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Everything Changes

A quick preview of the new fic I am working on. 

Summary: At age 5, Blaine Anderson was a happy go lucky boy who liked to play with the family dog Scooter, pretend he was a power ranger with Cooper and snuggle up to his mom or dad and listen to the rain. But when Blaine’s mother has a nervous breakdown and is put into a hospital, Blaine finds out that everything can change in just a few seconds. 

Blaine Anderson washed his hands before walking out of the shared bathroom that connected his and his older brother Coopers bathroom. The five year old had brushed his teeth and gotten on his clothes for school, happily bouncing downstairs, curls falling in his face. 

But something was wrong. The first floor of Blaine’s house was quiet, when usually Cooper and Daddy were up and Mommy was making breakfast. Today there was no eggs being cooked or any conversation being held.

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Blaine hadn’t taken to him like Kurt had. 

He tried. He really did. He would cuddle him, and rock him. 

Help him get to sleep. 

But that was nothing in comparison to the large smile and bright eyes that lit the room when Kurt would walk in. 

Blaine would watch quietly as the little boy reached out for Kurt. 

Blaine would listen, still hoping the best when he said ‘Dada’ before 'Papa’. 

Blaine felt like he gave and gave to the small boy, a tender age of two, and he didn’t get anything back. Anything willing to be given from him, was all directed towards Kurt. 

Blaine hadn’t taken to him like Kurt had. 

And what hurt the most, was the boy, was his godson, Wyatt Cooper. The boy was theirs, a blessing in disguise after Cooper and Cassie had gotten killed in an accident. 

And the boy didn’t even like him.