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90th Anniversary of Lenin’s Death - Caleb Maupin on RT

Comrade Caleb Maupin of Workers World Party and FIST interviewed on the continuing relevance of Lenin’s revolutionary theory and practice.


HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of Palestinians and supporters protest against City Council’s grotesque “New York Stands with Israel” press conference at City Hall, July 14, 2014.

Photos by Caleb Maupin

The New York City Council is planning a press conference on Monday titled “New York Stands With Israel.”

As we witness Israel’s continuous occupation and terrorism against innocent people in Palestine since 1948, and following the latest Israeli assaults and massacres against Palestinians in Gaza, New Yorkers refuse to have the city council speak on their behalf in supporting Israel’s atrocities in the past week where more than 156 of Palestinians were killed and thousands injured.

Please invite friends and family, share this event, and post about in social media with this hashtag: #NY4Palestine!