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May 2017 Printables and Desktop Wallpaper // freebies from thearialligraphyproject

Hooray for a fresh new wallpaper! I’ve been feeling the [extreme] heat of the summer lately so I wanted to make something cool and relaxing to the eye for this month’s design.

I’m also bringing back the list layout for calendar printables! Now you’ve got a motivational quote to keep you going through the month and a space to write your goals and some notes!

Download this month’s freebies: calendars / desktop wallpaper

A tagged snapshot of your computer, phone, or study space using these freebies would be very much appreciated. (Use #thearialligraphyproject or #arialligraphy!) 😊

10 Easy Changes You Can Make To Your Lifestyle To Be Happier And Healthier Almost Instantly

I’ve been having some issues lately with staying positive and pushing myself to build healthy habits. At times I get too wrapped up in work and friends and my education that I forget that I’m a human being and that I need to put myself higher on my list of priorities. I have a major problems with articles that claim they have “easy” tips for being happy and healthy overnight. It’s really not that simple, and I’m not going to lie, the ones below aren’t a cakewalk for everyone, but I thought they were useful in my own experience and wanted to share them with you. 

  1. Every time you reach for a soda or an extra coffee, switch it out for water. It provides a healthier and more long term boost of energy by clearing out those mentally depressing toxins from your body. 
  2. Meditate once a day. Even if it’s only 30 seconds in the morning after you’ve finished getting ready, take a step back and devote some time to becoming calm and clearing your head to increase focus and encourage a peaceful mindset. 
  3. Exercise. Don’t create a hardcore 2 hour daily workout routine right off the bat after months of little to no activity. Start small, maybe 10 abdominal exercises, 10 leg exercises, and 10 weighted tricep curls on each arm paired with a 15 minute walk around the block. There. That’s only roughly 30 minutes of your day and you’re not even sweaty enough to have to shower afterwards. 
  4. Use natural ingredients as skin care. Moisturize with coconut oil, make your own essential oils and charcoal face wash, soap, and bath bombs, and maybe devote 1-2 days of the week to wearing no make up (if you wear it every day) in order to let your skin breathe. 
  5. Keep your space organised. When you’ve just changed and that sweater you wore today is on the floor, take the two extra seconds to hang it up or fold it and put it away. When you’re done with your meal, rinse it and put it in the dish washer. It’s not that difficult to prevent your home from becoming a pig sty. 
  6. Make your bed every morning. It’s a good habit to have, it makes your room look nice and clean, even if there are some things on the floor, and it makes it look even more appealing when you look over at 11 PM and decide whether to watch another episode of your Netflix obsession or get some beauty rest. 
  7. Speaking of sleep, do it! Regularly! It is essential to your health and happiness to get a good amount of sleep every night. 7-10 hours is the recommended amount of nightly rest you should fit in, so set a bedtime and your alarm and get that shut eye. 
  8. Spend the time to treat yourself. If you think a 20 minute sheet mask or some extra time to have a cup of tea and read your latest pick from the library shelves, set that time aside to enjoy yourself and wind down. You need the time to recharge, so keep that high on your priority list.  
  9. Keep a planner. It may be something you’re already doing, but if you’re not, this is a life changing habit to have. Every morning, write down your to-do list, your schedule, and any reminders. Save some room on your calendar for any plans that may pop up and your life will instantly be more organised and you’ll be way less likely to forget that really important due date.
  10. Don’t push positivity if it isn’t there. Nobody is happy and bubbly and super motivated all the time, so don’t spend all of your time reblogging positivity quotes on Tumblr or trying to ignore every emotion that is “negative”. You’re human. Life happens and sometimes you’ll be just plain blue. It’s healthy to acknowledge the feelings that make you feel hopeless and unmotivated and seem all too frequent. The sun will shine tomorrow and you will find more and more reasons to fill every moment with meaning every single day. 

Here’s to future health and happiness for you all. Cheers! x

Request a prompt list/ writing advice post here

My workspace when it is clean :)

I am still unhappy about all of these cables sticking out from behind my iMac though. The notes that I stuck to the bottom of the screen are for my upcoming exam and I’ll take them off once the exam is over. 

The wallpaper that I use is from emmastudies and you can find it on her studyblr ( as well as lots of nice backgrounds for your phones. Also, she makes great printables for study plans/calendars.

The Enjolras of the Month Calendar is here.

You ask, I deliver, albeit in a weird rotating disk any year Calendar.

This is a Print your Own Calendar (no expensive printing or posting!), and requires 2 pieces of paper and a split pin. On one sheet will be the background and the other the rotating circle of Enjolras.

I’m also offering it as a Pay what you think it’s Worth

You can send me whatever you feel for the pleasure of having a rotating disc of Enjolras magic for your wall next year. (You can even have it for free if you wish.)

Payments via either Paypal or Kofi

Download the Calendar (Dropbox) (Google Drive)

Hopefully the links work.


Yes, these words are about you.
However, they aren’t for you.
They’re for the sunsets left unopened,
bittersweet reflections;
more like water,
less like salt.
These words erase the calendar you planned,
with all your talk of better days and sweeter nights.
They break the loop of my preoccupation with perfection.
—  suir
Yes, these words are about you.
However, they aren’t for you.
They’re for the sunsets left unopened,
bittersweet reflections;
more like water,
less like salt.
These words erase the calendar you planned,
with all your talk of better days and sweeter nights.
They break the loop of my preoccupation with perfection.

hello, stunning people, I see a lot of new studyblrs, or new bullet journal users, that don’t know what to add on their new bullet journal, so I decided to give you some ideas.

-books to read

-films to watch



-road trips


-recipes to try

-music to listen

-tv shows


-diet/meal plan

-work out plan

-places to go


-favorite blogs

-bucket list




-handwriting practice

-planner routine

-blog ideas




-studyblr ideas

-waiting for list (if you order stuff form the internet)

-your own personal bullet key

-study tips

-washi tape collection





-habit tracker


-mood chart

-school notes

-study guides 


in my case I add my

-favorite spells

-wiccan studies

-pendulum techniques

How to Make a Witchy Planner

For 2017 I’ve decided to revamp my Witchy “Planner” and add quite a few things to help me stay on track with my goals, both witchy and mundane, and so I’m making a post to share with everyone what I’m doing.

What is a Witchy “Planner”?

A Witchy “Planner” is something that I came up with a few months ago to help me become more organized with my practice. I have a terrible habit of forgetting to plan for Sabbats and Esbats, and I also have a terrible tendency of buying a ton of journals and notebooks for specific purposes, and then never touching them again. I put together my “Planner” to help with that.

However, it isn’t exactly a planner. It’s a combination of a planner, a journal and a to-do list rolled all into one and it is centered around my witchcraft.

How do I make a Witchy “Planner”?

My Planner is a mini three ring binder I bought at Target. I tend to change my mind often so I bought a binder so I could switch things up whenever I wanted. I also tend to be afraid to “mess up” in fancy journals, which leads to them never being used. A binder is my best solution for that.

However, you can use any method that is easiest for you. A plain spiral notebook or a folder on your computer or in OneNote can be used just as easily.

The most important thing is to use a method that you will enjoy using.

When you want to get into a habit of working with something, it helps if you enjoy looking at it. You want to look forward to using it. Even if you have a plain notebook, get creative and jazz it up a little so you’ll want to use it. You don’t want to get bored of it and then never pick it up again.

What goes inside a Witchy “Planner”?

This is something that will ultimately be unique to each witch. Ask yourself what it is that you want to keep track of. For me, I have my Planner organized into the following sections:

- Goals; Yearly and Monthly
- Love Notes; Inspiration and Motivation
- Calendar
- Sabbat and Esbat Planning
- Spells and Rituals
- Personal Reflection
- Blog Stuff
- Things to Add to My Grimoire

You can also add sections for prayers to your deities, times to do offerings or change up your altar, a meditation section, or practically anything else that you feel you will need.

I’ve only had my planner a few months, but I’ve already changed it several times since then.

How do you use your “Planner”?

As stated before, I use my Planner for both magickal and mundane purposes. Why? Well, I’ve found that I tend to be more involved with my magickal practices than I am with my mundance practices. So for 2017 I’ve decided to merge the two together in hopes to accomplish a little bit more.

I look at my Planner at least once a day, most of the time in the evening before bed. I’m more of a night owl and I’m not really conscious enough in the morning to retain what I look at or read.

I use my Planner to keep track of what I need to get done in a week, as well as a place to look over my achievements. I write myself “love letters” to encourage myself. I use it to plan my Sabbats, Esbats and other Holidays. I use it to reflect on myself personally (such as how I felt during the week/month), as well as keep track of any witchcraft blog posts I want to write, and anything I need to add to my Grimoire.

Additional Resources:

 A Look Inside My Witchy Planner

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 Persephone’s Planner on Etsy

How I Use Google Calendar for Time Management!

Ok so I see a lot of written notes and bullet journal type posts and they look beautiful, but in all honesty I find it much more convenient to use online methods to organise my time. I use Google Calendar to schedule my days in conjunction with my bullet journal as it is easy and efficient and can be accessed anywhere since it is saved in a cloud. 

For the Semester

I add reoccurring events in at the start of the semester. This includes seminars, lectures, tutorials, work, community classes etc. Next I add in due dates, using a brighter colour so my eye is drawn to them. I then plot in times that I want to be in uni/times that I will dedicate to study. As you can see below my calendar has the bare bones - study times, my classes, work schedule and the sign language class I take. 

For the Week

At the start of each week I go through and add in tasks for each day. These can be todos, modules I want to focus on etc. This is a layout from when I was revising for exams last semester. I put in general times for different modules as well as plans with family and friends etc. Basically on Sunday night/Monday morning I bulk the week out and update it. 

For the Day

If it is a uni day I create a full day schedule and include every single thing I will be doing that day. I plot in wake up times, todo’s, when I will take my lunch break and shuffle around any of the scheduled events. This helps me to keep on track during the day. As I study at uni I have the calendar up on a new tab and I also have the Google Calendar app on my phone so I can see it on the go. This ensures that no times is wasted. Of course not everyday goes as planned but it does provide a great general guideline for when I need to be getting things done and when I can be relaxing. To support this I usually also write out a todo list in my bullet journal that includes smaller tasks and more details, but Google Calendar helps me to keep on task overall. 

Hopefully this helped one of you guys! Let me know if you also use Google Calendar and reblog and like! :) 

I have a journal, but what do I write in it?

Look no further! Here are some ideas for keeping a journal.
•The daily journal. This is the stereotypical diary where you write everything! Write how your day was, your secrets, your friends, everything!
•A dream journal. Right when you wake up, grab a pen and start describing every detail from your dream. Doing this helps you to remember your dreams, interpret them, and studies show that it makes you more likely to lucid dream!
•A prayer journal. If you’re religious, this one is perfect for you! Use it to worship and write bible verses, prayers, and keep lists of people you need to pray for so you don’t forget.
•A daily log. You can choose to keep track of your sleeping patterns, exercise, what you eat, the medications you take, and if you have any health problems, you can also keep track of the symptoms you get! You can combine all of these in one journal or keep a separate journal for each log.
•A bullet journal. This is one of the most common journals that people keep. In these, you write your to-do lists, your plans, calendars, upcoming events, etc. This helps to boost your memory, keep organized in life, and gives you a better sense of control.
•A quote journal. Use it to write down your favorite quotes, or just make up your own!
•A weight loss/gain journal. In this one, you can keep track of you weight, your calories, and your exercise habits to make sure you get to the healthy weight you desire.
•An art journal. Use this journal to draw, paint, or create collages or scrapbook pages!
•A travel journal. Take it with you whenever you travel. Whether it’s to another country or just to another city. Jot down your experiences, your road trips, plane rides, cruises, and destinations! Remember to include photos, used travel tickets, a coin from a different currency, a postcard, a souvenir (like a shell or leaf), etc!
•A poetry journal. This is pretty self-explanatory. Write down your favorite poems or create your own!
•A journal for studying. If you’re attending school or a university, you obviously already have a notebook for school stuff. So why not make it more fun? Add stickers, color, and things you need to improve on!
•A journal for your career. This is especially useful if you run a business. Here, you can keep track of important dates, meetings, finances, and more!
•A journal for bills, taxes, and your house. This might sound boring, but it can be very useful! You can write yourself reminders, when you paid for utilities, etc.
•A journal for your sports/hobbies. If you enjoy soccer, swimming, gymnastics, biking, knitting, or art, this would be perfect for you. Whenever you do your sport or hobby, you can write about what you did, what you learned, and how you’ll better your skills. This is a fun way to keep track of progress and achievements!
•A pregnancy journal. It’s okay if you’re already 7 or 8 months along in your pregnancy. It’s never too late to start a pregnancy journal (unless of course, you have already given birth). Write either to your baby or just for yourself. Put in pictures of your ultrasounds, your baby bump, name ideas, etc!
•A journal for your children. Write down everything and give it to your child when she/he turns 18. Keep track of the dates when they lost their first tooth, got an award, broke their first bone, made their first friend, etc! Document everything! Include pictures of your child, schoolwork and drawings created by him/her, and more! Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a journal like that from when you were growing up? You could find out the exact date when you lost your first tooth, or took your first steps or said your first words. Even if your kid is already 13, start one now!
•A journal shared with someone else. Get a journal and pick someone to share it with. Whether it’s a sibling, parent, spouse, cousin, or friend, this will be a great way to keep memories. Write notes to each other, attach pictures of each other, write down funny conversations, and more! Did you get married to this person on July 7th? Write it! Did you meet this person on Christmas Eve? Write it! If the person lives far away, you can mail the book back and forth instead of using individual cards.
•A journal to your lost loved one. Keep a journal where you write to your friend, family member, or pet who passed away. This is very therapeutic and it can help you through your time of grief.
•A journal for lists. Keep lists of your favorite music, movies, books, places, and video games so you can see how your preferences change over time.
•A journal for signatures and autographs. Keep a journal full of signatures and autographs written by family members, friends, or even celebrities! It would be awesome to have a book full of their own personal handwriting to you.
•A journal for your budget. Keep track of your savings, spendings, and earnings!
•A journal for reviews. If you read a book or watch a movie, write a review of it in your journal and rate it.
•An heirloom journal. You can be the start of it! Keep a journal and pass it down from generation to generation and allow your family members to write whatever they want in it. Imagine if you found a journal that was written by your previous ancestors who were your great great great great grandparents? Way too cool!
•A journal for wish lists. Write things you plan on buying in the future. Whether cheap or expensive. Keep a list of songs you want to download, books you want to buy, and more.
•A vent journal. Use this journal whenever you’re feeling a strong emotion. Extreme anger or sadness or fear? Take it out on the pages! Scribble, rant, write angry notes you’ll never send, draw dark pictures, or just vent. SCREAM on those pages and let it out!
Happy journaling! And if you know any more, just comment it down below :)

OneNote digital bullet journal x planner masterpost

So, before this university year started I realized that Passion Planner and my last year simple and mini bullet-journal don’t meet my requirements, so I needed something new. I love watching others bullet journals and planners, which are colourful and creative, and nice-looking. But I just don’t find it convenient, logical and useful - to spend so much money and time on a notebook (just my opinion, guys, relax). Like…what for?


This way you can save money and spend less time. And you can see it whenever you want. And don’t carry additional weight with you (which, if you’re like me and have lots of heavy stuff with you every day, is a real pro)

I’m using a netbook and usually carry it around with me to work on + I’ve got all books for classes there (and we’ve lots of those), so my choice landed on OneNote app. I think many of you are used to see it only as a note-taking app, for Cornwell’s system for example, but, in fact, it has so many great options to act as a planner or a journal, that I was AMAZED not to find anyone using it this way.

But enough talking, let’s see how it looks in practice!

Here you can see different sections/tabs and pages of a chosen tab. I use them for my everyday needs, like mood diary and recovery challenge; checking my students progresses, tasks and what we’ve learned; the tab for my coursework contains a calendar, research plan, some info and notes; and notebook is for my french philology when I need to work with pdf files and highlight something in the text or write over it. Anyways, the one that interests us is bullet journal.

·         This is how my month of October looks like. I have a small calendar on the top left and the description of important/highlighted dates below it. Then, opposing calendar, there are my monthly goals. In the center there are books I need and want to read, tv series/movies/anime I plan to watch. And a bunch of pics to add the colour. (Pay attention to the to-do squares and keep them in mind, we’ll come back to them later!)

·         This is how first week of October looked like. Pretty simple and minimalistic. I mostly tracked what I need to do on a certain day and some chores. And it was the week when I decided to differentiate symbols.

·         My tags are pretty simple and I don’t always use them all, mostly first 12 (well, I use almost all of them, whatever), but it’s nice knowing I’ll have from what to choose if I ever need to.

·         Then there’s food log for each week. Pretty simple and on a A5 page size. (fasting was due to the loss of the appetite for 4 days because of my depression)

·         And monthly habit tracker. As you can see, I failed the drawing one completely. I may change them from time to time, though sport, self-care (or skin care), planning and water trackers are always with me. I love keeping them colour-coded.

So, this is how I use OneNote. I’m still using my Passion Planner and some phone apps to keep on track. I hope you’ve found this post useful and enjoyed the walkthrough my digital bullet journal. If you decide to create your own, tag me. I’d love to see them!

What Am I To You? (Jungkook Smut) (Pt. 2)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut
Length: Long

*Warning- Extreme Sexual Content*

Originally posted by parkjiminer

Summary- It’s been half a year since you and Jungkook started dating, and while many people may say that it’s a dream come true to date an idol, it’s actually been hard on the both of you. But you know Jungkook, and you know that whenever things get too hard, he’s always quick to make it all better.

Hours turned to days. Days into weeks. Weeks into months. Jungkook has been your boyfriend for an ongoing six months and you feel like you’ve been given the world every time you looked into his eyes. He’s everything you ever wanted. The never-ending love was something only you two can share, and didn’t want anyone else to see.

But as you sat in your dorm, working on an essay that is not due until next semester, you realized just how lonely you are. BTS had been working on their album for months and when they finally released it, they had been performing and doing interviews and going back and forth between Korea and Japan.

You rarely saw Jungkook, in fact, you never saw Jungkook. The only source you had to see your boyfriend was on TV or on social media. You typically weren’t one to keep up with social media, but Taehyung told you that to keep up with them, you at least needed a Twitter account, so that’s what you did.

You would’ve felt more alone when it comes to Taehyung being gone, but he at least sent a text message or sent a SNOW message every time he could, whether it be him eating with the other members or him getting his makeup done. Other than that, that was all you got to keep you from sitting in the dark listening to a depressing playlist, as dramatic as that sounded.

Although BTS had been on your mind for days, you needed to finish this essay. You’re known by professors for finishing your assignments months early and if you finish this essay now, you’ll be able to go on an earlier vacation than the other students.

You typed quickly on your laptop, your books for research already opened to the right pages to keep you resourced. You were writing an essay on the possible happenings if the world were to get rid of their individual governments which was a topic that you chose since it would be so easy. 

You were flipping through chapters when you heard your phone ringing. You looked over, expecting it to be your mother and you grabbed it and quickly put it to your ear, not bothering to look at the caller ID. “Hey mom, I’m working on an essay but I should be done in another hour so can I call you back?” You heard a low hum and you were taken by surprise to hear a male’s voice reply to you. “I see that you didn’t look at your caller ID cause I’m far from being your mother.”

“Jungkook?” You said his name louder than you realized and pulled your phone away from you to see his name in big letters on your screen. “Hey baby, I’ve missed you.” You almost melted at his words, but you were too upset with him. “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for a month to hear from you but I’ve gotten nothing. Taehyung can send me text messages and cute videos but you can’t even send me a message saying anything? I’ve been so lonely and so sad, you have no idea.” You didn’t mean to complain and whine but it’s honestly how you felt. You miss Jungkook like crazy, and it felt like he didn’t even understand that.

“I know, and I’m sorry Princess. We’ve just been so busy, and Taehyung is just a lot better at keeping up with everyone. I’m always on my toes doing something and I’ll forget to message. Forgive me?” You could hear his sincerity through the phone and you hummed as if you were thinking but in reality, you forgave him as soon as he spoke the first time. “I forgive you.” You smiled, leaning back in your chair.

“That’s good. I was just calling to tell you that we’re finally done with all our performances so we’ll have a good month to relax until we start planning our world tour.” You perked up. “Y-You’re coming back? When?” You looked at your calendar and started planning on the bus fee to get to the airport. “We’ll be back in Korea tomorrow morning.”

You were luckily gonna be finishing this essay tonight so you were pretty much free for a good while. “Tomorrow morning…sounds great. Should I meet you guys at the airport?” You waited for Jungkook’s response but it took longer than you thought. “Don’t do that, we’ll come get you from your dorm.”

“What do you mean? I can’t come to the airport?” You were confused. Getting to see your boyfriend and your best friends when they get off their plane was all you thought about since they’ve been gone. “No, you can’t. Fans pack up the airport and things get really hectic trying to get out. You know what, it’ll be better if you’re already at our dorms so no possible fans following us can see you. I don’t need drama on Twitter.”

You understood what Jungkook meant, and you completely understood that this was most likely something all of them thought about and wanted you to do. “Okay…I understand.” You heard Jungkook sigh before humming again. “Well I gotta go, I’ll see you tomorrow?” His question made you chuckle, as if there was a slight possibility you wouldn’t be there. “Of course you’ll see me.” You heard his low chuckle and you instantly felt warm as if he was already in your embrace. “Well, goodnight Princess.”

“Goodnight, I love you.”

Your eyes widened as the words quickly left your lips and you instantly shut your mouth, your teeth slapping together. Jungkook was silent as well, as if the call had already ended but you looked at your phone to see that it was still ongoing. You panicked, quickly ending the call and tossing your phone onto your bed. You told Jungkook you loved him. Although this may not seem like a big deal to others, this was big for you two, because you never told each other that you loved them.

You were waiting for the right time to tell him that you loved him or even for him to tell you but your waiting has been ruined by the slip of your tongue. You sighed, running your hands through your hair before looking at your laptop that was glowing in front of you, the cursor floating over a sentence that you didn’t finish. You needed to clear your mind, so this essay was all you had.

The walk towards the BTS dorms always made you happy. Knowing you would be seeing them left your heart pounding and your walk was quick and jumpy, the white flowy sundress you decided to wear, blowing in the wind as you walked. You prepared yourself as if you were seeing them for the first time, your hair was curled perfectly and your makeup had no mistakes, which meant you had to get up early but that wasn’t a problem for you.

Walking past the familiar business buildings and restaurants, your eyes scanned all over for any signs of their return, but all you were able to see was some advertisements that had Jimin’s face on it for a skin cream. As you searched, you walked past you and Taehyung’s favorite bakery. You stopped, looking inside as the sweet smells of pastries and breads filled your nose. “Wouldn’t hurt to get them something..”

You squeezed your way in through the back door of the dorm, your hands full with a bag of breads and flavored pastries and drinks for the members. You got to the kitchen, setting them on the table. The clock that was facing you read 8:25am and you yawned, the need for a little rest catching up to you. You had no idea when BTS was going to come back and so far Twitter wasn’t telling you much if they had even landed at the airport yet, so you decided to just go ahead and take a nap.

You walked up the stairs, making your way into Jungkook, Jhope, and Jimin’s room. You walked over to Jungkook’s bed, squeezing your way past his many instruments and studio sets. His bed was soft, his sheets clean and inviting. You laid down, his pillow smelled of him and it brought you comfort as your eyes closed and you fell asleep peacefully.


Why that word came to your mind in your dream, you were trying to figure out. You slept, but it felt like something was touching you.Your lips. Your lips were being touched…by someone else’s lips, and you knew exactly who’s they were.

Your eyes flew open quickly, Jungkook’s face pulling away and your lips instantly felt cold after being deserted. “Good morning, Sleeping Beauty.” He smirked. “Jungkook!” You grabbed him, pulling him down to you quickly and he followed,landing on top of you. “I missed you too, Princess.” He chuckled. As you held him, your mind started to wander as it always did to what you told him last night. You questioned whether or not you should bring it up but you quickly declined, not wanting to talk about it so quickly since Jungkook just got here.

He pulled away slightly, his arms wrapping around you and he looked at you, studying your face. “You’re beautiful…” He leaned in slowly, his lips making contact with yours and you were quick to kiss him back, your kisses were loving and passionate but there was a hidden hunger and desire behind it. It was true that you missed Jungkook, more than anything. You also missed the way he touched you, and the way he kissed all over your body, and the way he fucked you. But that wasn’t something that you were going to tell him.

Jungkook’s hands traveled all over your body, his hands traveling around your back and then to your stomach and upwards until his hand cupped your breast. A small moan left you as you kissed him but you were quick to whine when he pulled away. “Not right now…” He whispered and you pouted. “Later tonight, the members are going out for drinks. That’ll be the time when I can finally taste you.”

A shiver ran down your spine at Jungkook’s words and you watched as he pulled away from you, his hands grabbing yours to pull you up as well. You stood in front of him, your hands moving down to fix your sundress a little. Jungkook only stared, his eyes burning into your skin. “You’re staring, Jungkook.” You moved closer to him, your body pressing against his. His eyes flickered up to yours. “I like what I see.” His voice was deep. Deep so his words only be heard by the two of you. You quickly pressed your lips against him, your arms wrapping around his neck and his arms slowly wrapped around your waist.

You heard someone clear their throat and you were quick to pull away, looking over to see Taehyung leaning against the door frame with a piece of bread in his hands. “I knew I’d find you two up here.” He shoved the last piece of bread into his mouth, his arms open wide. “Come and give me a hug!” You smiled wide, quickly running over and hugging Taehyung, his arms engulfing you. You giggled as he spun you around and then set you back on your feet.

“Taehyung…I missed you.” You buried your face in his neck, his scent filling your nose. His familiar smell of vanilla relaxed you, as if all your inner worries didn’t exist. “I missed you too, weirdo.” He teased you. “Why are you looking all pretty? For me?” He flashed you a wide smile and you snorted, playfully slapping his arm. “Of course…not! Idiot.” You giggled as he huffed. “Still can’t respect your hyung? Do i have to leave for another month?” Taehyung’s arms folded over his chest as he pouted before quickly reaching to ruffle your hair before running off.

“K-Kim Taehyung! Do you know how long it took me to do my hair?” You yelled after him, chasing him down the stairs and into the kitchen to see the other members sitting around the table and eating the pastries you brought. “(Y/N!) Jimin wrapped his arms quickly around you, his arms hugging you tight. You pulled away from him, smiling at him before looking at all the other members.

“Do you like the food I brought?” You looked at Jin who was stuffing his face. He nodded, his mouth full of strawberry bread. “You didn’t have to bring us this.” Yoongi gave you a quick hug, his hand carrying his favorite coffee that you brought him. “If I didn’t then who else will?” You flashed a warm smile and all the members smiled back. At that moment as you stood in front of them, you really felt complete again.

As your thoughts wandered, a pair of arms wrapped around your torso. “Taehyung…you took my girl from me.” Jungkook’s voice was playfully full of mischief and Taehyung was quick to stick out his tongue. “Jungkookie, don’t forget that I’m your hyung!” He pinched Jungkook’s arm and before you knew it, Jungkook’s arm flew out and punched Taehyung in the arm. “Hyung, when has that ever stopped me?”

“Don’t mess with Jungkook, he’s been working out every day lately, he’s gonna eat us alive.” Namjoon teased as Taehyung winced at the hit. “We should call him Muscle-kook now, he looks like the muscular men from the sports magazines.” Jimin popped a piece of chocolate topped pastry into his mouth. “Not even, he looks like he could be a body builder. He should be advertising for protein shakes and not chapstick.”

You chuckled as they teased Jungkook, his goofy smile showing. “Whatever, whatever. Jimin is just jealous because my chocolate abs are better than his.” Jimin laughed out loud. “My chocolate abs are iconic, Jungkookie, you have catching up to do.” Jungkook chuckled at that, his voice almost like velvet to your ears and making you melt. His arms wrapped back around you and pulled you closer to him.

Jungkook has been glued to you since he’d seen you, not that you had a problem. You’ve been pretty much melting into his touch every time he had you close to him. Since the members came back, you’ve watched movies, played games, and watched from behind the camera when some of the members went on Vlive. It was entertaining, watching them interact with each other and also their fans. Now you were in the kitchen, eating grapes while Jungkook was wrapped around you, his head resting on top of yours.

“Alright lovebirds, we’re going out for drinks, wanna come with?” Namjoon grabbed his hat as he looked at the two of you. “No, we’ll stay here, hyung.” Jungkook spoke before you could, not that you were going to. You knew exactly what was about to happen once all the members were out that door and you were more excited that you’ve ever been before.

“Alright well, be good.” Jin looked at the two of you and you blushed. They knew exactly what was going to happen and it embarrassed you how easily you and Jungkook were to read. As the members left, Taehyung looked at you. “Use protection.” He teased before closing the door behind him, leaving you alone with Jungkook.

“Race to the bedroom?” Jungkook’s voice was dark and playful and you smirked, looking at him. You bit your lip, looking up at him. He looked down at you, his hand reaching up to pull your lip from between your teeth. “Only I can bite that lip, baby girl.” You held back a moan from his words, not giving him the satisfaction to get a reaction out of you this early. You leaned in, watching as he leaned in as well, expecting a kiss.

“Loser does whatever winner says!” You ran quickly out of Jungkook’s embrace, quickly running up the stairs. You heard his feet running after you, his steps getting closer and closer. You ran quickly into Jungkook’s room, panting as he grabbed you, turning you around to face him. “Well winner, what do you want me to do?” He raised an eyebrow at you and you smirked, biting your lip again.

“Kiss me.”

Jungkook’s lips instantly landed on yours, his kisses were hungry and demanding, and a moan left you as his tongue slipped into your mouth, immediately taking dominance. His hands went down to grab your ass, his hands squeezing tightly as he leaned down to lift you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist, his hands under you to hold you up.

You pulled away, looking into his hungry, dark eyes. “What now, baby girl?” He purred, leaning in to press kisses against your neck. “Take me to the bed.” Jungkook followed your words as if they were all he could hear, his feet quickly taking you to the bed and he placed you down before quickly hovering over you, his lips still attacking your neck.

“J-Jungkook…” You moaned, his lips and teeth on your soft spot and you looked down at him as he kissed down your neck and to your exposed collarbone. “Let’s take this off, hm?” He looked up at you as he pulled down your straps to your dress from your shoulders. “I thought I was supposed to be ordering you?” You ran your hands through his brown hair. “Hm…you know you like it when i”m in charge.” He pulled down your dress,  the soft material slipping off of you easily. “No bra?” He raised an eyebrow at you as he stared at your exposed breasts. “I didn’t see a point in wearing one.” You bit your lip again, your body heating up under his touch as he traced his finger around your nipple. “Me neither.” He bent down to wrap his lips around your nipple, his teeth grazing against it as he flicked and rubbed at your other nipple. Your moans spilled out like honey to his ears and he kissed down your body to your clothed heat.

“Do you want me to pleasure you?” He asked, his finger hooking around your laced panties. “Do you even have to ask?” You looked down at him, your breasts moving up and down as you breathed heavily in desire. “By the look on your face, not at all.” He smirked at you. He put his lips to your pussy, the lace covering you beginning to get soaked with your juices. Jungkook pulled your underwear off, the material falling to the floor. “So wet for me…it turns me on.” Jungkook groaned as he put his finger on your wet folds and his tongue poked out to lick between them. A sweet moan spilled from your lips as you looked down at Jungkook, not wanting to close your eyes.

It turned you on to watch Jungkook pleasure you, and it turned you on even more when he looked back up at you. His lips wrapped around your clit and it was as if your body was floating on warm clouds. The pleasure running through your body as Jungkook licked and sucked at your clitoris was making your body jolt and shake in ecstasy. “F-Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” You moaned, your hands pulling at Jungkook’s hair and you felt your climax come closer and closer before looking up at Jungkook with wide eyes when he pulled away.

“You’re not coming yet. Not till I’m inside of you.” He purred, hovering over you once more. “Well, then let me suck your dick.” You reached down to grab at his cock through his joggers. “No.” He smacked your hand away lightly. “Why not? I’m the one in charge here.” You watched as he took off his shirt, your mouth gaped open at his toned muscles. He leaned back to take off his joggers, his cock completely hard under his boxers. He wasn’t lying when he said that he was turned on.

“Because I want your pussy to be the only thing I feel around my cock.” He pulled his boxers down, his cock popping out like a spring. “You’re so hard.” You bit your lip as he reached over to his nightstand and pulled out a condom. “Only for you, Princess.” He put the condom between his teeth  and ripped off the wrapper, pulling the rubber out before blowing away the wrapper. He reached down to put the condom on. “What position do you want, baby girl?” He looked up at you.

“It’s whatever you want.” You looked at up him to see him looking at you with an amused expression. “You’re the one in charge. What feels good to you?” He leaned forwards, kissing your neck. “Um…I don’t know…um…” You thought to yourself but you didn’t know what to say. Every position felt amazing to you. “Here, let’s try something new.” He lifted your legs so they were on his shoulders and he leaned down so your knees were at your breasts.

“What are you doing?” You looked up at him questionably. “You’ll like this, I promise.” He put his finger to your lips, quieting you before positioning his tip at your entrance. You took a deep breathe as he entered you, the lack of sex over the past month made it a little painful from the stretch. “Fuck, you’re so tight.” He groaned, his hands gripping the sheets above your head. He hesitated, waiting for you to relax before slowly moving inside of you. You groaned, the slight pain being replaced by pleasure. “Jungkook…fuck me.” You moaned and you heard Jungkook’s familiar chuckle as he started to move faster inside you, the sound of skin slapping skin echoing throughout the room.

This new feeling was amazing, the feeling of him pounding directly into your spot as well as him rubbing against your clitoris left you a moaning mess. You felt the feeling of your climax returning and you reached up to grab Jungkook’s wrists. “I’m gonna fucking cum..” You moaned before your back arched slightly, you body shaking as your climax washed over you. “Yeah, fucking cum on my cock.” He growled, pounding into you as you came. You panted as he continued to thrust into you, your oversensitive clit was throbbing in pleasure.

“Time to change.” He pulled out quickly, your pussy feeling empty. “Get on your hands and knees.” He said the words you loved so much and you quickly turned around, sticking your ass up at him and arching your back. “You like this, don’t you?” He quickly shoved his cock back inside you and you moaned, his cock deep inside you. “Fucking take my cock.” He grabbed your hips, pounding into you. You gritted your teeth, your hands grabbing the bed sheets tighter than you’ve ever had them. You buried your head into the sheets, Jungkook’s cock slamming into you at an unbearable fast and rough speed. He reached down to grab your hair, pulling your head back up. “Moan for me, baby.” He smacked your ass, that pleasurable stinging sensation making you moan sinfully.

“You like that? You like when I spank you?” He smacked your ass two more times, your ass turning a shade of rose pink. “F-Fuck y-yes.” You moaned. “Fuck, your pussy feels so good, I’m gonna cum.” Jungkook groaned loud, his body pressing against yours as he continued to fuck you deep and he moaned, his teeth sinking into your shoulder as he came. You moaned out loud at the feeling of him biting you along with him riding out his orgasm.

A deep growl left him as he pulled out of you and you fell onto the bed, your head against one of his pillows. You heard him take the condom off before tossing it into the trash and he was back with you, his arms wrapping around you and pulling you close. His body was sweaty but so was yours, so you didn’t mind. “That was amazing…I missed that.” You turned so you could face him, his eyes searching yours. His face looked serious. “Jungkook? What’s wrong?”

“I love you too.” His words didn’t make sense to you at first and you stared at him, confused. “What?” He sighed, his hands cupping your face and he pressed a soft kiss to your lips. He pulled away, looking at you with a small smile. “You said you loved me yesterday, did you mean it?” He almost looked scared to ask that question. Did you mean it? “Of course I meant it.” You mouth moved faster than your thoughts, but you knew that you weren’t wrong. You love him. 

“Good. I love you, (Y/N).” He ran his hands through your hair and you hummed back. “I love you too, Jeon Jungkook.”

Author’s Note

Hey! Sorry that it took me this whole break to do this but I honestly had the worst writer’s block imaginable. But I’m finally finished! I hope you guys like it!

I’m sorry if there are typos, it’s late at night and I’m extremely tired so I’ll fix all the typos as soon as I wake up in the morning tomorrow!


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Binder Organization!

1. I keep my schedule right at the beginning of my binder, so I have easy access to it

2. I like to print out calendars to plan out my study in - in monthly view -, it really helps to see how much time you have left until the test/exam, and it’s easy to plan out what you’ll do each day. I also color code my classes, so it’s easy to pick up the things I need for studying for the classes if I go to the library, for example

3. The first thing you’ll see behind each divider is the class syllabus. It’s important to keep it, especially if it has the test dates on it. Can’t afford to forget when tests are!!

4. For my Human Language class, our teacher made guides, and she would use them to teach the topics, and elaborate on each one

5. Rewritten class notes

6. Actual class notes

7 & 8. Before the tests, I would type everything out on the computer, and then print it out and use it as another way to study

9. Our final literature test

10. The resolution of said test, in which I actually got an A, I’m so proud!