May 5, 2016

The small stand next to Kaneki and Hide is the Koinobori, meaning ‘carp streamer’ to celebrate Children’s Day in Japan. These wind socks are made by drawing carp patterns on paper, cloth or other nonwoven fabric. They are then allowed to flutter in the wind.

The paper hat Rize put on Kaneki’s head is an origami of a Kabuto, a helm worn by Japanese samurais.


03 May 2016: New month, new desktop wallpapers! 🎉

Click to download The Brush Type Series: May 2016 Wallpaper
Click to download The Watercolor Series: Make It Happen Wallpaper

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It’s finally here! Sorry, it’s so last minute >_< I make them on my mom’s computer, so I don’t always have access to them. I PROMISE that next month I will put them out much sooner!

May is Emerald, so we have a lovely Emerald color scheme. I added a calendar that starts on Monday since it does make more sense for people in school.


Mon-Sun Calendar
Sun-Sat Calendar
May Tracker
Daily Planner 1-8
Daily Planner 9-16
Daily Planner 17-24
Daily Planner 25-31


may 2, 2016 // my studygram: @mint.sprout

Since April just ended, I thought I’d show you guys some bullet journal spreads that I started using in the month of April that worked out really well for me! ✨ All focused on positivity and progress, but not perfection. 🌙  I especially loved the variation of the monthly calendar where I wrote down a positive thing that happened or a lesson learned each day. 

I also started tracking my classes in my bullet journal and it’s been sooo, so helpful for me and my grades! Thinking about doing an in-depth post about the new methods I’ve been using if anyone would be interested! 😁