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okay so you know how stranger things and parks and rec are both set in indiana,,well I’m convinced that everyone from hawkins visited pawnee to go to the harvest festival in 1983


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atypical human; patient #11; caleb michaels; class a, level 7

“patient number 11-A-7, session nine. male, sixteen years of age, with the abilities of a highly advanced empath. so far he’s made very little progress in controlling this ability, sessions have been quite challenging as a result, for obvious reasons.”


I posted it and Caleb replied like within an hour, so these two gifs kind of sum up the day. 


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Kal [ @ofsoulitude ] | He/Him | Lao American 

Day 1 of the Trans Ask Game! 

How did you choose your name?

I’m an identical twin and my sister is the person I’m closest to in the world. We went through everything together growing up and my transition was no exception. She was the first person to know I’m trans and essentially named me. She first started calling me “Kal” after we went to Starbucks, I had just cut my hair into a fauxhawk and started wearing a binder, the barista called me “sir” and asked for my name and I hesitated. I was wearing a Superman t-shirt at the time and she answered: “his name is Kal with a K”.

I struggled for nearly a year afterward, trying to figure myself out and battle the insecurities I had. I didn’t know if I wanted to be “Kal”, I didn’t understand that’s who I already was. Even after I came out to the pretty much love of my life and all my friends, I still didn’t have a name to give them – but my sister did. She would even scold me using “Kal-El” around them.  My dead name was dead, buried the second I came out to them, and they all followed her lead and called me “Kal”.

There were other names I considered: “Masen”, “David”, “Oliver”, “Charlie”, were some, but in the end I was “Kal-El”. I love my name. One of my favorite reactions is when people try to figure out what “Kal” is short for; I’ve gotten “Calvin” and “Caleb” a lot. My coworker also lovingly dubbed me “Kalbert”. My other favorite part is being able to say “Yes, ‘Kal’ like and from ’California’”.

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I assume, on Ryloth, like 7/8 year old Hera Syndulla watches the Jedi-doc series. And they only spend that one episode on the soon to be apprenticed baby Jedi, but she has decided that Caleb Dume is her favorite and they will be wed.

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO CUTE. I can’t even add to it, except that I wholeheartedly x 10000 support Hera having a wee fangirl crush on Caleb.