caleb x cornelia


» love’s to blame (caleb x cornelia; W.I.T.C.H.)

I recently decided to cosplay Cornelia later in the year, so I dived back into the fandom, and since I’m still not over Lorin/Mattias it just sort of struck me that he could be a great comic book Caleb. Ahhhh, I really wish someone would make a W.I.T.C.H. movie. :c They’ll probably fuck everything up pretty badly, but at least the new generation will know of W.I.T.C.H.

Cornelia: Oh, you just haven’t tried broccoli the way I make it, Vance Michael.
Caleb: I didn’t know you and the poster were dating.
Cornelia: Ahh, Caleb! Sneaking up on people might be okay in Meridian, but here it’s just, like, rude!
: I don’t get why girls here fall for a picture of a guy pretending to be an elf.
Cornelia: He is not an elf. He’s a “trundleblotten.” A tribe of incredibly good looking pixies who bravely battle the forces of Flendar.
: Hey, I’d like to see Vance Michael Whats-his-teeth tangle with a giant lizard. ‘Cause I do that, y'know! Every day!

→ 01x09, Return of the Tracker

I love this scene because it’s their first major interaction (without any one else around), on the show and it immediately established their snark and banter.

PS: Made for bentfire, who made me remember how much I love this ship and who is the most awesome person ever. <3 Screencaps made by her.