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Advent Calendar Day 18

German and Danish Christmas Fairy Tales the Signs should definitely read

The Snow Queen - Scorpio, Aquarius

a little girl searches for her brother Kai who got kidnapped by the (inside and outside cold) Queen of Snow  

a magical journey full of fairies, princes and princesses and even reavers; a story that is humorous, ironical and at the same time serious and tragic; a tribute to humanity and love; only friendship and love will bring true happiness in life

The Fir Tree - Cancer, Pisces

a little fir whose biggest wish - to become a beautiful, sparkling decorated Christmas tree - came true   

some dreams and wishes can be disappointing; love and appreciate what you have and don’t dream too boisterously; think about what you really want; there is not always a happy ending

Mother Hulda - Gemini, Capricorn

a hard-working, beautiful and kind gel gets forced to jump inns well by her step mother and then meets mother Hulda, helps her to let it snow and receives a high reward

kindness defeats hate and derision, friendliness overmatches wealth; hard work pays off, in the end the villain is misfortunate (or even receives pitch)

The Star Money - Virgo, Libra

a poor orphaned girl gives all her little cloths to other homeless people in a cold winter night; when she has nothing left to give, stars fall to earth before her, becoming thalers

it is never wrong to be good-hearted; it is not always right to take yourself first; self lines makes you and others happy, be kind and generous and it will pay off

Three Nuts for Cinderella - Aries, Leo

the poor but lovely and kind Cinderella receives three hazelnuts which transform in three different outfits, each of them helps to temporarily leave behind her stepmother’s oppressive manner and to eventually win the heart of the prince

love is not about wealth and property; your inner beauty counts much more in order to get a prince; evil stepmothers and their daughters do not win

The little match girl - Taurus, Sagittarius

a young orphaned girl lights up all the matches that she is supposed to sell in a cold winter night to warm herself up and eventually joins her beloved grandma in heaven

no one wanted to help that girl; life can be tough and unfair; there are some people who will always love you; be thankful for your warm home and your family and be willing to help people in need


So what if someone were to make one of the motivational calendar things, but with random Jacksepticeye and/or Marikplier quotes for each day???

Like who wouldn’t love seeing his beautiful face with a random quote every  day?

Like imagine waking up one day, looking at the calendar and seeing this picture with the caption “doot doot bitch”

Someone make this happen please

One of Professor Hot Stuff’s stipulations for doing the calendar was that E.T, her favourite childhood movie (because space), be included. On the day of the shoot, Lexa overheard a conversation between a few students discussing how the Prof’s long fingers would look sexy glowing orange, and this weirded her out, because E.T is sweet and innocent, and not to be sexualised. She begged Clarke to swap places with her. Clarke was NOT happy at the prospect of being wrapped in a blanket and shoved in a basket, ”but babe…even I can’t make that look sexy”…….She struggled to contain her feelings……..

@femininechaos and @hotbust-sexscapades….I’m not even sorry.


  • Bighit: *releases information*
  • Me: .........................
  • Bighit: ʘ‿ʘ *shoves Bangtan's new calendar photos in my face*
  • Me: ............... you are forgiven.
  • Bighit: ◉‿◉
Gift Suggestions

the last couple of years i’ve suggested gifts for anyone having trouble, but this year i’ve only managed a couple cause life’s been kinda hectic. since i don’t forsee having the time here’s a general list

if you know the person well:

  • figure out what they love most, take into account anything that’s recently happened in their lives, and anything they’ve mentioned in passing: they love baking and star wars? the world is literally yours. they love van gogh and recently moved to a new house? get them a housewarming present. they mentioned loving plants but complained about killing anything green? SUCCULENTS (have answered more than 130 asks that cover almost everything)
  • SOCKS.
  • get sth that reminds you of a cherished memory, inside joke, argument. book set in a place you vacationed together. henry cavill wrapping paper cause one of you is a fan and the other NOT (have done this), rare childhood favorites: candy, movies etc
  • get crafty with it. scrapbooks, picture frames, calendars, planners with surprise notes scribbled on important days. PLAYLISTS (fanfic and fanart!)
  • if you’ve decided to get them clothing or anything that is a matter of personal taste, it’s safer to shop from a store you know they love; they’ll probably like it and if not they can easily return it
  • something that passive aggressively shows you care coupled with sth fun: sunscreen for all that hiking they’re doing and a novel by their fave author; phone charger cause they’re always running low and a cute case
  • i personally love smaller presents rather than one big one, but go with your gut

if it’s a secret santa or someone you don’t know that well:

  • tis the season to get cozy: scarves, quilts, candles, SOCKS. you can keep everything gender neutral and choose safe patterns or colors. avoid anything overtly christmasy
  • get them a book/movie you personally enjoyed that has broad appeal. add a little personal note saying why you liked it. done. 
  • mugs filled with beverage goodies. a tea selection and honey. coffee and biscotti. hot chocolate and marshmallows.

works for everyone:

  • make them something edible from scratch. google is your friend for recipes and very few people won’t appreciate at least the effort (even if you fail abysmally).  
  • alcohol is usually a well-received gift that will suit any budget. wine is the safest but weirder might be better if they’re friends (AND MAKE SURE THE PPL YOU’RE GETTING IT FOR ACTUALLY DRINK)
  • handcream and chapstick make for excellent presents or stocking fillers these winter months

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