caleb driver


It’s only our second week on the road and we’ve already experience some incredible things. We helped a group of 5 friends stranded on a backroad and they offered us a free night stay in their vacation house (thanks guys!). We took another “backroad” too late in the evening, almost ran out of gas and ended up taking a single car ferry across the Fraiser river and into town. We met an awesome couple on there second year traveling from Argentina to Alaska and spent two nights relaxing and chatting about life on the road. We’re currently in Fort Nelson, Northern B.C. In three days we hope to be in Alaska, but first we must finish the Alaskan highway and hit some Hot Springs everyone has told us are a “must”. We’ve settled into a routine and we all have our respected roles, Driver (Caleb), picture taker (Ariana) and sleeper (Shawn) by day, Set up King (Caleb), Chef (Ariana) and wanderer (Shawn) by night. 

Sell Your Crown for a Drink of Whiskey 2/5

Pairing: Freewood
Rating: PG-13
Triggers: Character injury
This chapter: 7411 words
Summary: King Haywood has been cast out of his own castle and put on the run following an attempted assassination. He takes shelter at the Ramsey Inn, under the guise of a common traveler– and the Innkeeper’s son takes an interest in him.

Chapter 2 - A Feast Day

For one blissful moment as he wakes up, Ryan can imagine that he is in his own bed and that nothing from his previous day was anything more than a dream.

Then the ache in his head appears, the ache in his side persists- and that all proves just how real his whole predicament is. The runaway King wakes up to the sun turning the sky outside of his room’s thick-paned glass window to a more discernible blue- and a bed that is made of padded straw in a room of hardwood and no more furnishings than are necessary. 

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