I can’t be the only one to be disappointed with the pretty little liars since the 5 year time jump? Don’t get me wrong most people are just pissed off that spaleb is a thing. I am not a fan of spaleb either but it is not the only thing I am bothered about but it would of been nice to see Spencer evolve out of that kind of behaviour. She can’t be blind to see that however much Hanna and toby state that it is fine the look on her face tells another story. It is also plain to see that there isn’t much other than a physical relationship between spencer and caleb. They look to be just a distraction for each other from the main issues at hand and It’s a shame because their friendship could of been something the writers could of really worked on but no they had to take it that one step further. 

Also it seems like to me that from tweets some of the cast members have made that Hanna and Caleb will end up together and all I can see is friendships ruined and Spencer getting hurt. Something devastating apparently happened for Hanna and Caleb to split up and I have a feeling from seeing the instagrams when they where filming was that she was pregnant and lost the baby. I still think they have that to deal with or with whatever happened. It’s just really a shame to have every episode where every scene is just spaleb hooking up and not really concentrating on the other issues with the other girls. It’s like everything has been put on a back burner for stupid mundane storylines other than just spaleb. 

Half the time in the preview for the following episode you think oh it’s about to get interesting and it just doesn’t. In my opinion they haven’t even upped the anti with this new “A” you’d think that this one would be going above and beyond what Charlotte did but apparently not so far. I don’t know I would just like to see more than just spaleb. I’d like to see more of maybe alison and mona but maybe that is all coming up. Who knows with this damn show anymore. I would’ve just liked to seen the girls evolve a bit more as they don’t seemed to have evolved much at all. I’ll probably elaborate a bit more on the other issues at a later date.


“There’s one moment coming that when I filmed it I had to actually ask for a couple more takes. I told the director, ‘All I can hear in my head and see are the reaction videos of fans watching it and then screaming and possibly even hating me…’ so that was a little overwhelming. We’ll see what happens! I’m just not going to watch the reaction videos after that episode.” - Troian