calem cosplay


How-To : Calem’s Bag from Pokemon XY

Took roughly 4-5 hours to make, but I did a lot of unnecessary lining stuff that could be left out if you just wanted to go for the look.

  • Measure and cut out the basic rectangle of the bag, assemble
  • Cut out applique, you can stitch this down or in my case I used double sided interfacing to glue it down
  • Cut/Assemble an interior ‘basket’ of super heavy interfacing to give the bag shape
  • Cut/Assemble interior lining, I used some thin upholstory form to give the bag two sections and a bit of cushion for a laptop
  • Stack your sections together and curl all the raw edges in on themselves, stitch along the edge, leave a bit open on the ends to put in the strap
  • Measure/Cut/Sew in the strap, I got lazy here and didn’t make it adjustable with some D-Rings.

If you went through all that you should have a nice durable duck-canvas bag for a costume and con-going that you can actually stick things in and won’t fray all over the place internally :)