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• Songs about home •

Talk Me Down ~ Troye Sivan

Drive ~ Halsey

Hometown ~ twenty one pilots

Halcyon ~ Ellie Goulding

Recovery ~ Broods


Quantico 2x15 “MOCKINGBIRD” Season 2 Episode 15 Sneak Peek - Clay (Hunter Parrish) asks the task force to do some opposition research on a recent explosion to find out what collaborators could possibly gain from it. He wants the team to work on it right away as the clock is ticking. O

So at RTX I got a bunch of staff (from most RT branched companies too) to sign/draw in my Reality Augmentation Journal! And here’s the outcome! If you want to know what they drew/why send me an ask cause for some I can give answers, some not.

Top Row (right to left): Gray, Griffon, Kara, Patrick
Second Row (right to left): Artist Joe, Matt, Shannon, Steffie
Third Row (right to left): Chris, Caleb, Jack, Millie, Mica, Adam Ellis
Fourth Row (right to left): Jeremy, Spencer, Dan (Creatures), Zonbi, Ryan, Moof


All agents be advised: proceed with caution. Suspect is armed, desperate, extremely dangerous, and highly trained.

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Quantico 2x14 “LNWILT” Season 2 Episode 14 Sneak Peek #2 - In the wake of the G20 hostage crisis, President Claire Haas assembles an illegal and clandestine joint task force, bringing together Alex and her friends from both the FBI and CIA to unmask a global conspiracy