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I love how in group photos with the cast, there’s always someone not looking at the camera:

I mean…

Or let’s get more formal! Really?

Okay maybe here… oh never mind

And while we’re at MTV !?!?!?


Okay clearly this is hard…



I think…

Damn it, David!


Sent to my website email this morning - Subject: Enough Message: Enough of the gay stuff on Bright Sessions. Please we are begging you. Sent on: June 2, 2017.

So here we are, two days into PRIDE month. How’s everybody doing?

I’m going to start off by leaning into the mic and saying with full-throat clarity: “Fuck you…you fucking fuck”.

I am a gay man…and before that, I was a gay kid…a scared and angry kid who had so much internal homophobia brewing inside of him that he thought he might explode because nothing in the world was convincing him, or trying to convince him for that matter, that it was normal and okay to be who he really was. And I can tell you, when I was that scared kid, shows like The Bright Session were almost non-existent; and what a shame.

I would have cried from happiness if The Bright Sessions existed when I was a boy. Shows like The Fosters, Glee, Eye Witness, Riverdale, Shadowhunters…shows where I could see myself on the screen in a way all of my heterosexual friends could without question since birth. 

Today I turn on the radio…and 99.999% of the music is, narratively, written/produced with a straight audience in mind…and in some cases/genres it’s used to target and ridicule me and my sexuality.

I live in a world where gay men are being thrown off of rooftops and “exorcized” in Chechnya because they are seen as aberrations; less than…underserving of love and existence. I live in a world where in my own country, a venomous discriminatory fear-based movement validated by the election of their figurehead sent a resounding message that my rights are actually up for debate.

In a world where there is so little positive reflected back at me…so little out there saying that my truth and the stories that express my life and experiences on this earth are valid…in a world where I feel like every day and every breath is a stand to qualify my existence…In that world, I get a message that tells me “enough of the gay stuff”. 

So…to the person who sent this message, I feel sorry for you; I genuinely do…I truly, genuinely and absolutely do. How terrible your life must be, and how delicate your self-image must be to reach out and say something like that. At first look, the message is mean and evil…but then the shaky-ground of masculine fragility reveals itself, as it always does, and I pity you. 

This is Pride Month…It’s meant to celebrate the LGBT+ community and our allies by opening up to share the beauty and diversity of our lives with everyone. I am proud of who I am…and it took a damn long time to get here.

I can’t really speak for Lauren, our creator/show-runner, or the rest of the cast, but…we have a gay character, a bi character, a lesbian character and a “no labels at this time” character confirmed as canon in The Bright Sessions…and I’m here to tell you we will never “enough with the gay stuff”. We are here to celebrate the people and stories that matter to us…Caleb, Adam, Mark and Rose are my friends; these are the people I have in my life and I think you’d be lucky to know. So yeah, no…not “enough of the gay stuff”. 

*throws glitter in the air and walks off*

- Briggon 

A Troy and Gabriella Love Story (Finn Wolfhard x Reader)

Okay so I think I deadass just got my favourite request ever, the rest of y'all can go home unless your @cxxl-gall who gave me this amazing request. I also listened to the music of all three high school musicals and eating McDonalds while writing this so I’m very happy.

Request: Are you taking requests bc if so could you do a Finn x reader based on the interview the boys did with Jimmy Fallon (on YouTube search the boys from stranger things are obsessed with high school musical) and basically instead of Finn doing the scream bit the reader and him reenact the scene where Gabriella stands up singing to Troy for motivation beginning of 3rd movie (the interview is the reader and the boys) and it’s all really funny stuff and cute and the boys end up making jokes to jimmy about them shopping the two and stuff lol

Pairing: Finn Wolfhard x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Funniness, Jimmy Fallon. (Y/S/N) = Your Ship Name.

Words: 1000


   “So, I heard that you all spent Halloween watching High School Musical, is that right?” Jimmy asked. You smiled brightly and nodded. “And whose idea was that?” You giggled as all four of the boys pointed to you.

   “Obviously it was Caleb’s idea.” You said, faking a straight face. Jimmy nodded with the same fake seriousness. 

   “Oh, obviously, (Y/N), I completely see that happening.” You both laughed as Caleb made a face at you. “But actually, I do have a video from your guys marathon that Finn sent me.” Your eyes widened at the mention of the video. You swung your head around to face the boys, nearly whipping Noah in the face with your hair. You looked Finn straight in the eyes.

   “You didn’t.” The boys laughed at you as Finn sat back, crossing his arms and smirking.

   “Oh, but I did.” Jimmy laughed at your interactions with Finn.

   “(Y/N), the people deserve to see that video, they need to hear you sing!” Jimmy exclaimed. It was turn to sit back and cover your face with your hands.

   “Christ, just play it already.” You said, moving your fingers so he could see your eyes.

   “Okay, here’s a video of (Y/N) (Y/N/N) singing and dancing to ‘Bet On It’ from High School Musical 2.” Jimmy said, before the clip showed up on the screen behind them.

    You laughed in embarrassment as you watched the video of you doing exactly that. At the end of the song, you fell to the ground panting, as the rest of the cast laughed and cheered for you. As the video turned off you looked over to the boys to see them in tears laughing. Jimmy had his down on his desk, hitting it with his hand. You pouted and put your head in your hands again.

   “Finn!” You shouted, looked over to see him unable to even sitting up straight, leaning against Caleb for support. You finally joined the laughter at the thought of international television having seen that video.

   “Okay, okay, let’s calm down.” Jimmy said, holding his hands up. The boys finally sat up straight again, but Finn began laughing again as you looked at him with an angry face.

   “I’m sorry, (Y/N/N)!” He exclaimed between laughs. You sighed, shaking your head.

   “Boys.” You said, looking to Jimmy, who was still laughing. “Jesus, it’s not that funny! Is this the only thing that you’re going to talk to us Jimmy? I’m beginning to think Finn was seriously asking you if you could host last year!” You exclaimed. You smirked as you heard the audience go “Ooh!”. 

   “Okay, for real. But (Y/N), you really can sing!” Jimmy said. You shook your head.

   “No, Jimmy, I’m pretty average. I’m nothing compared to Vanessa Hudgens.” You said. 

   “Well, do you think that you could give us a snippet of one of the High School Musical songs?” Jimmy asked, handing you a mic, the audience cheering loudly. You nodded with an evil smirk.

   “Of course Jimmy. Could I get another microphone?” You said, looking to Finn with you same smirk. “I think we should get Finn to help me, right guys?” You asked the boys. They began laughing and nodded, as you took the other microphone and handed it to Finn, who sighed before getting up. 

   “Fine, what song?” He asked unhappily. You smiled.

   “How about the part where Gabriella gets up and starts singing to Troy in the beginning of the third movie?” You asked. Finn laughed. 

   “Fine, but you have to buy me a basketball.” He said as you sat down on the chair and he stood in the middle of the stage, pretending to be in the middle of a basketball game.

    “Okay, Roots, give us ‘Now or Never’!” Jimmy exclaimed. You prepared yourself, standing up dramatically at your que.

   “Troy!” You sang out, watching as Finn turned to you.

   “Right now I can hardly breathe.”

   “Oh, you can do it just know that I believe!” You started giggling, quickly composing yourself, Finn staying in character perfectly.

   “And that’s all I really need.” 

   “So come on!”

   “Make me strong, it’s time to turn up, game on!” You laughed as you ran over to join Finn on the main stage and bowed, the audience cheering loudly. You both jogged over to your seats, where Jimmy and the boys were clapping.

   “Wow! (Y/N), you hit that note perfectly!” Noah exclaimed. You smiled shyly as the others nodded.

   “She was just trying to impress Finn.” Gaten said, him and Caleb both making kissy faces at you. You rolled your eyes and laughed.

   “Or, could it be that you’re jealous that I can sing and you can’t?” You asked them. They both pretended to look seriously hurt at you, and Jimmy laughed.

   “No, but seriously Jimmy, those two are always flirting. They really need to cut the crap and get together.” Caleb said.

   “Oh yeah, the whole cast has a bet pool on when they’ll get together!” Noah exclaimed. You looked to him in shock.

   “You what!” The three nodded.

   “Oh yeah, everybody is in on it! Natalia, Joe, Dacre, Charlie, Sadie, Millie, Winona, David, everybody.” Gaten counted everyone off on his fingers. You crossed your arms.

   “Prove it.” You challenged. Noah shrugged, pulling out his phone. He clicked a number and you listened to it ring twice, before a British voice was heard.

   “Hey Noah!” Millie exclaimed. “What’s up?”

   “Quick question, what month did you bet on for the (Y/S/N) pool?” He asked her.

   “December 2017.” She said without a moment’s hesitation. Your jaw dropped as everyone laughed. “Why, did they get together?” She asked excitedly.

   “No, no, just wanted to know. Thanks Millie!” Noah said.

   “Okay, bye Noah!” Noah hung up and put his phone in his pocket. You looked to Finn, who was looking a bit lost.

   “Did you know about this?” You asked him. He shook his head.

   “Nope.” He said. 

   “Well, I ship it.” Jimmy said, before moving onto the next question.


So the Stranger Things cast holds 8 of the top 10 spots on IMDB’s Star Meter board. Which is wild. They also have the 3 spots after 10 and then Noah is in the top 30 and Caleb is 60. I wanna try and get Noah and Caleb to be up with the rest of them. They deserve just as much recognition for the season as the rest of the cast.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x02 Press Release

–“BROOKLYN NINE-NINE” - (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1


Lou Diamond Phillips (“Longmire”), Toby Huss (“King of the Hill”), Tim Meadows (“The Goldbergs”) and Gina Gershon (“Showgirls”) Guest-Star

When the warden (guest star Toby Huss) asks Jake to investigate Romero’s (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips) drug smuggling operation, Jake and Caleb (guest star Tim Meadows) find themselves caught between the loyalty Jake has sworn to both of them. Meanwhile, Amy is offered a deal by a local mobster who claims he can prove that Hawkins (guest star Gina Gershon) is guilty, but Holt and the rest of the gang think they have a safer plan in the all-new “The Big House Pt.2” episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, Oct. 3 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BRK-502) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Cast: Andy Samberg as Det. Jake Peralta; Andre Braugher as Capt. Ray Holt; Terry Crews as Sgt. Terry Jeffords; Melissa Fumero as Det. Amy Santiago; Joe Lo Truglio as Det. Charles Boyle; Stephanie Beatriz as Det. Rosa Diaz; Dirk Blocker as Det. Hitchcock; Joel McKinnon Miller as Det. Scully

Guest Cast: Gina Gershon as Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, Lou Diamond Phillips as Romero, Toby Huss as Warden Granville, Tim Meadows as Caleb, Paul Adelstein as Seamus Murphy, Winston James Francis as Tank, David Haley as Ryan, Michelle Gillette as Debbie

Hurricane; First part

plot: There’s a hurricane and you’re stuck with the cast

pairing: y/n and Finn Wolfhard

warning: mostly just having fun with the rest of the cast, swearing

“Yeah, mom. Okay. I love you.” I mutter those words on the phone. We’re in the middle of filming for the second season of Stranger Things. We live in a mansion with the rest of the cast, except for some who prefers to live in their own apartment that isn’t too far from here. There’s gonna be a huge hurricane hitting and I will be stuck in the mansion with the guys. I don’t really feel scared, just annoyed that the power will possibly be cut if the hurricane is as bad as everyone says.

I put on a sweater and some pajamas since it will be chilly. The raindrops falling on the roof and on the windows is deafening. Usually I like the sound of rain tapping on my windows or on the roof of a car. I shut my windows with my curtains and leave my room.

I find myself in the entertainment room. Where I see most of my friends are. There’s a movie playing on the large flat screen TV. My sock clad feet meeting the soft rug. I sit down beside Noah on it. “Seriously, guys? There’s a hurricane and we’re watching Highschool Musical 3?” I laugh, and Finn throws a popcorn at the back of my head. “Yeah! What better way to pass by this hurricane than Zac Efron?”

The group laughs. Joe suddenly gets in the room, standing in front of the TV. Obviously getting our attention. “We’re gonna play with our nerf guns outside- or rather inside so if all of you want to be boring and watch HSM, then stay here.” He grins and I jump up, “Bye, losers!” And soon they all follow us to the living room which has a large space.

We all have nerf guns that we bought just for entertainment purposes because why not? Of course the adults don’t have one so we lend them our spare ones. “Crap, I am so ready for this.” I grin mischievously. I start rolling up my sleeves because the adrenaline starting to flow in my veins are making me ignore the cold. “Okay, let’s switch off to two teams!” Joe announced. “Get a partner who you wouldn’t want to be in a team with and play rock paper scissors! Losers in one group and winners in the other!” He continues. 

“Okay, let’s?” I turn to Caleb. “What? No! We’ve had gun wars and you’re good so I’d like to be in your team!” He exclaims, shaking his head. “Oh come on! You two are so just play!” Millie intercedes and Caleb sighs as I laugh. We play rock paper scissors once and I lose so I join the losers group with Charlie, Winona, Dacre, Noah, and Gaten. 

And the winners team are David, Joe, Natalia, Millie, Finn, Caleb, and Sadie.

David just joins their team since we’re not an even number of people. 

“Huddle up, losers!” I exclaim and put my arms around Noah and Charlie. “Rule number one, don’t pick up the phone you know he’s only calling- oh shit wrong set of rules. Um, so just be fast with your movements and always have something to cover you. Like a wall or a couch. And always listen to know if someone’s close by you.” 

The game starts with David blowing his whistle. I start ducking for cover behind a couch, Winona beside me. I look up from the couch and see Natalia coming at our direction. I shoot at her but she’s fast and dodged my bullet. “Shit!” And by a second I dodge hers, ducking behind the couch again. “Winona, let’s go!” I start running with my head down towards the stairs. 

Suddenly, I hear Winona yell, “Fuck!” And I look back, seeing that Natalia’s got her. “Go on without me!” Winona whimpers dramatically. “I’ll bring justice to your death!” I exclaim, and start running up the stairs. 

I pant, sliding behind a wall. My heart suddenly drops when I see a shadow close behind. I bring my gun up, “Show your face!” I say. And a dark curly haired boy wearing a mustard yellow hoodie comes with his hands up. “I come in peace!” 

“Put your gun down!” I continue with the act and he abides, dropping his gun and kicking it towards me. I grin, moving towards him. My gun still in my hands and pointing at him. “Can you please put your gun down?” He pleas and I shake my head, moving closer to him. 

“Why should I?” Us being alone makes my heart race. With my feet still going closer. 

And before I know it, he grabs my gun in his hands and puts his arm around my neck, and I gasp, trying to get him off of me. Damn it. I was distracted. 

“I thought you were good at this, y/n.” He chuckles. I can smell his scent and feel his beating heart through his chest. “Get off of me!” I groan, trying to shake his grip off of me. “Not until you hear what I say.” His tone serious but somehow nervous. 

part two —>

part two
au: high school story is a tv show

inspired by the lovely @zahranamazis au where endless summer is a tv show and other choices blogs au’s from other choices books. i loooove this au, it’s so much fun to write!:

part ii

  • all the cast members are over 20 y/o so none of them are teens even if they’re playing ones
  • fans are shocked when they see them drinking or at clubs because of this
  • the actor who plays max is around 26-27 but because of his rugged appearance people think he’s over 40 or something lol
  • ‘’he doesn’t even go here’’ brian jokes when max is shooting a scene
  • the show is shot during summer when classes are out in a real high school in california
  • awesomeness tv produces the show
  • the actress who plays emma originally auditioned for the role of MC but she was so nervous that the casting directors thought she was perfect for the character of emma instead
  • the high school story red shirts are actually merch that the cast wears almost all the time off set
  • sydney does her own cheerleading stunts because she was a cheerleader throughout her high school years irl 
  • wes was supposed to be short haired but the actor who plays him had long hair when he auditioned and they immediately changed that in the script 
  • the whole cast has their own group snapchat, every day a cast member takes over the account to show fans ‘a day in their life’
  • sakura’s hair is actually blonde, she revealed she uses manic panic hair dye to make her hair pink 
  • ‘’it honestly killed my hair texture but i guess it was worth it’’ she reveals when asked about the process of going full pink haired
  • michael was the last actor to be cast and he wasn’t going to be a major character at all
  • ‘’it was my good looks that got me in the show’’ he says winking while the mc rolls her eyes ‘’he likes to flatter himself’’
  •  the cast all get together on friday nights after shooting at each other’s places to have board game night 
  • mia and ezra are the biggest cheaters, according to the rest of the cast 
  • ‘‘it’s called a strategy’‘ is something that mia always says to defend herself from the accusations
  • aiden doesn’t know how to play any instruments in real life, but he had to take a few piano lessons to at least make it look a bit real on the show
  • they freak out when endless summer is mentioned to them in interviews because they LOVE the show and watch it all together
  • ‘’zahra and craig are our biggest otp’’ payton and nishan reveal 
  • ‘’aren’t grace and aleister dating in real life?’’ caleb asks the mc, getting completely carried away from the interview
  • michael revealing he asked the costume team to give him a green bomber jacket in honor of jake mckenzie’s character
  • the cast totally freaking out  that the show got renewed for a second season!!
7x11 Play Time Thoughts (REWATCH)

I’m rewatching Playtime to uncover some clues that I may have missed and something Hanna said stuck out to me. When the girls are talking about Jenna and Noel having a connection to Charlotte and Archer, Hanna says that connected doesn’t equals a motive. So, what If we are finally getting a non-family related twist. What if this quote means that the person isn’t actually avenging Charlotte or is connected to her in anyway? Hanna has a point, if AD was someone who has connections to Charlotte it could be any of the liars. Could even be Ali

- I know Hanna got kidnapped by AD but she’s way more salty than usual. And i don’t know wether to rule this out or not. But in the intro for the episode, Hanna does the ‘Shh’ Does this mean anything at all? Aria looks really guilty but then side eyes Spencer??? And Alison sides eyes Hanna?? So, I don’t know what to make of this.

- Is that Mary Drakes house Spencer is at when she’s looking through the letter box? There’s a lot of mail there that looks as if it has been there for weeks. So, how long has it been since Spencer got released and Mary vanished? Where is Mary? Why is there a bell? I’m so confused.

- Ezra returns just as Aria tries to leave. That’s really suspicious to me. I want Aria to tell Ezra that she saw him on TV with Nicole.

- Caleb and Hanna talking about Jenna, and Hanna thinking that Jenna is AD and then Caleb is all ‘let me worry about Jenna’ and it cuts to Paige. Is this scene being shown after to foreshadow that maybe Jenna isn’t the one they need to worry about.. Paige is. Why would they bring back Paige just to spark a fire in Alison? To show us that Ali is the same person

- How do we know for sure that Alison is actually pregnant? We haven’t seen a test result, we weren’t shown her doctors appointment. Are we seriously expected to take her word for it? I’ve never trusted Alison.

- “Of all the things that happen in this time, those two get taken out by a deer.” *Sips tea* I’m still speculating Ezra, I mean he was out of town because of Nicole, Yes, but whose to say he didn’t cause this accident? Or for someone else to cause it. The Bethany twin theory works here too as Bethany would probably want Toby out of the way. We were never shown the accident. We never saw a deer CAUSE the accident

- Why are they making a point of sending Aria the text and having her make an entrance into Spencer’s barn? Is this relevant? They could have just cut to a scene of the girls in Spencer’s barn or had one of the others walk in? Why Aria specifically.

- Secret Passageway??? To where? Is this meant to represent how Mona snuck out of Radley??? Also, Who do we know that would have the ability and technology to create the game board? Caleb and Lucas. They made a point of telling us that Lucas designs apps and we have seen Caleb’s technical skills. Combining those two characters would make this game board. How does it motion sense whose playing?

- So the game is called 'Liars Lament’ and Lament stands for grief or sorrow. This could refer to avenging of Charlotte’s death OR making the liars take on tasks that reference something that connects to them emotionally and then they are rewarded for it. So Spencer’s task was to visit Toby. Why would it be to visit Toby? Perhaps Spencer feels guilty for the accident with Yvonne in a comma when she kissed Toby (Even though, it seems like her possibly twin kissed Toby) and she was rewarded with a letter from Mary dated back in the Radley days.

- @badassmona pointed out where each outfit the figurines are wearing are from. So, I took a little look at the episodes and I found some interesting things;

Spencer - 5x24 - This is the episode where Hanna and Alison are both in jail and it’s the day of Alison’s trial. Alison gets sentenced to being guilty for murder in the first degree. At the end of this episode, Charlotte is playing with a toy bus that resembles one of those prisoner truck things.. and she takes out a brunette figurine. Did this represent Mona? Or Spencer? Is this supposed to make us suspect Spencer?

Hanna - Hanna is dressed the most elaborate and her outfit wasn’t exactly matching to an outfit she’s worn on the show so I don’t really know how to evaluate it. Whoever, this person is sees Hanna as a fashion forward individual

Aria - 1x11; So Hanna is in hospital and Ezra shows Aria the 'I see you’ message on the back of his car. The episode before, Aria has an A Like moment where she slowly pulls down her hood. It seemed like a mini reveal.

Ali - Alison is obviously wearing her yellow top. The iconic yellow top that she was buried alive in, the final outfit she was known to be in. We all somewhat know what happened that night through Charlotte. However that is one person’s experience.

Emily - Emily is wearing her sharks swim team attire and this is the episode where she discuses swimming abilities and skills with Sydney. This is also the episode, Alison texts Emily and sings it A by accident then changes it. Why would Alison subconsciously type A at the end? This episode had a lot to do with Paige..

Now that I’ve analysed the episodes, I think I know the possible route for the game. Each liar will have to perform a task that correlates with someone close to them / failure to do so could result in that person being harmed. For example, 1x11 had details of Aria being with Ezra and Noel finding out about it, Her task could be Ezra related, Her reward possibly Nicole related, and if she fails, Ezra could find out about something idk. Emily’s episode had a lot of Paige, What if she’s forced to do something that involves choosing Alison or Paige? What if it results in Alison’s death? Hanna is dressing Katherine Daly for a career boost and her game piece features fashion-elements.. AD could ruin that so badly. Spencer’s was related to Toby because of her love for him. I don’t have much more to say I’m tired lmao

- “So continue with Plan A.” When Hanna and Aria are talking about Nicole and Hanna tells Aria to CONTINUE WITH PLAN A. Is this foreshadowing Aria?

- Alison is so salty over Paige. Why is she so intimidated? Alison was the one that bullied Paige

- Why is nobody asking Who shot Spencer? The only people present were Mary and Jenna. So does that mean? Mary shot Spencer? But why?

- I really don’t want Katherine Daly to be Bethany. I just don’t like it.




- Why does Alison have to attack Paige? Paige is literally doing her job and Alison just makes things shitty? Why. Why is she forever victimising herself and Why is she being the old Alison. Is this been shown to let us know that Ali hasn’t changed?

- Maybe not the rest of the world. But this is ROSEWOOD. LITERALLY LMAO

- Why is Spencer so easily whipping off her cast???

- Okay so the letter from Mary says that Spencer was made through hate and so that Jesica and Peter are aware of a mistake they made on s daily basis? I know that Mary pretended to be Jesica so with Spencer living next door to her, She’d be able regret the affair that she also had with Peter. Also, How did AD get this letter? Must be working with Mary

- Paige is right about Alison. Emily will make excuses and it is demeaning. Alison always victimises herself.

- and again Hanna is very defensive and salty. Questioning wether the letter is real.

- PLEASE LET THAT CUP, THE TEA AND THE SCRUBS BE A REFERENCE TO WREN. ALSO, Jenna at the end, Does her Braille spell out End game or The actual identity of the person and their reason? Why would she just smile and say End game? I’m confused

So since Lovely Little Losers has wrapped, Caleb has slowly been turning into Costa McClure. To top it all off, he’s directing a version of Doctor Faustus. Avant-garde. With 5 actors. And a dance sequence, an escape sequence, an unrehearsed sword fight, maybe some levitation, and fake blood, which does not come out, at ALL. Art imitates life imitates art!

Because Doctor Faustus isn’t hard enough to stage successfully, a different actor will be taking on the role of Faustus every night, having never rehearsed with the rest of the cast. Any of you in Auckland between the 30th May and the 3rd of June should get along to the Basement Theatre to check it out!


The Stranger Things cast’s possible 15-year later au selves ?

feel free to comment/edit/add/use for inspiration :)

ps credit to whoever thought of nancy, jonathan, mike, and eleven’s au selves (the rest are 100% my opinion)

'Stranger Things' creators react to 18 Emmy nominations, Barb justice

One of the biggest winners at Thursday’s Emmy nominations was Netflix’s blockbuster hit Stranger Things. The first installment of the series, created by Ross and Matt Duffer, landed an astounding 18 nominations, including Best Drama Series and individual nods for actors David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown, and Shannon Purser.

EW talked to Ross and Matt about their big day and preparing to release the highly anticipated second season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’m so happy for you guys. I’ve loved this show so much from the start.
ROSS DUFFER: I know you were like your first fan. [laughs]
MATT DUFFER: It means a huge deal when you were like, “I love this show.” I was like, “Oh wow maybe some people will like it!” I’ll never forget that.

Did you guys watch the nominations live?
MATT: I never watch anything online but I did watch these.
ROSS: I wasn’t nervous or thinking about it too much and then I kept getting texts from people being like, “Tomorrow morning! Here we go!”
MATT: I was trying to sleep and I get a text saying, “Tick tick tick,” from I won’t say who. I’m like, “Goddamnit, I was just gonna sleep through this!”

You must be psyched for David and Millie and Shannon.
MATT: Barb! I mean Barb! A lot of people put a lot of work in passion into it so to see a lot of them nominated was great.
ROSS: And for David and Shannon that’s sort of their first individual call out so, for us, that’s exciting for them to get rewarded for that.

Is there now finally Justice for Barb?
MATT: Well, it’s proof she won’t be forgotten. Shannon took this… it’s barely a three-episode role and somehow turned it into what became this iconic character so I don’t know how she did it.

RELATED: See the 2017 Emmy Nominees!

You got nominated for writing and directing the first episode, too. How does that feel?
ROSS: The whole thing is so surreal. But yeah it feels great. As much as possible we wanted to treat this as a long movie so to get rewarded for the directing as well as the writing is a big deal.
MATT: Also, the TV out is so good right now. So to be on that list and there’s amazing sh– that’s not nominated. So I feel very lucky to be in there.

Have you been in contact with the cast? Is there like a massive text chain?
MATT: There’s been a lot of texting. I heard from Caleb [McLaughlin, who plays Lucas]. I heard from Millie. I’ve heard from David. There’s a lot of children we have to communicate with so I guess that’s going to be the rest of our day. I guess we could do a massive chain.
ROSS: But anytime we’re on a massive chain though it’s terrifying. It’s like a tsunami of texts. I don’t understand how they do it.
MATT: It is dangerous to get involved in that. We won’t get any work done. We are trying to finish season two.

Does this increase the pressure for season 2? Or are you more excited?
MATT: I feel like we’ve hit maximum pressure. But, at this point, all the major decisions have been made so we’ve got to go with it. We’re feeling good about it. We just mixed and colored our first two episodes. Very few people have seen any of it so that aspect of it is very nerve-wracking but it was the same way last year.

I’ve seen some people saying they hate lucas/Caleb because of the way Lucas treated eleven in season one. These same people also have no problem forgiving Steve for his actions in season one and they don’t hold mike accountable for his treatment of max in this new season. So why is Lucas held accountable for not trusting eleven in s1 and being rude to her? and even though he has changed, some of these people refuse to let that go. Remember that stranger things is all fictional and Caleb, just like the rest of the cast doesn’t deserve to be hated for a character he plays.

Ps: this is in response to some haters on Instagram that got my nerves with their bs. The stranger things cast is great pls don’t be like this.


Anna Strong, TURN: Washington’s Spies

I’m working on some new “Turn” designs. It was a big cast, so it might take a while to get to everyone. But I did finish Anna! Heather Lind is amazing on this show, and Anna is among my favorite characters. Once I finish Abe, that’s the Setauket Quartet of childhood friends at least. I’m most pleased with the letter in her left hand and that she looks as if she’s rushing off to throw a black petticoat on the clothesline because she’s got important news for Caleb.

I’m working on POP!s of the aforementioned Abraham Woodhull as well as Robert Rogers. Of the rest of the cast that I haven’t made yet, I most want to design figures of Abigail, Hewlett, and Simcoe. Kind of like with “Hamilton,” though, the challenge is to not use the same dolls in the same ways every time.

Oh, and before I forget. I’m going to make this available at my shop after I finish some more of these designs. So, keep an eye out. :)