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okay imagine if the IT cast and the stranger things cast were all one big group of friends,,,honestly they’d be too powerful

If Turn doesn’t end with all the characters coming together in a soulful rendition of Seasons of Love from smash hit musical Rent, then what was the point?

Kids, I’m worried.

I don’t think Kanan is gonna survive today’s mid-season finale. 

I’m pretty sure no Jedi (so Kanan and Ezra) can survive into A New Hope era other than Obi Wan, Luke, and Leia (I know she chooses not to become a Jedi but she is force sensitive)

As Yoda says in reply to Obi Wan’s force ghost in Empire when Obi Wan says (about Luke) - “He is our last hope,” “no - there is another.”  I’m pretty certain we can safely say he is referring to Leia - in fact new canon material has dropped this year detailing how Yoda would’ve preferred to train her over Luke - as Luke’s impetuousness reminded him too much of his father (though I think he underestimated Leia’s own impetuousness!)

You can argue Yoda simply doesn’t know about any other Jedi out there - though I doubt it - he’s incredibly powerful in the force - particularly during his self-imposed exile on Dagobah - so I’m pretty sure if they’re out there he would’ve felt them through the force -

or you can argue the much more likely situation where Yoda isn’t talking about other Jedi - just other Jedi who can save Vader from himself - and Lucasfilm (and the people making creative decisions there) has repeatedly said only Luke or Leia could’ve turned him back from the Dark Side - due to their connection to him - and possibly most importantly - due to their connection with Padme - I’ve heard Lucasfilm story group people say explicitly that even Ahsoka could not do this for Anakin -

So it could be argued there are more Jedi out there - they just don’t have the ability to change Vader back into Anakin.

That’s what I’m holding out hope for because I have a very bad feeling otherwise that Filoni is gonna kill off Kanan at the end of this episode otherwise -

Consider - Kanan has explicitly stated he’s taught Ezra all he can - we’ve finally had consummation (at least kissing) of his relationship with Hera - what else is there for him to do except nobly self-sacrifice himself for the cause?

I really worry this “Rebel Assault” (btw - amazing callback to a classic LucasArts video game series!) is gonna go tits up super fast - Hera’s gonna fall straight into Thrawn’s trap - and the only way for her to live (which we know, canonically she does - at least until after the Battle of Endor, anyway) is for Kanan to commune with the Lothwolfs (who we know he has a deep connection to) and throw down some legendary force badassery - before sacrificing himself…

thus propelling Ezra’s arc throughout the second half of the season…

But I just don’t want that for them!  I just want Kanan and Hera to retire to some nice beach planet somewhere and have beautiful human/twi’lik babies and be happy and at peace but I know that doesn’t happen - Hera stays in the rebellion - becomes a general!  So obviously something happened to Kanan, and my guess is that it’s gonna happen this episode

#I Really Hope I’m Wrong

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day 5: culper ring appreciation day


Though getting information from New York on British troop movements and other plans was critical to General George Washington, commander of the Continental Army, there was simply no reliable intelligence network that existed on the Patriot side at that time. That changed in 1778, when a young cavalry officer named Benjamin Tallmadge established a small group of trustworthy men and women from his hometown of Setauket, Long Island. Known as the Culper Spy Ring, Tallmadge’s homegrown network would become the most effective of any intelligence-gathering operation on either side during the Revolutionary War.

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What would happen if the hh boys and Rire met in a zombie apocalypse?

If they ever stumble across Rire’s compound he would be pleased to see them. Some of his students have shown the tenacity to survive, how delightful!

Food, shelter, safety - it would seem like an ideal, normal (well, as ideal and normal during a zombie apocalypse could be) place for the gang to live. At first.

Well if he’s not dead then he and the people he ends up with would be marauders. They loot from and occasionally kill other survivors for supplies and stuff (and sometimes just for fun).

Chapter 8

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You’ve never seen Aaron look this happy.

“That was amazing you two!” Mike shouts. Can you guys swap positions? I want Aaron on top now.“

You look at Aaron and smirk. You know he’s hard. He knows that you know he is hard, and now Mike is about to know he is hard.

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I arrived to my 3,7 K and i need to say thanks for all friends, you are the best!!! so…here is the celebration yehiiii!!

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