Supernatural [[ Season 12 ]]

Supernatural Episode 1 : Keep Calm and Carry On

Supernatural Episode 2 : Mamma Mia

Supernatural Episode 3 : The Foundry

Supernatural Episode 4 : American Nightmare

Supernatural Episode 5 : The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Supernatural Episode 6 : Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox

Supernatural Episode 7 : Rock Never Dies

Supernatural Episode 8 : Lotus

Close to the Enemy Season 1 Episode 5 


Close to the Enemy Episode 1 : Episode 1

Close to the Enemy Episode 2 : Episode 2

Close to the Enemy Episode 3 : Episode 3  

Close to the Enemy Episode 4 : Episode 4 

Close to the Enemy Episode 5 : Episode 5

Close to the Enemy Episode 6 : Episode 6 

Close to the Enemy Episode 7 : Episode 7  

[PREORDER] IU 2017 Seasons Greetings Calendar

Release date: 23rd December 2016

Price: 34,900 won

Calendar: 21 cm x 27cm, 24 photos
Diary: 16.5cm x 19.5cm, including the 24 photos in total 176 photos
Card size mini calendar 4 pieces (4 photos): 15.5cm x 18.5cm
(Bonus) 4 photo cards

(This is different from the concert version IU 2017 calendar.)

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Yesasia - 51.99 USD
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(free shipping, 7 to 30 business days, without tracking code for all other countries)

Gmarket - 30.47 USD + 6 to 24 USD shipping fee depending on where you live
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Kpopmart - 32.90 USD + 22 to 46 USD shipping fee depending on where you live
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sgkpopper - no purchase link yet, 40+ SGD most probably?
Carousell seller - 50 SGD

Advent Calendar: Day Seven / Fandom; DC / Pairing; Barry Allen x Reader / Warnings; Kissing / Drinking / Drunk & Fluff

Sorry! The layout isn’t how it should be (had to do this on my phone) and this may not be my best, I’ve been in such a rush to get everything done today and had to power through and get this out. But at least it’s out? Liv x

‘BARRY I’M HOME!’ you stumbled through the door, you’d been out with friends and not exactly on purpose gotten hammered. In a blur, Barry was in front of you ‘eugh! That made me feel sick, don’t do that again’ Barry chuckled lightly and took hold of your hand 'but drunk are we Miss Y/N? ’ You gave him a cheeky smile and nod 'maybeeee’ it came out in more of drawl then an actually word or sound. In the blink of an eye, you lunged at Barry your lips covering his, to you this kiss was romantic and full of passion but to Barry. It was all teeth and tongues. But being the gentleman he is, he smiled 'time for bed me thinks’ gently guiding you up the stairs. You yawned and nodded. Once in the room you face planted the bed, rolled over and looked at Barry who was smiling at you 'I love you, Allen!’ He shook his head laughing 'and I love you Y/L/N!’ With one final kiss goodnight, you were out like a light. 

The Next Morning;
Coffee and kisses woke you, 'my head!’ You groaned. Barry smiled at you 'morning sleepy’ you smiled 'how bad was it?’ He chuckled 'oh you came home naked’ your face went completely red 'WHAT!’ you screamed, Barry was full on laughing now 'I’m kidding! Calm down Y/N’ you calmed shaking your head 'I hate you, Allen!’ He just laughed and said 'love you too Y/L/N!’