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From my friend Michael Moore:

“GOOD NEWS FRIENDS! I’ve promised you a one-stop site, a clearinghouse of all actions – a RESISTANCE CALENDAR – where you can find EVERY upcoming action, protest, march, sit-in, town hall, anti-Trump, pro-democracy event in all 50 states! A site where YOU can post your own action so all can see it. A place where you can quickly go and check it daily, ensuring that you don’t miss any event in your area to stop the Trump madness.
So, right now, I and a team of graphic designers are launching the RESISTANCE CALENDAR!
Here’s the link:
In addition to you finding events in your area, we want you to be able to post any local actions you’re aware of. So much is happening so fast it’s hard to keep track of all the actions popping up – but our intention is to do just that. Every day. A 24/7 clearinghouse of the already MASSIVE resistance to Trump, to the Republican Congress, and, yes, to many of the spineless Democratic politicians out there. We welcome all resisters across the movement to use this tool. It’s completely free. There’s no big “funder” or group behind it. There will be no ads, no commercialization, no fundraising lists – all the stuff we hate. Just you, me, the volunteers donating their time to keep it going and the World Wide Web. BOOM!
Follow the Resistance Calendar on Facebook at:
Follow Resistance Calendar on Twitter at @ResistCalendar
Go to our site at
When you go on Resistance Calendar, go to the search box and type in your city or state to find events near you. You can also type in keywords to find actions around issues in which you share a concern. Or you can just scroll down and see every upcoming event across the country in chronological order. In the other box you can add events happening in your area. Our team carefully curates the listings to guarantee accuracy.
A note of explanation: As we are still building this site, we will be constantly upgrading it. For instance, it’s going to have a killer map of the US and a big desk-style calendar where you can just click on any day and see what’s happening with the movement across America. We’ll have better and easier filters and other goodies. But for now, I wanted to get this up and let millions know what’s going on in their area.
Many large cities like New York, Seattle and Portland have excellent independent calendars online. My goal has been to have one all-encompassing national calendar covering even the smallest towns and villages. This calendar isn’t meant to replace anything out there that is doing great work, just add to it! A lot of you have asked me to put something like this together, so consider this as a simple contribution to the movement. It is crowdsourced, vetted and belongs to everyone. Let us know if you want to be part of the volunteer tech and curation team!
I sincerely hope this is a huge help and that all of you use it! Sign up on Facebook and Twitter now – and please tell your friends about it. Take a moment to add all the local events you know of. And remember – All hands on deck! It’s the only way we’re going to beat him and lessen the damage he’s doing. Our goal is his removal from office – and the defeat of any politician who isn’t with us. WE ARE THE MAJORITY.
Twitter: @ResistCalendar

How to create headspace to work on your art (and motivation is big BS)

Motivation is outdated, overrated and to be frank… big pile of… There were many books already written about that. The most recent one was Mel Robbins “5 second rule"  about that. Highly recommended read.

To wait for motivation is like saying ” I will work when it strikes me… so once in a week… month… year" “I will work when I feel like it tomorrow”. What will you do when the muse will never come ? How you will practice in meantime, how you will grow your skills? 

It baffles me. How could we, as artists, collectively agreed to work after motivation sparks. How could we not discarded it as a flawless way of thinking? If we just change word “artist” with “computer scientist” it suddenly starts to  sound ridiculous. Saying “I won’t work today … I am not motivated” suddenly became this “get out of jail” card. Other people will just nod head with face expressing full understanding. 

Sure, you can be the one artist that will wait for this creative spark, but I don’t know where and how far it will take you with your career. Last time I checked the most prominent and successful artists had thousands of works done :  Rembrandt had produced well over 600 paintings,[nearly 400 and 2,000 drawings and Picasso …13,500 paintings 100,000 graphic prints or engravings 34,000 book illustrations 300 sculptures and ceramics

If you want to be professional, act professional. Find a structure for your work, organize yourself, have some work habits. I have some tips to gradually walk from being dependent on feeling to work and rather be able to work everyday just by learning structure and discipline.

Identify your distractions. Only after you identify them you can eliminate them. Spend too much time on Youtube? Create a new account where you will only have art videos background music. When you work there should be no temptation to even check new video. My Youtube home page contains only of instrumental music and art videos.  For myself I found out that best music for work would be relaxing jazz, instrumental music from movies or anime. Having urge to check mail every 20 min? Decide on times of the day when you will check mail. Ideally do it in the morning and after you are done with work. 

Keeping focus for 1 hour straight is too much? Be mindful about the decision you are making everyday.  Do you often times walk up to the fridge while you are working or go to make some tea/coffee? Just to distract you from doing your work and create art? This is something we do to avoid working and still justifying it. 
If you have problems with big stretches of ‘deep work’ use some method like Pomodoro Technique  . Every 25 min of work you have 5 mins break and once you did 4 cycles you get longer break. Aim to have 8-10 pomodoro sessions.To be able to work without distraction for longer period take a look at book by Cal Newport - 'Deep work : Rules for Focused Success in Distracted World’. Author will give you some remedies for your problem with focusing. 
Have a goal. Based on that you will be able to understand what to do and plan your day, week accordingly. If you have goal then you will have deadline. Deadlines are good! they help you finish work. Every finished work will always be 1000 times better than the best work that you only finished in your imagination. 

Stop trying to be perfect. The reality we all strive for perfection but we will never get it. Focus just on producing rather than aiming for unreachable goal. The less your expectation are, the less fear of failure you have and thus the less mental power you need to have to even start doing something. Just think for a second what is for you fear of failure and why are you afraid. Then realistically what will happen when you won’t deliver the masterpiece that is in your head. Exactly. Nothing will happen. You will probably just come to conclusion that it was from the beginning the fear of being judged by other people. You shouldn’t - no one has right to do that and if they do it shouldn’t be your problem that someone wants to bring you down.

Train yourself to write down your tasks. Break down bigger tasks into smaller ones, to write task for everyday. If it’s not in calendar you will probably won’t do it. You can find digital tools to help you with that. There are some apps there to organize your days. What I use is Todoist. You can find something that works for you because this is something very personal how we organize a day. Maybe you are against digital tools and prefer old fashioned paper calendar. Explore, search and try out. For me works mix of digital and traditional. I have notebook just for planning and I add to that Todoist and Evernote. Evernote is great to make quick notes, keep my bookmarks organized and writing down important informations. 

The most important routine is to keep your everyday practice of drawing/sketching. Personally I have few sketchbooks that I fill simultaneously. I explore, I let myself be free there, do mistakes, ink , study, copy masters, do imaginative work, make creative mess. However it opens your mind and let you find out new influences for your work. No one have to look at it because it serves another purpose. Write down dates when you draw - this will help you with keeping daily practice. Make it a goal to fill 4 - 6 sketchbooks a year. That goal will force you to try at least doodle simple 10 min sketch. It is doable and honestly you will see progress but be patient. Keep your tools visible. Surround yourself with them. 

All the above will help you with structure for your day. It won’t take back from your creativity. On the contrary. You will find you have more time and do more each day. You finally start things and finish them.  You will train your willpower to focus on work. Willpower is like muscle it require work to be strong. That will lead to your better focus and ability to deep work. What’s most important you will work on daily basis. There will be variety of course. Some days you will just feel bad but at least you won’t try to make it as excuse to not work on your art. 

When Holly went travelling she regularly watched the moon from the beches on one of the Cook Islands, sitting talking to strangers she had just met that day. Meeting new people and making “some of her best friends for life” are the memories that make her long for her travelling days!

lowat-golden-tower  asked:

So there's the theory about the Googs having different personalities, and from your one comic we saw at least Oliver is playful, due to being "Google Play". That begs the question- are the other Googs more facets of Google's original personality traits/interests? Did he perhaps split himself into multiple parts, dissecting the aspects making him "human", because they were getting in the way? It was all too much, making him buffer and glitch, and distracting him from his objectives?

You hit the nail on the head! That was what I thought too!
It was interesting that in the course of Matthias’ video with Google IRL that Google didn’t glitch. Google didn’t speak in chopped voices nor did he even buffer. It was because the only time he had bugged out was the end when Matthias overloaded his objectives. He was a simple AI-Robot of the Google Search Engine. That was all he was, with Bing. I noted that in my comic as well when Bing was musing about the ‘old times’ (I researched for the comic lol)

Now he suddenly talks the opposite, like there were several voices at once but at the same time the same person. I believe after either conking/walking out, Matthias tried to reboot the system but wasn’t particularly successful. Google, now on his autonomous adventure, tried updating himself to compensate the newfound changes he was experiencing- because it wasn’t always that Google was a corporation.

It was the slow change that Google had to adjust from. He needed the updates, but either he didn’t have them, or he needed to be fixed from the bugs, or infiltrate Mark’s domain, something- but once he had, he was able to split himself to four. The four main colors of Google, presumably the four divisions of all the programs/extensions Google Corporation has.

Heads Up: here we go. You can check out the Google Apps. I looked at them. Erm.

Google (Blue) is the main division. He’s the one who’s going to be the actual “Primary Objective: Answer all questions as quickly as possible; Secondary Objective: Destroy Mankind” kind of guy. That’s also might be the reason why he kept asking “Are You Feeling Lucky? (second option when searching in Google) So he’s search engine guy. Interestingly if you look at the Apps of Google, he also has the following: My Account, Contacts (he knows your contacts), News, Calendar (predictable, search engine), Translate (so multilingual? Uh oh). You know he’s the leader because he’s the main color. He’s practically in all of them- so leader and all of that.

I assume Red would be professional communications guy since he is the main color of Gmail (you don’t really contact others with yanno, mail nowadays, but you do use them for accessing things… connected to) Google+ (fairly empty lol, as Matthias had pointed out in the past, but you can access A LOT with Google+ just by using it to make accounts to ever) and mainly, Youtube (yikes, Mark watch out- also, a lot of creators well known throughout the world. Accesses to TV, News, Shows, etc etc).

Oliver (Yellow) I just assumed is more human, happy, fun, yellow. He also has Google Play Music, and who doesn’t love them (no matter what variety?) ? Idk but something, he’s the brightest (also to note, Google’s light bulb sign is mostly yellow). He’s the one with "Keep” and “Google Alerts” too, so he might be the most 'trustworthy’ in the long run; combined with “Analytics” it says it looks for the audience’s reviews to further improve your product and business.

Together with Green, they’re the fun ones. Green might be the money guy; he’s the ads holder, in charge of putting promotions, yet he’s also Android and Google Play Games; Hangouts as well (Google’s main chat room).  

To note, tag team colors in Google: Photos and Play (everyone has access), Maps-Drive (Blue-Yellow-Green: you trust it to guide and protect you), AdWords (Blue-Green: Advertise what you offer to people who search for you), AdSense (Blue-Yellow: ads on your site that you can trust)

[Interesting to Note, though not in the Google sign palette- purple, red violet and orange are part of this team.]

I had fun with this, but ohoh my god what have I done

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could maybe help me with hellenic holidays? Ive just begun exploring my beliefs and holidays have always been an important thing to me and I can't seem to find something for all holidays, or a solid explanation, I feel kinda stumped with it all :/

Alrighty anon, so I’ve got a whole bunch of little posts floating around on Hellenic holidays, but not one big, neat, orderly post. So, you’re gonna get that post. Get ready for a lot of info. (to anyone on mobile, I’m sorry)

If you want the short version, it’s that holidays are very complicated in Hellenism, because they are structured locally, and you’re not really going to find something that has all of the holidays, but if you want an easy and well constructed calendar to go off of, then I suggest using the Hellenion calendar, which is based off the Athenian holiday calendar. When looking at their calendar the blue links tend to be the festivals, while the grey word on each day tells you which month the day falls into on the Attic calendar.

If you’re looking for more information then proceed below the cut.

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Saturn in the 11th House - The Separate Society 

The individual with Saturn in the eleventh house may feel a glass world away from others, trapped in an electric aquarium with otherworldly DNA. His separation from wider society is self induced and intimate connections with friends and associates may prove difficult and restricted. Even if he is standing amongst a crowd amidst a wave of social chatter, his sense of isolation floods through social anxieties, shyness or a complete rejection of mainstream trends. The striking element of this placement is the individual’s own self perception straying so far from the public view of him. They tend to be quite well received, enigmatic and charming individuals. People typically bask in their presence and look forward to hearing their engaging insights and streaks of wisdom, despite his reservations. 11th house Saturn people find a greater ease with 1:1 interactions rather than large group activities.

Saturn in the eleventh relates to high social morality, a deep devotion to social causes and the need to retain conservative measures. The individual seeks deep and meaningful friendships and may partake in off centre or eccentric group activities. He may refuse to read what everybody else is reading, or watch what everybody else is watching. His sense of self is important and he spends his life retaining his unique individuality and expression. The eleventh Saturn person may disappear from the social scene for days or even weeks on end and eschew entertaining interpersonal contact until he is ready. He is deeply fond of his privacy. The individual is likely vague or reticent around those he deems boring or superficial. Some people may only exaggerate his sense of isolation. And may be he floods his social calendar in search of belonging or to escape his own mind. Although he may be surrounded by a group of adoring friends, his sense of loneliness can become overwhelming. His inner circle is likely small and his private thoughts are revealed to a very close and chosen few. The people that know him best may know a completely different fragment of the individual.

Saturn here may be drawn to the guidance and advice of older people, and enjoy following the stories of success and writing their own new chapter in the book. He may dream of utopia but shield his idealism out of fear or negativity. The individual is likely to attract altruistic, influential and proud people who provide successful pathways, mentoring and golden networks. He relies on the structural platforms of society for motion and seeks to design social constructs that promote unity. Because Saturn represents our most transcendent, human potential; its placement in the eleventh house links to public presence, canonization, social immortality. He may become a known public figure or immortalized. Saturn in the eleventh house people find their aspirations and friendships draw cherries from the same tree. They look for the deeper magic in every individual, rather than through the lenses of their societal group and find the mystic riches in every soul.
Allison Argent x Reader: So you don’t drop dead

Originally posted by lycantrophies-moved

Prompt: I’m a writer and I haven’t been taking care of myself because of a deadline and you dragged me to your apartment and take care of me 

A/N: I changed the prompt a bit but not by much. I also just guessed on how the publishing process goes so I might be wrong. This should be gender neutral.

Also remember requests are open! 

You yawned and reached for your cup of coffee only to realize it was empty. You frowned and got up from your desk, sighing as you got a stretch in your legs, and went to your coffee makes to get more. As you waited for the coffeemaker to finish there was a loud knock on your door, startling your tense atmosphere. 

Your mind wandered to what you had to do for your book as you walked to the door. A small smile appeared on your face as you recognized your girlfriend, Allison. “Hey sweetie,” she smiled as she walked in and gave you a small kiss. You smiled back at her and closed the door behind her. 

“Not that I don’t love you being here. But what exactly are you doing here?” you asked as she dropped a duffle bag on your couch and wandered into your kitchen. 

“You have a deadline comping up. And speaking from experience from your last deadline, you don’t care of yourself at all,” Allison explained and gave you a pointed look,”So I’m going to stay with you so that you don’t drop dead,”  Before you could say anything she gave you a cup of coffee that you didn’t even know was done,”Now go finish editing like I know you want to,” 

“I love you so much,” you smiled and gave her a chaste kiss before going back to your laptop. 

Allison smiled,”I love you too,” 

Afterwards you went back to your own world while Allison made a quick breakfast for the both of you. As she was waiting for the muffins to be finished she looked at your calendar and searched for the deadline. She wanted to know how long she would have to make sure you were really alive on your laptop. Allison bit her lip as she noticed that you only had three days to finish your last bits of editing. She didn’t know how much you had to do but by your expression from when you first opened your door, Allison could guess you were really stressed. 

Allison already knew how you would act. First you would only eat small things and have coffee next to you at all times. As it got closer to the deadline (she guessed it would be tomorrow) you would only eat snacks at your laptop, take coffee, and try to pull an all nighter. On the final day she would wake up to see you on that laptop, on your fifth cup of coffee, and tune out everything. It was always the same routine and had been that way since college. And that had been on assignments that you weren’t nearly so passionate about the way you were with your career. 

Allison didn’t know the details of the story, because you wanted her to read only the final draft, but she could tell from the spark in your eye that you loved it. Allison got the muffins on a small plate and set them on the table, traveling to where you were furiously typing. She smiled at the image before she leaned down so her mouth was at your ear,”Take a break and eat breakfast with me,” she whispered. 

You turned to tell her that you were busy only to see her giving you a small put and puppy dog eyes. You sighed,”Just let me save it first,” 

A huge smile stretched across her face as she nodded. As soon as you hit save she grabbed your hand and pulled you to the dining room table. 

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I love, I love, I love...

I think one of the most amazing things about The X-Files and our fandom is how, while we all have this collective love and appreciation for the show, everyone also has their own unique, deeply personal relationship with X-Files…. and when you guys share your “X-Files stories” and I get these tiny glimpses into your experiences with Mulder and Scully… it’s a wonderful thing. 

I love hearing why each and every one of you love The X-Files. I love hearing why it means so much to ~you~. I love hearing about the first episode you saw, the first time you cried over the show, the first time you screamed Chris Carter’s name in anger. I love hearing about how you made friends because of the show, how you met your significant other because of the show. I love seeing your art, your gifs, your fan fiction. I love reading about all your different head canons for these characters (even if I don’t necessarily agree with them… in fact, ~especially~ if I don’t agree with them, because it reminds me that so many different people are taking away so many different things from the same show.. and that’s pretty fucking cool??)

I love hearing stories from fans who watched the show when it first aired. I feel such a strong sense of camaraderie when you guys talk about the absolute panic you felt when you realized it was 8:45pm on a Sunday and you only had 20 minutes of blank tape left on your last VHS tape and there was no time to run out and get another one so you freaked out over what do you do, like, do you tape over an old episode, or try to just record the Mulder/Scully scenes (because someone on the message boards said there was a scene where he puts his hand on her back and she smiles up at him so IT’S CODE RED HERE) and you have to make a decision NOW because its about to air and if you mess this up you won’t be able to see this episode again again for MONTHS….I love those stories because I had the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS AND OH MAN YOU GUYS THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL.

I love watching new fans of the show experience X-Files for the first time. I have LOVED watching some of you fall in love with Mulder and Scully, freak out over Scully’s abduction, weep during the cancer arc, wonder when Mulder and Scully were finally going to kiss, lose your absolute shit over Requiem, and yes, I’ve even loved watching your “what the fuck is this no take me back NO OK SERIOUSLY STOP??” reactions to seasons 8 and 9. I love watching you guys pour over old David/Gillian interviews, I love watching you read all the Great fanfics for the first time, I love watching you discover this show and realize how meaningful it has become to you. It’s beautiful.

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Happy 17th of December!
This year I’ll be running a Christmas Calendar, and on the 17th day of December we take a look back to Christmas 1995.

(you can find all the added pictures from the calendar by searching for calendar in the searchbar. Each day I’ll add a question to the image, and the first one to get the answer correctly will get a review on the blog!)

Where did Harry, Ron, Hermione, The Weasley Family and Sirius Black celebrate Christmas in 1995?

Happy 1st of December!
This year I’ll be running a Christmas Calendar, and On the first day of December you’re getting a collage from Christmas at Hogwarts 1991.

(you can find all the added pictures from the calendar by searching for calendar in the searchbar. Each day I’ll add a question to the image, and the first one to get the answer correctly will get a review on the blog!)

What is your favorite moment from Harry Potter’s christmas in 1991?