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In the moment we clashed, the one in control is me
I will manipulate even the weight of this cut-short life

Happy Birthday Chuuya! [29.04]


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can u imagine, right so you walk into work everyday and everyday you walk into that bullpen and you sit down at your desk and you’re getting SO SICK of seeing Luke Alvez’s desk so bland and empty and his desk is right by yours.

so you, being a good friend, begin to pick up little things you think he’ll like, little desk things and spending hours in the store with your eyes scanning all the shelves in search of little desk thingies and then going home and staying up ‘till crazy hours on amazon trying to find things to order him because you want to add a splash of colour to his desk, maybe just cheer him up a bit too.

in the morning you walk in with the biggest shit eating grin, knowing what you’re going to do when your amazon delivery arrives the next day. and Luke keeps asking what you’re up to and you just smile and shrug and he furrows his eyebrows at you and shakes his head and laughs because he thinks you just so damn cute.

so you walk in the next day super early so you know he won’t walk in while your spicing up his desk.

so he doesn’t see you arrange the cup warmer, little smiling dog calendar, puppy post-it note dispenser, tub of glass putty to occupy him on boring days, beaver pencil sharpener and a little fake tree pencil/pen holder on his desk.

and in his desk drawers you slip in a pack of pencils and personalised pens that were decorated in bright colours, all in his favourite colour to write in and you sat some of those post it notes that you sick to your screen on his desk too because who doesn’t need some of those

and you sit at your desk and pretend to work, when in fact you’re looking at the door every few minuets to see who’s walking in, and eventually when the rest of the team come in and you tell them what you did and not to give it away to him it was you.

and when luke comes in he had the most confused look you’ve ever seen on his face and you have to hold back you giggles as you watch him look around the room and you have to pretend to be working and he spends the whole day interrogating the whole team to see who did it and finally he catches up with the culprit.

he catches you in the kitchen making coffee and he takes your hand and takes you into the supply closet and he looks you dead in the he and asks you if you did it and you give him that cute little smirk you had on yesterday as you try to deny it but he’s having none of it because he knows it was you and he wraps his arms around you and thanks you for making him feel welcome and thanks you for being so kind to him and splashing his desk with the colour that you brought to his life and your cheeks go all red and even in the dim light of the closet he thinks you are just SO DAMN CUTE and he cups your little squishy cheeks in his hands and kissing your lips and you mould right into him and he is SO in love with you.

and then when you both go back and act like nothing happened, you reach into your desk drawer and pull out a picture and flick a piece of paper at luke so he looks at you and you smile and whisper,

‘I got you something else’ and he quirks an eyebrows and you hand him a picture of yourself pouting over exaggeratedly with a peace sign up with hair spilling out a colourful headband and colourful face paint spread over your face just to take that photo specifically for him to sit on his desk (and you best believe he damn well put that picture up proudly because that beauty is his girl and he looks at it everyday with love) because you found it funny and you want him to be as happy as possible because you love him too.

“David and the Ruby Cavalier” - Digital Oil Painting

“Isn’t she sweet? So calm. And I’m not even sneezing!”

For me, there are few things finer than David Tennant in a soft powder blue jumper, holding a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, with that sweet smile on his face.

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