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High performance all year long – with the 2017 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Calendar including the irresistible Mercedes-AMG GT3.

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My bujo at early December compared to the end of December (2016).
I spent so much time with my friends and family especially the last 2 weeks of December. Now I have to go back to my main activity. Have a great weekend guys! 🙌


The wall clocks at my parents are multiplying to dangerous levels already. Pendulum swings and mechanical clicks, bells and whistles every half hour, there’s no way you can sleep in this vintage exhibition room which happens to be also the guest room. Unless you wait until the rest of the house starts snoring then sneak behind every one of these doomsday devices and, slowly but with a steady hand, keep its pendulum in place until smothered it gives up clicking and chiming. Twenty five kills later it’s finally off to beddy byes… but don’t worry, there are another ten or so clocks in the rest of the house, no risk time would stop flowing. And no, I didn’t make up the numbers and the pictures above should prove it. You’ll notice above also a beer photo, nothing extraordinary here I know, but worth mentioning as I had it already half a year beyond its expiry date. Vintage beers deserve to go down the drain most of the time but this Zăganu IPA pulled out a nice surprise. A Romanian brew originally of fairly fine quality turned with age into a Berliner weisse impersonator: fruity and tart, fizzy almost gushing, refreshing and still bitter… fully enjoyable and not only for the surprise factor.

#7 Did you have some sweets in your boots yesterday morning?
Reflections of all kind always look gorgeous on photographs and this is one of the good thing in autumn and winter, that you can find a lot of puddles with beautiful reflections.