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Taco Bell Story

Okay so tonight I was supposed to work 8 hours but I ended up working 10 and a half because we got slammed and a bunch of people called off, and everyone was tired, and we all just wanted to go home, and I’m working the fucking drive thru by myself (order taking and register operating) so I’m losing my goddamn mind, and then this older woman, probably in her 60′s, pulls up to the window and says:

“Hi, I have a sort of odd request: can I pay for the next three people in line behind me?”

So of course I’m like, “Uhhhh, I guess if you want to. Do you want to know how much their orders are, or…?”

And she’s just like, “Nope, whatever it costs, I can pay.”

And I’m standing there, slack-jawed like “holy shit okay rad” and I ask her why? Why does she want to do this? And she answers:

“About 8 months ago, I got laid off and I was struggling really bad and a lot of people supported me with these little random acts of kindness, and I’ve got a new job and come into some money so I want to return that; good karma and everything.”

So I ring her up, and she thanks me and pulls away, and at this point I’m just like all sparkly anime eyes, and then the 1st person whose order she paid for pulls up, and it’s a young woman, maybe 19 years old, and she goes, “I’m so sorry, I thought I had a $10 bill but I only have a $5, can I take something off? I’m so sorry.” 

And I get to look at this girl and say, “Ma’am, there’s no need to worry about it, the woman in the car in front of you paid for your meal.”

And the look on this girl’s face…good god, she actually CRIED a little bit, shook my hand, and told me that the next time she had money, she was going to do the same for someone else.

The 2nd person that the woman paid for pulls up, hands me a $20 bill, which I hand back to her saying, “Your meal was paid for by another customer.” This lady gives me a blank stare, slowly withdraws her hand with the money, and whispers out a choked up, “Wow…wow, thank you; thank you.”

And the 3rd person whose meal was paid for (here’s the kicker) gave me a $50 bill to cover his $48-and-some-change order, and basically yells, “WHAT?!” when I tell him that it’s been paid for. He then declares, “Well, then I’ll pay for the next two orders; are they under $50?” (yes, they were) “Alright, fantastic.”

And after that, for the rest of my shift (another 35 minutes!), every person that came through paid for one or two cars behind them; some were simple 4 or 5 dollar orders, some were $45+, but everyone, regardless of how much their original meal was and how much the person’s behind them was, paid it forward. 

As far as I know, it’s still going on. I’ll have to ask my manager how it ended tomorrow. 

My faith in humanity has been restored; I’ve cried happy tears for the first time in a very long while; and today was a really good day.

the great thing about charlie and dean is that they’re equals, like if they had a normal life without any crazy monster shit to deal with, dean and charlie would chose to hang out with each other and eat gummy bears on the couch while watching star trek

that feel when you get one of your friends interested in one of your fandoms and it’s really fun for a week or so because they don’t know anything and they are so excited to learn, but then they start having opinions and original thoughts about it and you’re just like, no you’re wrong you don’t know anything I WAS HERE FIRST I CALLED THEM MY BABIES MINE.