie .

For even more details on the calendars (you know, size, approximate prices, shipping, a.s.o.), click the read more!

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