We all cope with the current political atmosphere in our own ways.  Caleb had to join the group because I feel that comic Caleb would be so repulsed by animated Caleb that he would dive head first into feminism.  

COLLEGE AU because we all have our coping mechanisms in these dark times…As the girls move into the next stage of their lives, they embrace saving the world in the more subtle, complex ways of social justice  The group still goes on magical adventures, but they’re more focused on their lives on Earth and creating change there.  

  1. Will identifies as Genderqueer and Trans.  Everyone is supporting and accepting and its not a big deal.  Matt was 100% on board and actually helped Will figure it out.  Everyone teases her about her Brokeback Mountain jacket but she loves it.  She’s currently trying to enter the Coast Guard.  She also works for the Trevor Project on the weekends and still volunteers at the animal shelter. 
  2.  William, Will’s little brother, is deaf.  They figured it out by the time he was 18 months old, and Will has learned sign language.  She’s teaching everyone she knows.  
  3. Irma gains a lot of weight during community college, but instead of hating herself like she did in high school, she embraces body positivity and a healthy life style.  She’s also really invested in teaching people about safe sex and sex positivity.  She was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia during college, explaining a lot of her earlier school troubles in middle school and high school.
  4. Taranee is really into PoC activism with Hay Hay.  They go to lots of rallies and protests together.  Taranee is currently a double major as a lawyer and a dance major and Hay Lin is going to art school to become an animator.  Taranee, although not featured above, is currently reevaluating her sexuality after a long string of disastrous boyfriends.  She’ll get back to us on it.  
  5. Hay Lin identifies as asexual and heteroromantic. Hay Lin has crippling anxiety that she’s finally seeing a school therapist about.  
  6. Cornelia and Peter are living together while Cornelia goes to school.  They have an open relationship and Cornelia is also with Elyon.  It was hard and confusing at first but Peter and Cornelia’s relationship has only grown stronger for it.  Corny commutes to Meridian every two weeks.  Elyon identifies as demisexual / panromantic and Cornelia identifies as bisexual / biromantic. Peter and Caleb are beginning to explore a romance on the side as well, but neither of them know how to talk about their feelings.  Caleb is confused about labels (since he was a flower) and Peter is currently using the label bisexual, although he’s not sure if that’s completely right.   
  7. Cornelia is now much happier on antidepressant medications.  She was resistant to taking them for a while but finally came around.  
  8. Elyon suffers PTSD but she’s working through it with the help of her friends.  Hay Lin talked her into coming back to earth every so often to see a therapist, and Elyon is trying to get a mental health program started up in Meridian.  She’s determined to continue with her education on earth, but she can only take one part time class at a time, so it’s slow going.  
  9. Cornelia is adamant about teaching Lillian feminism far sooner than she learned it.  

I know it’s been pointed out before, but look at how Lucas is crying during this scene. So many shows get in this habit of writing a character who is frozen in their ways and never has any real development. Lucas went from wanting nothing to do with El for most of the season, to literally crying when she saved them and disappeared.

That is the epitome of character development right there.