A little over a month ago, I was able to purchase the TMM 2004 Calendar. It was actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be, so I had to scan each picture in parts and put them all together. Despite how hard it was, I’m glad that we’ll finally get some high quality scans of these pictures. To start us off, here’s the front cover.


Here is our card for the new week. Takaki and Nakajima on side one, Dai-chan on side two. I went overly nutty for Dai-chan. He’s just so damn adorable! I love him lots! Have a great week everyone! And everyone in the USA, like me, have a great Thanksgiving! And be safe if you go shopping on Black Friday!

These are scans I did with the scanner. Let me know what you all think. If you like the scans or the pictures I take better. To me, the scans came out a little grainy. Thanks!

Don’t forget to enter your edits and fanart into the Hot Shadowhunter Calendar contest!

Edits/fanart/moodboards/whatever you want can be new or old, just be sure to tag them with #hot shadowhunter calendar challenge

The theme for November is Will Herondale, so get submitting your work of this gorgeous guy!


Hello everyone!!! 

the christmas season is starting soon and I plan to do a bnha advent calendar. 

I’m going to post each day - from the 1st till 24th decembre - a christmas or winter themed fanart of one or more bnha characters. The most of them (not all!) will show ships I like. For example…

  • Ships which are probably included: TODOMOMO, Izuocha, Bakuocha, Kiribaku, Kirimina, Tokotsuyu, Kamijirou (ect.) 

I don’t have drawings for each day yet, that’s why it’s possible that I’ll add one (or even two) other ships when I have the date for it. 

  • Character who is definitely NOT included: MINETA  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please look forward to it, my fellow bnha fans (and shipper)~~

>> I would be very pleased if you drop over my blog next month~~

You want to see more of my drawing stuff? Just click on the tag “myart” <3 (More is coming soon ❤) //Please don’t repost without permission!


Hi everyone,
since we’re already more than halfway through November, I just wanted to remind you that there’s a week and a half left until the submission date on the 30th November. Thanks to those who have already sent me their submission! :) The calendar is starting to look great! And thanks to those who have already followed this blog.

Once you’ve finished your submission, message me or send me an ask on my jeremyholmes profile and I will give you my e-mail address. If you know someone who’s participating but for some reason doesn’t get notified, can you let them know or let me know so I can get in touch. Thank you! I’m so, so excited about this! :) 

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