FBI To Make Surveillance of Emails, Online Chat In Real Time A “Top Priority” In 2013

Despite the pervasiveness of law enforcement surveillance of digital communication, the FBI still has a difficult time monitoring Gmail, Google Voice, and Dropbox in real time. But that may change soon, because the bureau says it has made gaining more powers to wiretap all forms of Internet conversation and cloud storage a “top priority” this year.

Last week, during a talk for the American Bar Association in Washington, D.C., FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann discussed some of the pressing surveillance and national security issues facing the bureau. He gave a few updates on the FBI’s efforts to address what it calls the “going dark” problem—how the rise in popularity of email and social networks has stifled its ability to monitor communications as they are being transmitted. It’s no secret that under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the feds can easily obtain archive copies of emails. When it comes to spying on emails or Gchat in real time, however, it’s a different story.

That’s because a 1994 surveillance law called the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act only allows the government to force Internet providers and phone companies to install surveillance equipment within their networks. But it doesn’t cover email, cloud services, or online chat providers like Skype. Weissmann said that the FBI wants the power to mandate real-time surveillance of everything from Dropbox and online games (“the chat feature in Scrabble”) to Gmail and Google Voice. “Those communications are being used for criminal conversations,” he said.

The FBI is not happy with the current arrangement and is on a crusade for more surveillance authority. According to Weissmann, the bureau is working with “members of intelligence community” to craft a proposal for new Internet spy powers as “a top priority this year.” Citing security concerns, he declined to reveal any specifics. “It’s a very hard thing to talk about publicly,” he said, though acknowledged that “it’s something that there should be a public debate about.

Sinful Sweetness

July 22, 2011

I went home for the weekend, and it was another food-filled week ender. Calea opened a new branch in the newly built, Balay Cinco, along Lacson Street, across L'Fisher Hotel and wow, the place was so beautiful.

These cakes have been baked for more than a decade already because I still clearly remember me being five years old and enjoying Calea’s goodness already. It’s really something that goes way back in my childhood. How can these not be special to me?

I arrived Thursday Night, and we had Eat All You Can Mongolian for dinner at Bob’s with few close relatives. The following day, me and Mum had it for lunch again! Oh goodness. And yes we had Calea for dinner.

It was Mom’s birthday the next day, and we had mass early at 7am, afterwards we had Starbucks for breakfast. I wish I could have photographed all of these!  Sunday; we had dinner at the Newly Opened Shakey’s at Lacson Street too with Mama Anne. I will definitely miss her, she’s leaving for the States again. We took a quick visit at the cemetery afterwards and that visit was such an eye opener for me to realize significant things about life… And for desert, it was CALEA again! I ordered the classic; The Imported Chocolate Cake.

Cream Puffs, these are one of my favorites. Love.

The new Calea was so inspired; the interior was so hommie and it felt so warm and welcoming. It was designed to look like this Pastry house free for everyone to enjoy. I absolutely love the new interior. Though I wasn’t able to photograph them much.

This was what I got; It was Chocolate Ice Cream in between Chocolate Chip Dough drizzled with Caramel. Oh it was heavenly, one of the best things my taste buds have experienced.

Mom ordered this Banana Parfait. It was so cold and frozen.

We had Tuna-Apple Sandwich for dinner. Sounds like a weird combination but it was good and healthy too.

I love this big big door.

Friends, never leave Bacolod without a taste of Calea.

Oh, Calea <3

Three hours. It takes three hours for me to see Errol once in awhile. We’ve been together for almost two years already and somehow we seem to have developed this habit of pigging out whenever we see each other (never mind if we starve ourselves to sexiness prior to our meet ups just to save money). Traveling for three hour can be a pain in the ass but he knows how to perk me up real good . And that is through food. Seriously, people can easily bribe me with food; it’s my one way ticket to nirvana.Knowing I’m such a sweet tooth, he suggested we should pull over at Calea, a popular cake house in Bacolod. On our way to Calea’s Balay Quince Branch at Lacson Street, A deluge of floating street lanterns across the whole stretch of Lacson in celebration of the upcoming Bacolodiat: Bacolod’s Chinese New Year Celebration, greeted us.. Lacson Street is better known as the dining district of Bacolod City. This is where most popular restaurants can be found. Tadaaa! Welcome to Dessert Heaven. Every Calea branch has its own unique ambiance, its own unique interior design. What I love about the branch in Balay Quince is that it’s spacious and real comfy. I also love the pale blue palette of the interiors. Also, there are more variety of cakes and pastries to choose from here! My favoriteeeeee cake in the whole wide universe, Calea’s fruity cheesecake. It’ has berries on top and creamy filling with pineapple shreds in it. This baby, I tell you is a bursting orgasm in your mouth (lol that sounded so wrong). The price range is quite okay (75-90 per slice), personally I prefer the Balay Quince branch cause their serving size is much bigger compared to the other branch (that, or I’m just paranoid haha). They are also known for their mouthwatering icecream cakes (try their mudpie!!!!) and aside from sweets they also serve healthy sandwiches (in really huge servings!!). Since I’ve already decided that I’ll officially call this blog as the ukay diaries, I might as well include a little dash of vanity in this post. haha. Look! I finally got to wear the aztec peplum skirt from Le Vie Collections along with my ukay items: white corset, emerald scallop cardigan and studded bag. Sorry If the shoes have been cut in the picture because Errol is a lame photo taker (LOL HII ROL THAT WAS JUST SORT OF A JOKE). My shoes were bought on sale at Alberto. The normal price was 2,200 php but it was on sale so I only paid about 800 php! What a steal! Okaaay, enough of my vanity. Maybe I’ll just have a separate post about what I wore .Anyway you guys should check out Calea if you ever visit Bacolod . Oh and please join my first ever blog goveaway(click here) to score a Gift Certificate worth 200 php from Hue & Shape!

Think Twice Before You Make the Web “Wiretap Ready”

Today we joined fourteen public interest groups and trade associations in a Statement of Concern about potential dangers involved in seeking legislation that would require Internet communications services to make their channels ‘wiretap ready.’

Since last fall, the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies have been hinting that they need new powers to listen in on conversations taking place online. Specifically, the government has said it wants any communication on the web, regardless of encryption or mode of transmission, to be easily accessible to government agents (with the proper court orders, of course). The idea would be to subject every kind of information transfer online to the same “wiretap ready” requirement that currently exists only for telephone conversations.

As we argue in the Statement, any discussion of new legislation is premature without a clearer picture of the alleged problem that law enforcement faces. We will likely hear more about this issue at the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing this Thursday. If, upon further investigation, it is clear there is a problem, the Statement highlights some very important considerations that legislators should have in mind as they search for a solution.

The full text of the letter is embedded below:

CALEA II Joint Statement

Cake and Coffee in Calea

I used to believe in two types of travelers. The first group of travelers are unbelievably OC. They plan every single detail of their trip, leaving no room for spontaneity. The second group is all about being spontaneous, getting lost but enjoying it anyway. Rico and I are somewhere in between. We made a list of the places we wanted to see during our trip to Bacolod, and, after that, we decided to just wing it.

Calea was our last stop. If you haven’t heard of Calea’s heavenly cakes and you live in the Visayas region, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past decade or so.

I had a hard time choosing which slice of heavenly goodness I should devour. Caramel Mocha? Chocolate? Chocolate with pudding in the middle? Every single cake seemed to be screaming, “Choose me! Eat me!” It was like choosing between a trip to Paris and London. Heartbreakingly difficult.

In the end, I finally chose the Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Cake. I had never eaten an ice cream cake before, and, if you’re a slow eater like me, I have a tip for you. Learn how to stuff things quickly down your throat, because the ice cream melts really fast in the Bacolod heat. (That sounds dirty, but you get my point). The ice cream may have melted a little too quickly for my liking, but I tried to savor every single bite. I’m glad to say I didn’t regret my decision one little bit.

Our little trip to Calea also exposed me to some cold hard facts about blogging. Rico couldn’t wait to get his hands on the club sandwich he ordered, but I insisted on taking pictures of everything first. Lesson learned: Blogging about food can be kind of difficult when your boyfriend is really hungry.

Last night I smoked the ‘Leaf of God’ with Woody Nightshade.

T:00-I smoked a bowl packed with dried leaves and smoked them for about 10 minutes holding in the smoke for as long as I could. Smoke was rather bitter at first but began to taste sweet.

T:15-I began to feel a body high building up and rather strong sedative effects.

T:30-Strong tingling sensation all over my body and sedation was similar to the nodding experienced with opiates. No euphoria, but there was a sense of calm.

T:60-I fell asleep around one in the morning. Upon waking I couldn’t remember any instance of lucid dreaming or any exceptionally vivid dreams.