On Sunday, October 4, join artists Odili Donald Odita, Michelle Angela Ortiz, and Caledonia Curry (aka SWOON) in a discussion about ephemeral media, street art, and museums. The program is in collaboration with the Mural Arts Program’s Open Source project.

Detail of an installation by SWOON. Photo courtesy of Caledonia Curry.


This Starts With Her Breaking The Law And Ends With All Of Us In Awe

Artist Caledonia Curry, aka Swoon, talks about her start in graffiti and how that caused her to end up in the most unlikely of places, from her perspective.


A beautifully detailed paste-up by Swoon, aka Caledonia Curry. Swoon is known for her detailed cut-outs as well as a wide range of art that often has a non-political social and human aspect to it. She is also very active in charity work with her most notable contribution being the Konbit Shelter in Haiti.

Learn more about the Konbit Shelter at


This is Caledonia Curry A.K.A. Swoon.  Her art is more than art and it’s AMAZING.