cale broflovski


The Story of Caloria (So Far)
[ Caloria = Cale Broflovski + Tori Scott ]

  • “Why is everyone staring at you?” she mumbled.  “Well…” he grimaced a bit before he looked back at her, “I guess things travel fast around this town.” He paused, “I guess none of them have seen a vampire before.”
  • He quietly reached out and took hold of her hand. There. That was better. The moment she felt Cale’s hand sneak into hers, she gave it a reassuring squeeze and leaned her head against his shoulder.
  • Tori saw something flash in his eyes. She watched with bated breath as he pressed their lips together for a moment, as if testing the waters between them. No matter what his impressions were, she knew that what she’d told him was nothing but the truth. The way she felt about him was never going to be defined by what he was or, what she was, for that matter. She loved him for what was on the inside, and from the way her heart leapt in his presence, she would continue to for a long time.
  • “Because,” she started, faltering. The words were already failing her. “I was trying to protect you. And I know that sounds stupid. I know you can take care of yourself. But I just…I hate this, Cale. I hate everything about myself and what I am and what it’s made me become. I didn’t want you to see this side of me. I never wanted to lie to you, but you were – you were so happy. And you made me so happy. You make me happy. You make me forget all of it.” She stopped for a minute, pushing away the hair falling in her face; there was no use trying to hide the tears anymore.
  • “But… I asked you about Isaac. I asked you why he was being so odd with me, and you lied. You said you didn’t know. And you did. He knew what you were.” He pressed his lips together, “I don’t see how you and he are friends if he attacked you, but that’s not my place…”

    He turned his eyes up to her, “At least not anymore.” There was weight in his words, ones that reverberated through the thick silence between them. “It might have been my place as your boyfriend to confront him about attacking you, and I might have asked him to stay away from you, for your safety. But…” He shook his head, another blood red tear streaming down his pale cheek, “I can’t… I can’t be your boyfriend anymore, Tori.”