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ELLIE HIYAR IS A CHILD. REMEMBER THAT. SHE IS A CHILD WHO IS GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES, DO THINGS THAT YOU DON’T LIKE. You don’t know her, you don’t know Jack, you don’t know Finn. You can care about them, but when it boils it down, YOU ARE NOT A PART OF THIS SITUATION. Sending her death threats, saying you hate her, saying she’s a slut? It’s pathetic. I’m trying to keep in mind that a majority of you are young children, but since you’re exposed to a lot more things because of the internet, YOU KNOW BETTER. DON’T BE AN ASS. DON’T BE DISRESPECTFUL TO A PERSON YOU DON’T KNOW. She is going to make mistakes; so will Jack, so will Finn, so will every other person (especially young people in the public eye). Just be a kind person & spread kindness.

you and me we spark // for Caleb - x Adam 

shut your eyes snow patrol; golden train justin nozuka; on your porch the format; be mine (robyn) ellie goulding & erik hassle; warmer climate snow patrol; the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind griffin house; like real people do hozier; rob me blind jay brannan


All agents be advised: proceed with caution. Suspect is armed, desperate, extremely dangerous, and highly trained.

Don’t forget to watch Quantico tonight


Caleb: “Ellie! What are you doin’ here? I thought you have a job interview tomorrow?”

Ellie: “I have but Rike wanted to party, so-”

Caleb: “Ah, of course. So you do as the princess command.”

Ellie: “C’mon Cal, she is really nice.”

Caleb: *rolls eyes* “Yeah as nice as my sister Lillith.”


pokemon is all i’ve been wanting to draw recently so here have some roosterteeth pokemon (poketeeth? roostermon?) 

So at RTX I got a bunch of staff (from most RT branched companies too) to sign/draw in my Reality Augmentation Journal! And here’s the outcome! If you want to know what they drew/why send me an ask cause for some I can give answers, some not.

Top Row (right to left): Gray, Griffon, Kara, Patrick
Second Row (right to left): Artist Joe, Matt, Shannon, Steffie
Third Row (right to left): Chris, Caleb, Jack, Millie, Mica, Adam Ellis
Fourth Row (right to left): Jeremy, Spencer, Dan (Creatures), Zonbi, Ryan, Moof